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That's a good one.

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    this site is not reddit.

    it is also not your personal site, nor is it a democracy. TheAmeliaMay was never meant to admin like magnora7, and he has far outstepped the stated bounds of his domain.

    He should stick to removing spam and bot content and stay away from real users, forever.

    interesting that this content was posted in a sub that already subverts saidit principles by instating a upvote/downvote system with css.

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    He should stick to removing spam and bot content and stay away from real users, forever.

    That's what I want to do. The entire reason I'm making things more public is because I don't want to deal with it.

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    Ignore Bob3, he starts shit then gets offended when gay sand is thrown.

    I don't know if asking for help is actually courageous, but I think it is, and obviously it's the better correct thing to do, which is why it's my biggest issue with M7.

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    I thought Bob was a lady, tbh.

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    You may be correct. I might be a 12 year old girl. Want photos?

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    That's what I want to do. The entire reason I'm making things more public is because I don't want to deal with it.




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    If you hadn't blocked me, you'd be able to read this.

    The votes in these CSS do not subvert the SaidIt voting system. It's the same system replacing images with numbers. Each number counts the "insightful" and the "fun".

    If you read my post correctly you'd see that I'm suggesting ways to make it more democratic - but NEVER a democracy. Above all, it's to make it more fair and easier for M7.

    Perhaps you should stick to commenting on things you actually know about.

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    A democratic monarchy of sorts, yes.

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    Go figure that u/donald and u/joe are blank accounts created by some shill so he could sell them later... That kind of pisses me off.

    Some sites allow multiple users to share one name. Names are just for flavor, the number is what is real.

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    Indeed - this is brilliant - /u/JasonCarswell

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    I need to proof read and refine it again. Criticisms and suggestions welcome. I'm even happy to include them in the post. I'm not afraid to admit when things are problematic, paradoxes, caveats to consider, or simply incomplete concepts.

    I already regret the pretentious title.

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    Yes. You are absolutely correct. I even stated under "Purpose":

    (As an anti-authoritarian and advocate for decentralizing all things, this delicious irony is not lost on me.)

    That also applies to my "hierarchy". Yet I recognize that some distinctions must be made. Meanwhile we can keep it as flat and horizontal as possible without endless middle-men and middle-management gumming up the works.

    Today I was considering better names and clarifications for my concepts.

    Level Privilege Title Description
    Tier 1 extra Site Admins benevolent power to execute the will of the people
    Tier 2 user Peace Rangers non-partisan neutral trusted advisors who decide together
    Tier 3 user The Citizenry active contributors, limited and/or tribalists
    Tier 4 user The Fray new and rare contributors, unproven, unknown, anons, and/or asstrolls
    Tier 5 none The Unruly banished as they do not play well with others

    What I want to emphasize here is that all users have the same equal privileges and their character alone makes them stand out enough to be trusted and heard above the fray. Naturally others may voice counter ideas and they may ignore or respond as they see fit - always an open dialogue and even playing field.

    "Peace keepers" and "peace officers" came to mind but there are too many negative associations. Then I remembered that at Burning Man we have our own community Rangers who are trained in first aid, conflict deescalation, and other things. They are the eyes and ears of the BMOrg. They keep a look out, help out, and will call in the police or other aid if absolutely necessary. Few Burners dislike anything about the Rangers, which cannot be said about the police. All Rangers are just humans, and a few may occasionally overstep their bounds, but not many and not often. Most heavily identify as Rangers over many years and decades taking their responsibility roles seriously and the few who exhibit authoritarian tendencies soon get weeded out.

    Normal citizens earn their status above the fray via participation, currently on SaidIt via the insightful / fun score counts. In my proposed Phoenix Forum these would be measured via MetaVotes. Without giving too much away, instead of the vote scores or social credits, MetaVotes would be a cloud of statistics with visualizations. I'll go into detail soon enough.

    I'll soon proof read, revise, and include all this in the OP.

    Regarding the manufactured drama chaos, /u/TheAmeliaMay and /u/Enza, you should do your best to pay no mind to the professional psychological manipulators. They're more than just asstrolls, they are the front lines of the /s/PsychoWarfare and we must stand firm against them and their corrupt exploitative murderous Zionist establishment they defend. Your sensitivity is commendable and proves you are good people. Always feel free to lean on others for support, and please always remember that there's an infinite number of reasons why anyone (like me) may not immediately respond. This, self-management, organization, and communications are certainly heavy on my mind regarding potential reform concepts for the Next-Gen Phoenix Forum. If I can't build it I can dream it out loud to maybe inspire, influence, or eventually get made. I also aim to animate the dream to help the process, though that may be years away. Picture my projects as something like Wintergatan's Marble Machine X.

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    Shouldn't that say "PsychoWarfare" with a c? Or is that "PsyopWarfare"

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    Yes. Thanks! Typo fixed. I actually had /s/PsyWar in my to-create list when someone created that sub.

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    I just saw this mention and post now Jason. Thank you, imho you have very good ideas (as well as articulate them well) and a great heart. I have to apologize for venting to you the way i did in that PM, it was inappropriate, please forgive me.

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    Thanks for saying so! Perhaps ironically I woke up an sat down and considered writing this as a post for /s/AskSaidit:

    " Does anyone else feel inadequate on SaidIt? I can take an hour on a paragraph or a day on a post and few notice, as my messages pile up sadly neglected, incoming faster than I can respond to all of them. Meanwhile, some very prolific users comment volumes of wisdom in every single post, magically /s/all-seeing across the mountains and the torrents of current events. "

    I don't recall any venting. It wouldn't surprise me if I missed it. I may have deserved it. Maybe you needed to blow off steam. My friend, you need no forgiveness. Because I'm not clear what you mean, should I go back and refresh myself and/or first read it? How long ago? I've had almost a couple months of back pain, then was out of the loop writing big posts. I'm trying to catch up on 660+ messages but they stack up faster than I can whack-a-mole the current ones. Even worse, the more I share my grand ideas the more people give me their great feedback, which is actually a good cycle to be in, developing solutions, rather than just learning about perpetual corruption and tragedy.

    I still have several more of these big idea posts to draft up and present to the SaidIt community at large. Sure I'd like everyone to see my posts, but it's not critical just yet. I'd like them to become familiar with the concepts, many inter-related. If they are familiar with them it saves a monster load of homework at the end when I reference them all.

    Ultimately I'm going to draft up a summary post, or few, referencing all the concepts. This will be the one or few that I'll want everyone to see and vote for and vote in. In that post I'll "quit SaidIt" (clickbait) and all my current event participation in order to focus on a few of these projects that I'll develop interactively, still on SaidIt.

    I will be developing 2 projects for certain: Bittersweet Seeds my sci-fi story, with Glossed And Profound an online production management cooperative to collectively organize - and ideally eventually reward people fairly. I'm not on SaidIt for my luxurious lifestyle, but I do think people should be rewarded for their efforts. There's zero reason why all social media developed since Steemit shouldn't have crypto reward systems (SaidIt is based off the old Reddit so it gets a pass). I'll also need to start a coop here in Windsor, Ontario for real-world accountability, resource management, and assistance.

    Back to the ultimate goal: I will ask the community which of my grand ideas they'd like to see me focus on and develop further first. Importantly all these projects and their developments will be shared on SaidIt, employing as much feedback, collaboration, assistance, etc as possible. Interactive baby! Even some of the animation projects, believe it or not (more on this later). The people will vote on my destiny.

    I'm hoping that even if some of these projects don't reach the "success" I hope for, they may at least be a model or template or inspiration to others to build upon for how they might also do out-of-the-box thinking and project developments towards alternative solutions.

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    I don’t feel like people on SaidIt like being too honest about their feelings in public comments tbh, I know I don’t. SaidIt isn’t what It was a year ago, user-wise. You did nothing wrong for me to vent to you, the opposite dude lol.

    I said some things, or rather put some things onto you in a PM I should never have (when I messaged you before the trolling/shilling rly started). That was wrong of me imho. I don’t expect you to remember - you have so much going on right now, my PM pales in comparison. It was still unfair, immature and inappropriate I feel. I owe you an apology.

    I’m looking forward to your projects dude, Bittersweet Seeds the most rn! The first time I really spoke to you, you mentioned it to me (white owl social club I think!), and with me finding out it stems from your dad’s (rip!!) saying, and all the feelings that are there.. I think you have the ingredients for something beautiful. All good projects have feeling in them!

    Edit: Btw, if you would like help with any of your projects please hit me up!! I’m an artist, I had a fashion line that sold in stores. I shared an art gallery (the bottle-neck gallery in Brooklyn) with Chogrin of adventure time and the regular show (this gallery was officially for Nintendo and Cartoon Network).

    I’ve done a lot of other projects where I was the creative director as well, such as designing all the tour material, as well as album artwork for a famous band (kut-u-up), that’s good friends with blink-182. The bassist of blink-182 liked what I did so much, he contacted me 2 personally ask me 2 physically mail him whatever art from the project I had on hand if I didn’t mind, as well as shared my brand on his and blink’s official Facebook and Twitter.

    I’ve also done a lot of charity work, creating plushies and toys for children with cancer stuck in hospitals in collaboration with nakanari of kid robot, a monster to love and a Japanese company famous for Kaiju plushies (we donated all profits to St Jude’s children hospital as well as boxes of free plushies to different hospitals in each of our states).

    Web design is no problem for me either. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll show you the latest website I built.

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    Now you've got me curious. Should I dig those up? If I ever do I'll keep this in mind. We all have rough patches. I recall one with Wizz I regret. I may have deserved some venting at. Thanks for the apology but it's not necessary. I'm trying to do things but I don't know if I have "much going on" yet.

    What is "rn"? Yes, that it came from my Dad's clinic's motto might mean more if I actually cared for him more. I also look at it that he said one thing and I contradict him - but not all the way to saying "life is a bitch". Neither optimist nor pessimist.

    I had some "fashions" in stores - I discovered someone stole one of my designs and made Halloween pot-holders, oven mits, etc. with it. Great job, but I got no money, credit, or even awareness, much less a thank you.

    Brooklyn is serious. I first lived in Greenpoint the summer of 96 before I moved to the City. I did several animated promos for Teletoon, the Canadian version of Cartoon Network.

    Some of my ideas are for interactive animation and other video projects on SaidIt. Despite being distant, I believe I have some interesting ideas that can help distribute the load, foster community, interest, and different abilities into some creative productions. Perhaps some may even support us and/or value/buy original animation frames as works as collectable if not beautiful works of art. On some of them I'm not aiming to be retro or vintage, but I am aiming to be "radical" like classic MTV and Monty Python animation - rapid, edgy, and loose (despite my usual efforts to be tight and clean). All of this will be part of my /s/LeverMind Variety Show project pitch.

    Critically important, IMO, yet much less fun, I'd like to previs my ideas for a next-gen forum, MetaVotes™, and other concepts. With not just images, but glossy animations that showcase the dream features I hope to inspire others to create. 2D must be easier to finesse than the backend code architecture.

    I did some toy concepts in 2005 and used puppets in 2007 and wouldn't be against using them again, depending. Small sets are easier to make than big ones. I'd also like to make characters to 3D print for sale and support. And stickers, patches, gear, etc. I have too many ideas and need to narrow them down. Soon.

    I'm very keen to see your sites. Over a decade ago I made many too, though now I'd use a template. I'd like to get my (online production management cooperative),,, and on May 1st I'll get 2 more, one mentioned above, and one for a PeerTube instance - and perhaps a 3rd for a webstore if I can draft up my pitch for SaidIt and find a catchy name by then. (I have to budget.) I'd like them all tied together (and perhaps with SaidIt and/or WikiSpooks) but the tube and store may have to be separate, while the others I think should be in a mediawiki as they are for production development and IMO that seems the best way. All open and transparent under a G&P wiki, and eventually the other 3 can have their own tubes after there's actually content to share.

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    I'm trying to do things but I don't know if I have "much going on" yet.

    Seems like you have a lot of interesting ideas - don’t be afraid to outsource to fiver, I have before and I’ve been happy with the results each time. It was much harder when I started the fashion line to find and build connections for specific things I couldn’t do or grasp, fiver makes establishing relationships and outsourcing quality ideas for a quality return easy and cheap. That MTV-vibe idea sounds cool.

    if I actually cared for him more.

    I read your initial post. The way you described your father and your relationship, reminds me a lot of the one I have between my father and I. But he’s still my father - and like you said, you feel you picked up some positive “ways of being” because of him either because of his “good or bad”, I feel I did too. I’ve learned lessons, and my father taught me to have a code and morals - it sounded like your father did the same for you. I remember as a kid saying I was never going to be like my dad when I got older, but I turns out he never actually shared himself with me so I never really knew him like that, and I did end up thinking very similar to him - minus the coldness and judging-mentality. That’s why I think it’s a good idea, the name, the connection, there’s a story behind it and emotion (as well as more, I’m sure) there.

    Brooklyn is serious.

    Ehh maybe it used to be back then. It depends literally on the store/front and current trends since everything became so hipstery.

    What is "rn"?

    “Right now”

    I had some "fashions" in stores - I discovered someone stole one of my designs and made Halloween pot-holders, oven mits, etc. with it. Great job, but I got no money, credit, or even awareness, much less a thank you.

    That’s bullshit!! Did you have some kind of date related proof like maybe a picture uploaded online that proved you created it? That’s a trademark right there for that design. Things don’t have to be officially registered for proof of ownership and for you to win a lawsuit (although it helps, and I did have two, one for the brand name and one for the logo design/character. I believe I still own them tbh).

    now you have me interested

    If you ever need help, don’t be afraid to shoot me a PM. I have good sources on clothing (including cut and sew and embroidery) and promotional material (like die cut keychain packs, stickers, phone cases, home decor, etc). I’ll show you what I’ve done and if I can, share with you what you’re looking for. I gave m7 the same offer, he saw some of my stuff (I was even interviewed by complex magazine, but I gotta dox myself to show you haha), if/when SaidIt starts merchandising he said he was interested in the possibility of working together on something.

    I wish you good luck on all your future and current projects and endeavors, a lot of them do honestly and genuinely sound interesting - something I’d like to see in existence.

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    I have no beef with /u/Donald, he's surely a lovely guy

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    So what if a group comes up with a new site design/hierarchy? Does it get pushed to M7? Who has his ear? What if M7 doesn't want to hear any of this?

    I noticed Tier 2 says "will of the people". Are you recommending M7 relinquish control of this site and only step in as he sees the need?

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    Please read this: /s/PhoenixForum/comments/7fet/phoenix_forum/ about:

    1. Fair Forum - more self-regulating fair site management
    2. GUI + PreVisualization - developing a better user experience
    3. Software Development - coding, beyond me
    4. Libre-Festos - mission statements for a better future free of the corporatocracy
    5. Project Management - organizing all of this
    6. MetaVote™ - for better qualitative and organized data, in a simple interface

    M7 is certainly free to participate. I've even suggested he could be admin again with ultimate veto powers, but with more fair system - a system that need not wait for the next-gen forum.

    Everyone would have his ear, especially his trusted team of "Peace Rangers" who are also accessible.

    M7 doesn't have to hear any of this. This idea is now out there. Anyone anywhere may employ it and modify it as they see fit. Whatever comes of the "Phoenix Forum" idea, they can always use and improve on it - or adapt another system.

    " Are you recommending M7 relinquish control of this site and only step in as he sees the need? "

    Exactly! Almost.

    I wouldn't call it "relinquishing" if he still has ultimate veto powers. I would call it trusting his well-chosen advisors. I don't think he trusts anyone, and that's his right, and he might be smarter to be extra paranoid. Especially intimately knowing how they currently operate. If it's all done in the open with proven users who check each other and give him sufficient reports to judge with (and potentially veto) then the problems ideally should be reduced a lot.

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    Just my luck I'd probably get the jury with u/bobbobbybob and four femcel/inists I've pissed off.

    I do like the s/GloryHole option though, really brings some class to the whole shebang.

    Noticed I'd be considered bourgeois, elevating ourselves in class I see. I like it. These filthy serfs will learn to respect our hard, but fair love.

    Rules must be followed.

    If every person who ever broke the rules was banned we'd have nobody here. Volume has always worked against me. Say i write 100,000 comments. Some number, arbitrarily 5%, of these will be offensive. That's 5,000 reports.

    A less active user might write 300 comments. That's 15 reports.

    5,000 reports seems way worse than 15, obviously, but it's the same amount, just adjusted for volume.

    You get punished for being active. Everywhere I mean. That is an important issue.

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    You're not getting the concept, unless you think M7 would actually choose Bob3 and four femme fatales to be his trusted advisors.

    If the rules are as flexible as the PoD and open to interpretation then you get what we've got. PoD is great but not perfect. Don't make perfect the enemy of good.

    Anyone can get offended by anything, and now they teach kids to be like that. SaidIt is for civil discourse, not a safe space free of offenses.

    Above all, who decides and how?

    Not just punished for being active, but without fairness, justice, transparency, and accountability.