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Guess what, the NSA, Mossad, and others are already surveilling SaidIt. Us little guys openly taking back some of that for ourselves isn't going to change that.

So I'm permabanned from #subscribed by authoritarian hypocrite /u/usehername? No wonder you don't want to be held accountable for your abuses of power. Absolute power corrupt, and you're corrupt absolutely.

/u/magnora7, you need to reclaim control over chat.

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Us little guys openly taking back some of that for ourselves

That is a blatant distortion of the truth. You had previously camped on both main chats to pre-ban the people you didn't like. You and Ed's spam are the entire reason Usher has control of chat now.

And chat is better. You were the petty tyrant we were getting rid of. Usher does a pretty good job. For all your lies and worm behavior, you have only been banned twice from chat. Which you have the gall to snivel about when you used to preban users every reset.

You sicken me these days, you know exactly what you did, and here you are misrepresenting the truth and calling for u/Magnora7 to intervene on your behalf.

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What do you know about truth, perpetual liar?

Your extreme exaggerations of my "camp outs" are beyond overblown. I have no shortage of historical proof and evidence I can share showing that I was never dominating chat as you repeatedly lie. Yes, sometimes I was OP. Rarely did I ever do anything with it. Often I gave it away. And often you Cunts abused it.

Usher is a Cunt too, likely a fed. He has no justification for squatting on the chat controls now. Censorship is only ever the tool of tyrants. Cry harder liar about tyranny and being victims as you abuse your stolen powers as a gang of Cunts. Sure you're not from that tribe?

How about you do something good for the SaidIt community for once? Maybe fuck off for a while.

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"Begone, Satan, inventor and master of all deceit, enemy of man's salvation." Really think we should try an exorcism on you.

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Fuck you for attempting surveillance.

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Fuck you for shitting on alternatives, solutions, resources, decentralizing power, and resisting tyranny.

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Jasoncarswell making sock puppet accounts.

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Kettle black, hypocrite.

Having aliases is not new on SaidIt. The only difference is I have nothing to hide.

Demonize me as you may try. My words and actions speak for themselves - as do yours.

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Kettle black, hypocrite.

Fuck you, you unobservant piece of human excrement. I am far too lazy to bother with multiple accounts at a time. I'll ban evade like a mofo but one at a time.

My words and actions speak for themselves - as do yours.

That's right, we see what you do.

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That's right, we see what you do.


You're just a sore lost lazy swearword looking to score.

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Yes, obviously, I, JasonCarswell, am ze JackBoot!

I guess I'm not a very disciplined alias faker. I was feeling whimsical yesterday, on ze 4th of July, and thought if others can do it so can I - so I tried it out.

Then I forgot. And my browser and alias were still up. But I fooled ze fools in chat as they missed all my sloppy give-aways.

Whatever. Stupid juvenile games. I don't need aliases. I've only used 2 in SaidIt Chat. I'm better being authentic.

Anyway. If you have ze better ideas for weegs or SaidIt code, or something else entirely, throw them at us.

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    It's all shit with no fans but themselves, ever so shitty all this year. Like self-absorbed teenagers, all they do in chat is talk about themselves - and scream about tyranny while being censorious tyrants.

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    Remove u/usehername

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    I wouldn't cry about it.

    Better to simply Make Chat Fair Again.

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    Either solution works for me, so long as it's a FINAL SOLUTIONtm