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Forum On TOR

This is a working draft to eventually post upon approval the Cassandra Core and others in the Cassandra Team.

Other ideas to include are welcome.

Once we confirm that we have the FINAL draft it can be shared.


  1. Do NOT edit this wiki. Avoid wiki conflicts by leaving all wiki updates to /u/JasonCarswell. Keep at him until a consensus is reached.

NOTE: Inconsistencies in SaidIt formatting means results are very different in SaidIt Posts/Comments/PMs, SaidIt Wikis, and SaidIt SideBox despite having the same markdown code. The private messages will look very different than how this wiki presents it.


Cassandra Team Presents: Our Forum On TOR, Soft Launch



Cassandra Team would like to welcome you to our new platforms that have only just begun. This is not an official grand launch by any stretch but it is an invitation to check out our progress and perhaps consider your process of branching out or even relocating from SaidIt to our new network of platforms - and of course our group is open to respectable developers, moderators, and other participant fields.

Off and on for months we've been working on setting up new resources for our SaidIt community. This is part of the evolution of our resilience and resistance to tyranny.

Please save bookmarks for all these, and feel free to participate now, or come back later to see these projects develop and grow. No matter how long it takes we'll be building our uncensored free-thought decentralized truth-seeking platforms.

/u/JasonCarswell has set up a server.

Incantation Forum (current title)

/u/LarrySwinger2 set up a centralized beautiful deep-featured and well supported phpBB forum, called Incantation for now. Larry has configured it to be accessible on the Internet and TOR networks. This forum can be our first lifeboat for SaidIt should it go down for whatever reasons. With beautiful advanced features, this forum can also become the next centralized hub along side SaidIt with decentralized spokes orbiting them. (This could become the greatest thing out there with the best of both centralization and decentralization.)

We must all be very patient with Larry and his forum. The month-long unexplained absence of /u/magnora7, co-founder of SaidIt, as well as the second banning and second return of /u/JasonCarswell, had fostered a sense of urgency to rush this beta forum forward as a wonderful resource in development. This is NOT any sort of grand launch for wide consumption, as that will come much later, but it's not a secret now either.

Countless forums feature endless neat features, and Larry will too, in time, but what the rest of the world and free-thinking truth-seekers haven't seen yet is Larry's social moderation plan focused on free-expression while dealing with adversaries (spam, shills, trolls, and bots). It is miles ahead of anything else out there, including SaidIt, to our knowledge.

TOR network link:

It can only be reached via the Tor network. Tor Browser and Brave are both capable of that. (For Brave, click File -> New Private Window with Tor.) By default, history isn't saved when using Tor, so be sure to bookmark the page.


/u/LarrySwinger2 set up a centralized powerfully robust MediaWiki, like Wikipedia or WikiSpooks, but for projects of all sorts - blogs, galleries, essays, tutorials, manifestos, resistance organizing, decentralization guides, project management, production management, local, regional, and/or global community group projects, DIY projects, etc etc etc. It will start ugly, and remain a messy work in progress for a long while as it takes shape, becomes organized, and content contributions grow along with user numbers.

When it goes live it will hosted at:

Larry will make this projects wiki accessible via TOR soon too.

Important note:
This wiki's content is available under Creative Commons: BY-NO-SA (Attribution-Required - Non-Commercial - Share-Alike) unless otherwise noted. We aim to improve on the limitations of the Creative Commons licenses. Why not be just completely open and free? Copyright laws are rigged against the common people, creatives, and natural organic culture, but at least this limited license is technically a theoretical hurdle for armies of lawyers serving corporations who steal at will. For all free galleries and media hosting you sign away ALL of your rights either to evil corporations like Facebook, YouTube, etc or to completely open-source organizations like Wikimedia Commons. To our limited knowledge there are no other free digital media sites that protect the interests of the creators.


An instance of the Reddit-like decentralized Lemmy/Lenny forum will soon be set up by a Saiditor with proven expert experience. The TruthSeeker.Party domain belongs to /u/Optimus85 while /u/JasonCarswell is squatting on several other "TruthSeeker" domains to lend or gift to folks who wish to co-host their own instance federated with ours, on their own gear or in the corporate cloud. We will set up more than one instance to begin federating and perhaps if you ask nicely we can help you with your own. Our expert will NOT be doing any customization nor feature building, so we're seeking help and of course we'll need to network with other Lemmy/Lenny sites, Rust coders, and developers.

The wonderful thing about federated communities is freedom to participate as users or co-hosts in completely different social management systems (I think). So if you don't like an admin there are others with different styles.

When it goes live the first instance will be hosted at:

Unnamed Tiddly Wiki

/u/LarrySwinger2 set up a light and handy Tiddly Wiki which has potential to be customized and decentralized in various ways.

Then what?

Decentralization has and will ALWAYS be the primary goal of our unofficial cooperative group, except /u/LarrySwinger2 who's main focus will be on leading, developing, and managing his phpBB forum with the amazing features. We will support Larry and he will help our decentralization efforts as well, just as we aim to remain tight with and our SaidIt community, with or without /u/magnora7, preferably with. Each platform has their own pros and cons so all of our parallel developments need not be competitors with each other, or SaidIt, but team up as siblings in a broader networked family. We need to avoid spreading out too thin too quickly, but the flexibility and diversity of options, management styles, and platforms may improve our actual chances of long-term resilience and survival despite the rising technocratic tyranny.

At present the old PC that /u/JasonCarswell has set up and connected as a junior-server is very limited. We are working on growing with intention and purpose pragmatically while fine tuning our platforms, procedures, and decentralization. In addition to encouraging everyone, including protected anons, from beginners to experts to co-host their own instances on their own gear, we have plans for getting newer strong-servers in our direct control, as well as some online corporate cloud hosting and services.

We're also working on ways to overlap with local communities for alternatives, solutions, and resilient resistance against the rising tyranny of the global corporatocracy.

We're not yet ready to receive donations but all management suggestions, insights, and recommendations are very welcome. Please consider planning your future budget keeping our cause in mind.

Some goals include:

  • Developing fair, open, accountable, consistent, and honest social management systems and tools.
  • Sharing resources, tutorials, and assistance to help everyone setup their own instances. (basic beginners: /s/Decentralize4Dummies, advanced users: /s/Decentralize_DIY)
  • Mirroring and backing up the entire SaidIt history on these other platforms.
  • PeerTube, a decentralized video platform.
  • YaCe, a decentralized search engine.
  • Web-scrape and archive everything linked within our forums.
  • Other platforms, preferably decentralized (Mastodon, Diaspora, etc.).
  • Various networking protocols: Internet, TOR, IPFS, ZeroNet, I2P, etc.
  • Various Internet to network gateways.
  • Decentralized git?
  • Quality over quantity.

What is "quality over quantity"? We won't want or need huge numbers of people for some time if we have the best folks like you. It may take a while before we have a big launch with a large social media public relations campaign with animations, but right now, as best we can, we're trying to 1) lay down the fundamental foundations first and 2) simply become operational.

Embrace this golden opportunity.

Help plan our evolution of SaidIt and beyond.

Everyone's feedback is very welcome and helpful.


"We obviously have problems, but we're working on solutions."

The ultimate goal: decentralized, fair, open, accountable, consistent, honest, management and social media systems.

The resistance evolution starts now on


SaidIt Projects

Many projects coming VERY soon
Much feedback wanted
Many positions available
Prepare to do something
Watch this space


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