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I know some one who is on antidepressants, but also pregnant now and her doctor has recommended to keep taking those pills nevertheless, though the leaflet of that medications warns to take it while pregnant - the baby will be born with several issues and damages if she continues taking these antidepressants (compareable with issues and damages of a heroin-baby). She refuses to even talk about that risk and justifies that with her "panic attacks" she allegedly suffers from. (In fact she is just dehydrated all the time, because she is drinking not enough water, but even though she admits not drinking enough, she claims that her "panic attacks" doesn't have anything to do with her not drinking enough water, she's getting dizzy and blacking out all the time because of "pure panic without any reason".) Now she won't hear that her baby could be in danger due to her taking those pills, because that would make her feeling uncomfortable. I am almost near to the thought that she might do this on purpose to make the baby sick. I can't come up with another explanation anymore. All I can say is that those pills are the greatest crap since the invention of all crap. Everyone I know who was given some of those was a self-lying coward.

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SSRIs will quickly destroy your libido, especially if you are female. It just now occurred to me that SSRIs may be part of the world depopulation program. I have tried a lot of stuff but will never touch SSRIs.

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I was thinking it was interesting how cheerful I have been despite bad news (I guess my general quality of life has been good despite it) and started to blame my antidepressants. Then, however, I remembered that I had been forgetting to take them…

I never noticed much of an effect from antidepressants, honestly.

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They are like the morphine you get when you break your leg, it helps smooth things over but to fix your leg (and make it grow in a good way) something else is needed. Now I think of it, just an extreme version of alcohol: Drinking helps to forget your problems, not solve them.