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Yes white and asian men are statistically overrepresented. More men are good at this than women, but I know some women who are good at this too. I just want the best people to have the jobs, I really dont care what genitals they have in their pants, if thats 80% men, so be it, but I wouldnt replace the 20% of women that are good with men that are worse, any more than I'd replace the men with women that are worse to make it a 50-50 split.

Best engineers should get the jobs, period, fuck all this identity politics bullshit

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Women ruin the vibe of any workplace. They turn everything into a political circus.

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You obviously have no real life experience if you think this.

While women might bitch mem will go full Game of Thrones on other men in the workplace, often attacking guys who consider them friends.

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normies maybe

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I've worked places with a few women, and places with all men (I do software, not many women), didn't notice much difference in the dynamics.

The worst place I worked was as a data scientist at Yahoo! and it was all men - my team was 18 Indian men (All on visas, and culturally very Indian), 1 Chinaman, and me (a white guy). I don't have anything against Indian people, but going to work was like walking into little Hyerabad, there was a whole like secret caste system among them, and office politics I didn't understand. They even served special Indian meals, and special Indian beers for office parties. Just felt really out of place there, and didn't have much in common with them

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If you got a job would you mind lending a nigga some crypto?

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80% men

It's more like 99.9% men for important software and 99.999% men for mission critical applications. Maybe that's being generous to women. I would guess it's somewhere between 1 in 1000 and 1 in 100,000 for a woman (not a diversity hire) who's capable of entering the most serious forms of software engineering. The general stats on "coding" of course are meaningless because it's mostly comprised of normies doing trivial normie things.

And in the general stat it seems like most programmers marked "woman" are trannies which doesn't count.

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I'm the only person I know of who does this out of genuine interest. Some have a mild interest, but still mainly work in it to get their paycheck. Of course this isn't usually something women are expected to do, so they never end up filling those roles.

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Yeah, but they're not expected to fill those roles (by sane people) because exponentially fewer women are capable (having the necessary forms of intelligence) in the first place, compared to the few men who are capable. Ability greatly precedes interest.

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No, ability greatly precedes interest, but women almost always have more abilities than men because nature sucks. The real reason women aren't expected to fill these roles is because male expendability and the women are wonderful effect together make us think men should always be providing for women, and that if a man needs help he's a failure and a blight to mankind, but if a woman has to lift a finger men aren't treating her chivalrously enough.

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Men, on average but especially at the extreme highs which is what births civilizations, are vastly more mentally and physically capable.

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lol no, women are just never expected to do that. Plus building civilizations depends mostly on strength and power, especially in older times.

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Civilizations depend on intelligence and strength. Men excel at both. And the rest of it is the thousands of other genetic factors that go into forms of culture that transpire and whether that civilization will find ways to reward the conditions that allow it to survive. Women generally are inferior judges of protecting civilizations and should never have been given a "vote" over anything having to do with national security or prominent cultural inflictions. Feminized societies are more likely to devolve into anti-national, subversive societies that allow "barbarian in the gate". In the instances where tribes conquer other tribes, it's often more women who get to live and persist their lineage while more of the men are slaughtered.

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Men do not excel at intelligence. Most are extremely stupid. So are most women, although more mature. All any of them care about, and the way you talk clearly indicates that you are one of them, is this stupid, utterly pointless, and outright evil of game of life. Who can be the most powerful, who can have the most sex, who can torture and slaughter the most people, who can have the most offspring. If you think this is good you are thoroughly brainwashed, because it is hellish.


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You are brainwashed. You keep spouting bullshit fake "equality" narratives.

There are more men who have high IQs than there are women. This rate goes up exponentially the higher in IQ you go.

Hence, for example, almost no women can compete against men in chess. Only 1 woman is in the Top 100 and she's in the 90s ranks. Hence, every higher technological innovation is born from men and it's not because of oppression. Men have the brains capable of seeing metals and minderals in the rocks and then turning them into the computer you're now using, standing on the shoulders of giant brains, and very importantly the compulsion to follow through with those forms of labor to get there.

We may still be living in caves and trees without fire if human-hominoids were exclusively running on female brains.

That's life. I didn't create this world. I report on it.

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I did hiring for IT for decades. Not once did a chick hired for a programming or sys admin position stay in that position. Either they left or they ended up doing support or they did documentation.

Some of them were quite smart and I bet they were top of their class but the aptitude and temperament necessary to sit in development meetings and then bang out code all day, or properly administer a system, was just not there. Nor the interest. Man they hated that shit.

A few quicky showed themselves to be back biting bitches who wasted no time ingratiating themself with the c-suite and angling for some cherry position where they could basically be bullies. I generally tried to sideline these when I realized what they were doing but wasn't always successful. Never underestimate the ability and ambition of some chick with her eye on the prize.

Over the years I've worked with women who were very capable and competent and a pleasure to work with. So I'm all for women in IT. But support positions only. And never ever as a team leader. Oh gawd the carnage.

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Some of them were quite smart and I bet they were top of their class but the aptitude and temperament necessary to sit in development meetings and then bang out code all day, or properly administer a system, was just not there.

Probably because no one ever taught them patience, while every boy grows up literally being threatened if he is "lazy" or even if he fails despite trying his best.

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We had a woman come work at our company, she left about a month later. No matter what she did men were like ass wipes with her treating her like shit if she refused a date. Treat woman like an employee and or co worker not a sex object.

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I would generally consider co-workers off limits for dating. The hormones say otherwise though.

Marriage perhaps. Very serious relationships can work but that requires everyone to be mature serious adults, and again naturally the hormones don't like that.

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I would generally consider co-workers off limits for dating.

Yes that's the best advice, generally speaking nothing good comes from dating a co worker.

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The question should be "Why do we pretend women want to be in programming, science and engineering?".

Statistically, women do not generally choose these fields even in the most egalitarian societies where people are given the most equality of opportunity. The push for equality of outcome goes against people's nature. It's also only ever a one sided debate, nobody pushes for more women in refuge collection and brick laying.

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Because they'd get into the latter if they tried.

The whole point of affirmative action is to get someone in somewhere they aren't good enough to get in by themselves. In reality, they are just creating Token employees and degrading any profession hit by this.

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Women don't usually choose any fields that require much responsibility, because it's considered perfectly acceptable for her to make her husband or family provide for everything.

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We don't pretend. I know at least two fine women very proficient in their sciences.

There are phenomena in human brains -men as well as women- you most likely will never see with sticking to this kind of hardcore-prejudices.

It isn't astounding that no non-retarded female being looks two times at your pathetic existence.

When you continuously try to pin your own deficiencies on women's heads in general, again and again.

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He is right that there are very few, but that is true of all fields that require responsibility. Because why go to work when you can make a man do it all for you?

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I don't support this reasoning. These are personal decisions. A woman can only "make" a man do things for her, If he lets her do it with him.

The same as few men working in education: These are personal decisions.

If so many men are fond of women "exploiting" them, what should we do about it?

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Society pressures men into providing everything for women. Progressives will say men are pigs who deserve nothing but slavery, and traditionalists will say men need to be manly and "chivalrous". This is a base instinct because women are more "valuable" than men from a procreative standpoint. This is why women and children are always first, we would all much rather some worthless man die than a precious woman or child. It's also why we fight to stop sexism against women, but blatant sexism against men is perfectly fine and so normalized that hardly anyone even realizes it. For the same reason it is considered perfectly acceptable to women to milk wealth from men, and men are considered obligated to it. But if it's the other way around or even equal, our primal brains sound the "this is wrong!" alarm. If we see a woman not being supported we feel bad and think it's unfortunate. If we see a man being supported we consider him a failure, lazy, and a blight on society.

I also haven't noticed that there are few men in education. It's about 50/50. But no one trusts men, so schools rarely let them teach younger students, and we grow up with the impression that all teachers are a Mrs.

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I believe in individuals and individual liberty. But I also know that my pov is often regarded as "radical" in many aspects.

Chivalry has to be mutual. It is "only" a form of respect in my eyes. I simply don't get what the point of any relationship with procreating as a possible aspect should be when there is no ability to compromise on both sides of it.

With obligations, it is the same in my eyes: You can only take obligations, "society" or your peers put on you, as far as you personally accept them.

Once there is a mutual agreement on things that actually are agreeable, I really can't follow all this pressure people put themselves under, when looking for a man-women-relationship.

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Most people do not understand that. They act almost entirely on instinct, and blend in more and more with the hivemind. And they will coerce dissidents into joining them.

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Because we pretend that women have abilities equal to men's.

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I'm not sure but pretending women can play basketball is worse.

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The only reason was those positions were high paying and fairly affluent. That is no longer the case, working in those fields is easier by all accounts and the qualification (and therefore salary) range has become a lot more diverse. When women found out in order to earn major cash, you had to be a brainbox with the personality of an absolute angel to match, they noped out. Most men fall short of the mark too.

The reality is, feminism has failed. We have pretty much past the point where women want those roles - or rather they are being told they want those roles.

You speak to any early 20s girl now, the grand majority of them have realised that the whole stay at home and raise the kids deal is not such a bad deal after all. I know full well, my wife is 8 years younger than me. Though we love each other very much, I think she secretly thanks her lucky stars that all she has to do is worry about keeping the house and kids in order when she hears about the bullshit I have to do daily to keep the lights on. I'm no hero or anything, I'm not that magnanimous but when you have a boss who is basically a bully - a woman who was overly promoted into tech I might add - that nobody will do anything about, you soon see how the land lies.

And women don't want the stress and the aggro. Women I know outside of my marriage are of various age ranges, most of them career bitches. The ones who have missed that age cut off and now have no option but to proceed are very angry people who want to exert as much control as possible.

One in particular is 39 and I know deep down regrets not settling with a man to do the married thing - and believe me this girl had options if she wanted them. She pretty much admitted it one evening. Believe this girl went through men like they were disposable tissues. All were just not good enough for one reason or another. That is, they could never overtake her. But when she's being promoted and paid stupid money in roles that she even admitted she doesn't really know how to do, what chance did the average bloke have? So there she is now, on over £100k per year and the days of men wanting any piece of her ass are long gone. I don't gloat such a thing, but she would never listen when we told her that she needs to give at least one of these guys half a chance and cut them some slack. Nope, they were all nothings and lazy bastards who would never do anything to better themselves. The thing is, she could never understand the preferential treatment she got during her career. And I think she's realised now she's hitting 40, no men are chasing her anymore apart from the ones she (very understandably) doesn't like and her ass and boobs aren't doing much to get her in any further positions of power.

Compare that to 2-3 mid 20s I speak to regularly (I do a lot of local music), the general mindset is find a man that's going places and get married. Some of them are born again virgins of course, that is banged around and were lucky to come out of that life without an STD or a baby and now looking for a man with a good job they can settle up with.

My ex is 32 and followed that exactly. We dated when we were younger but wanted to bang anything that moved ergo we split up. Her partner count must be 100+ but whatever, not my problem. Well to see her now, she dresses like a fairy princess and is happily carrying her first child after meeting a guy who runs a niche software business and is doing very well for himself. I mean, I do wonder if he knew the depraved shit she used to get up to if he would feel the same, but shit do you really know that girl you're with right now?

It's all a bit arse about face. Feminism straight up conned girls. It told them they could be high power career bitches, fuck all round them and still come up smiling. The reality is, most don't come up smiling. For the girls I grew up around, feminism gave them unwanted pregnancies, expectations in life that did not get matched up to, trauma from sexual kinks they convinced themselves that they were into but it turned out they weren't - and of course all men are rapists now, right - and they get to live life by their decisions. It's a real shame.

Mid 20s and below? Only one of two categories. The ones who still believe the bullshit they've been force fed and are making use of as the establishment still supports the concept, and the ones who have figured it out and deciding to opt out of it. Yep, there are still young women falling for the scam as companies will hire them into positions they can't do, promote them into roles that either mean nothing or they can't do and only too late will they realise it really isn't what they wanted. Other girls have figured out it's bullshit, playing their strengths and pinning their hopes on finding a man that hasn't also been corrupted by the feminist joke too.

Yes, for real, there are huge swathes of men too reeling from the effects of feminism. It isn't local to girls. And I assure you the damage is far far far greater. Young men these days? They are horribly horribly damaged. And in many cases I fully believe irrecoverably so.

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Whatever your retarded incel mind needs to tell yourself to make you feel better about your pathetic life. I've worked with several brilliant female programmers. I know plenty of attractive programmers who take care of themselves and have beautiful girlfriends or wives. I workout every day so I don't look like a piece of shit and get the hottest chicks you can imagine. You just suck at life. Maybe try harder instead of whining like a little bitch.

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if you have a job throw some bitcoin my way nigga

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People who are passionate about technology and work hard to learn, understand, and make use of it, become good at it. This has no regard for your genitals, skin color, or financial status.

Society does make the ease of opportunity for accomplishing this non-uniform; life is never equal or fair, only those who are jealous of your opportunities from hard work, will tell you it should be. It is hard to learn and experiment when you are incarcerated for being in poverty and it is hard to justify perusing a STEM career, when OnlyFans makes much more, without the early death from stress and office life.

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I've never seen anyone pretend that. In fact we pretend the opposite, and then it does become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The idea that women should never have to work for anything and men should hand it to them instead also discourages them from approaching anything remotely complicated. It's not usually men calling women stupid and weak, women pretend like they are and constantly lament about it to get men to do things for them. If you give any person a convenient way to abuse the system, chances are they will.

Reddit isn't any better with its third-wave feminist and trans madness. Reddit loves calling women stronger and better than men in every way, but only when it benefits them. When it comes to responsibilities it's right back to the weak stupid Stacy again. And the transgender ideology enforces gender norms, so if a woman does not do this she must not be a woman by their logic. How hypocritical that they brag about women doing all these things, but then tell those women that they can't be women because they've done those things which aren't stereotypical of women.

Only feminist brainwashing and bullshit affirmative action initiatives can entice women to spend five minutes on a computer and even then they're usually there just for the photo op.

What? No, feminist brainwashing encourages them to not pursue anything "hard" and make men do everything for them. So really it ends up being a horseshoe back to 1950s gender roles, except women only get the benefits.

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There are exponentially fewer women the higher you go in IQ. The most important software requires high IQs. The vast majority of women are incapable exponentially more so compared to men, even if they "wanted" to do it. Being capable of doing something is a primary factor of then entertaining the notion to want and try to do it.

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Girls are always way smarter than boys, until the boys are threatened into performing exceptionally while the girls are coddled. If you don't use it you lose it.

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Male brains on average (to their respective demographics/races) are larger and have ~20% more neural capacity. Female brains on average seem to grow/develop until their early 20s and male brains seem to continue developing until the late 20s. While there are women who fall into the upper tier beyond the average, there are far fewer.

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Male brains also start developing later. Bigger doesn't mean anything, many r-slur conditions are associated with brain enlargement while Albert Einstein's brain was much smaller than average. Male brains are mainly oriented around motor skills and female brains get the thinking and sensory skills. But they say the brain is like a muscle, and women are rarely expected to use it.

Also, most "supersmart" people have Asperger's syndrome or something like it. There happens to be more males with that condition for some reason. That alone might explain the discrepancy among the outliers. It has nothing to do with an "extreme male brain", that theory is based entirely on stereotypes and the assumption that women are dumb and incapable of thinking for themselves.

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Male superiority in brains and bodies isn't contained to bipedal races. It's a norm in the animal kingdom that sexes aren't "equal" and that those who birth/incubate babies are more dependent and have to be protected.

Bigger absolutely does mean something, respective to a particular species. (e.g. human vs. human)

Brain mass in humans completely correlates to IQs from low to high, and it's completely measurable across race and sex and age.

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If that were true women would have lower IQs than men when controlled for height, but they are in fact slightly higher. Their brain mass is still smaller.

The extra male brain mass is boring motor skills and physical coordination. A feature which actually impairs intelligence and all other abilities, and messes with your feelings and emotions to make you feel like crap all the time. At least in my case it did, and I'm still sour over it.

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What I said is true. Men do have higher IQs in general, especially in the high end, and brain size generally lines up with IQs.

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Also, I know there is at least one person on this very site who completely shatters your view.

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Kiwifarm gone

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No it isn't. I'm posting on it right now.

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It's optics. But you know, a few women are needed for good work environment. A total sausage fest is not fun. Nor is a place of only women. I've met more men with skills I envied than women, though there are some.