/s/Cassy Sidebox V1 Archive 2021-11-19

On 2021-04-14 /s/Cassy was created by /u/JasonCarswell who soon filled the sidebox with the following for about 7 months until updated 2021-11-19.


What comes after

Help plan our next steps beyond SaidIt.

Cassy is for discussing decentralized forum/fora options, federation vs distribution, and planning our community's next steps.

We obviously have problems, but we're working on solutions.

/s/Cassy should not be confused with the vapourware development in /s/PhoenixForum for dreaming our hypothetical our next-generation forum's ideals, form, and functions.


Current priorities for Cassy:

1) Discuss new name and branding ideas - IF we choose to have a singular-ish community identity. Cassy is a working title, that may be replaced with better branding.

2) Discuss new social management ideas: goals, manifestos, fair forums, rules, community guidelines, template sets (to be explained), access, anonymity, security, defense against STABs (shlls, trolls, and bots), backups, public relations strategies, priorities, to-do-lists, etc.

3) Discuss new decentralized forum platform and/or client options along with their pros and cons.

4) Discuss set up, trouble shooting, technical issues, assistance, administration, moderation, etc. as well as customizing the flow, form (GUI), and functionality.

5) Discuss anon solutions. All things related to being anonymous (or not), building bonds, and maintaining trust with reasonable cyber-hygiene security precautions - without giving anything away.

We hope SaidIt, other forums, and developers might freely chime in and/or adopt some of these open good ideas from these wishful discussions to improve life and liberty and fairness.


Why "Cassy"?

Though historical appreciation is understandable, OurSaidIt, USaidIt, WeSaidIt, YouSaidIt, etc. are all too derivative. CooperateIt (or even CoopeReddit) seems too contrived as well.

Cassandra is an ancient Greek figure who foretold great doom, yet no one believed her, though tragically she was always correct.

Now banned, /u/AmericanMuskrat thinks, "Cassandra is a mouthful, Cassy is better." Musky's unfair banishment is a perfect example of why we need to evolve beyond the limitations of SaidIt. The shorter name is also reflective of the Lemmy/Lenny platforms which may or may not be our next federated decentralized forum - but without political tribalism.

The many federated instances may (or may not) reflect this name such as,, ModernCassandra,,,, etc.



/s/Cassy + wiki
    Plan and take our next steps
    branching out above and beyond SaidIt.
/s/Decentralize4Dummies + wiki
  Learn, set up, assist, and troubleshoot
  tyranny resistant federated sites
  and distributed clients.
/s/DecentralizeAllThings + wiki
/s/PhoenixForum + wiki
  Develop next-generation forum
  ideas and ideals, form and functions.
/s/Surveillance + wiki
/s/WikiSpooks + wiki

Please suggest additions for this list.


Ask to be co-moderator or earn an invitation.

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