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u/ClassroomPast6178 any opinion on this and/or do you know more Brits on here?

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Misfits is of its time. It began in the pre-woke era, I mean one the main characters in the show is a time travelling stalker and he’s a hero.

I like the early seasons of misfits as it is truly a diverse show but the diversity is organic and fits with the story - and that first season cast is fantastic.

Edit: and Britain is far less puritanistic than the US, we were run by the Puritans for a while and it didn’t take. You’ll see far more nudity, sex and bad language on “network” British TV than you would ever see in the US and non-sexual nudity is not illegal in public (except in Scotland). That’s not to say we have always been this way, but prudery has lessened considerably over the past 50 years, and whilst there is a 9:30pm “watershed” before which TV programmes are expected to not have swearing (for the sake of children), nudity- depending on context - is generally acceptable. But we have nothing on European TV, particularly Italian TV - as a kid with cable TV, the Italian channel was a wonderful world of boobs seemingly at all times of the day in every context - there was a quiz show where the score was kept by removing models’ bikini tops!

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I like the early seasons of misfits

That is super weird how they just dump the main cast suddenly after season 3. I finished the whole thing, and there were a few interesting episodes but things like hypnotic tits and taking people's super powers with anal rape is kind of jumping the shark.

It began in the pre-woke era

Wow, you guys weren't woke a decade ago? I feel like the US has been heading there a lot longer.

Is Jet joking with me, or are there really no British incels?

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I think Jet is just joking.

Lauren Socha who played Kelly got caught being extremely racist to a member of the public (basically she beat up a cab driver whilst screaming racial epithets, for which she plead guilty and got a suspended prison sentence) and lost her role. Robert Sheehan, Antonia Thomas and Iwan Rheon got super famous and had movies, if I remember right. So it was the actors leaving that caused the change in cast rather than the producers just dropping the cast (other than Lauren Socha).

As for the wokeness, it really is only since about 2015 that the woke stuff really started to get crazy here - prior to that stuff like Misfits would have been considered fairly normal TV aimed at young adults. The US is ahead of the game with woke, why that is is probably an interesting question to investigate.

The Nazi alternate history storyline was a good one in the later seasons.

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Lauren Socha

I read about that, "do you know who I am?" Lol. How did a girl with a face like that get on TV?

Robert Sheehan, Antonia Thomas and Iwan Rheon got super famous and had movies, if I remember right.

Iwan Rheon went on to Game of Thrones, and Robert Sheehan to Umbrella Academy. Antonia Laura Thomas didn't do anything too notable, and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett just did theater.

why that is is probably an interesting question to investigate.

I am guessing the typical Saidit answer would involve "The Jews."

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Antonia Laura Thomas didn't do anything too notable

I have a feeling, looking at her IMDb, that her agents thought she could make the move to the US. Doesn’t look like it paid off particularly well, but she hasn’t been out of work.

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett just did theater

That’s a completely valid thing for an actor in the UK. It’s not seen as being secondary to TV/Film.

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No such thing as a British incel.

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Damn, now I kinda wish I spent my 20s playing strange games with girls of the island.

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You are watching the conduct of sentenced criminals.

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It's fiction.

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It says the video is unavailable, although it appears to be a "tik tok thot" according to search. Thanks for sending me sluts, I appreciate it :D