Breastfeeding has a new 'woke' name (5:12) ~ reallygraceful by JasonCarswell in politics

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Breastfed babies are the best fed babies in the world.

I had a friend whose wife was out grocery shopping when his newborn erupted into a fit of tears. He tried “chest-feeding” her. Worked for like 10 seconds until she realized his chest was a lot different than mommy’s.

Breastfeeding has a new 'woke' name (5:12) ~ reallygraceful by JasonCarswell in politics

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No! No it is not. Stop with this udder nonsense. It is called Breastfeeding.

Hillary Clinton on Twitter: "Fulfill your oath. Convict him. Disqualify him from using the power of elected office to incite deadly insurrection again." by Orangutan in politics

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Can we do this to Hillary too?

Not exactly the price women imagined paying to stop irritating tweets. by Orangutan in politics

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Devote Catholics are anti abortion. Joe is allegedly a devote Catholic. In fact NYT said this yesterday... “Joe Biden is perhaps the most religiously observant commander in chief in 50 years.” is now up and looking to become Reddit's replacement by [deleted] in whatever

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So was MySpace back in the day.

Just a snapshot of active flights today. All those people in a small enclosed space. But don't you dare even think about going to your favorite bar and grabbing a burger. by [deleted] in whatever

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And by the sounds of some of them going by overhead, they are empty or near empty.

2-Acre Vertical Farm Run By AI And Robots Out-Produces 720-Acre Flat Farm by Orangutan in Futurology

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We started vertical farming in October. It’s fantastic and we haven’t bought lettuce since. We grew rainbow chard for our Christmas dinner and have tomatoes and strawberries with fruit maturing now. It’s expensive to start, but we like knowing that our produce is pesticide free plus it doesn’t get any fresher than picking it two minutes before eating it. Also it has given us hours of entertainment and enjoyment that far surpasses any stupid Hollywood movie or other mindless time wasters.

[YouTube CENSORED] FDA Admits 2 People Died In Pfizer Trials, Vaccines And Nanoparticles & Debunking Another Mask Study (1:44:05) ~ The Last American Vagabond • /s/Coronavirus by JasonCarswell in censorship

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Difficult to take YT seriously since it censors the truth so hard. It has lost all credibility and is dead to me now.

reddit seems to censor various sites (bitchute, theduran, thelastamericanvagabond, naturalnews, zerohedge,, etc) by infocom6502 in conspiracy

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Reddit Law: If reddit censors it then it has a probable amount of truth. The harder the censorship the more probable the truth.

Professor: 'As a White American, I am by definition racist' by Questionable in propaganda

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This headline reads like the Onion or Babylon Bee.

Boycott these jerks. All their CEOs have bodyguards ____ Here’s A List Of Corporations Funding The ‘Defund The Police’ Movement by typhoon in politics

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Stay healthy. Avoid buying things that have BLM connections. These things are full of nasty preservatives that will rot your brain out.