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SaidIt community project ideas

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SaidIt Movie Night


Currently: 8pm EDT Fridays weekly. Arrive in chat early to get the stream link and countdown to synched start, and follow chat commentary.

SaidIt Monthly / Weekly / Daily

/s/SaidItMonthly ; /s/SaidItWeekly and/or /s/SaidItDaily

What would this proposed subsaidit be about?

A human-curated best news-story short summaries as an improved resource by those motivated to spread the truth. Weekly, crowd sourced, hand picked, best.

The top 10 stories (or top 20, or whatever) that the curators determine is practical, useful, and reasonably doable by those dedicated to helping share worthy information. SHORT! 10 news stories a week with 1 very informative summary sentence each (or a short paragraph at most), plus all the links deemed worthy and necessary to make it easier for readers to follow up with minimal research and let them chose to pursue more.

Target audience: For all those with busy lives, jobs, families, etc, who don't have the time, deep interest, perseverance, historical context, nor motivation to research. For non hard-core truth seekers. All for their convenience.

Also, a community builder, potentially.

Much more detail in the full outline: /s/SaidIt/comments/hs9/ssaiditweekly_what_would_this_proposed_subsaidit/

Truther Top 20s


Truther Top 20s = Quick Reference Talking Points On Serious Matters

This is not a typical Reddit-style project, nor a normal encyclopedic article.

Too much good information is drowned in disinformation, misinformation, and random information intentionally mixed into a confusing disorganized mess without contextual clarity. Develop, summarize, and simplify core fundamentals here into curated fundamental bullet points to help newbies and pros alike. The simple truth is hard to deny.

These summary lists of bullet points will be openly editable in this channel's wiki in a basic form and with deeper context and hyperlinks on the freely editable uncensored InfoGalactic wiki. The InfoGalactic wiki can further list the pros and cons, weaknesses and strengths, contradictions, counter-positions, and deeper levels, with citations and references, to further back up any statement, or to call out why it's invalid, how it has flaws, or that it needs further support.

Edit the Truther Top 20s basic wiki here on SaidIt.

Edit the Truther Top 20s deeper wiki on InfoGalactic : .

We all can curate and manually keep these lists somewhat cross-synchronized and updated.

This is a long-term project that may take years to become substantial, but there's no time like now to contribute.

Chat event ideas

SaidIt IRC Chat live community events ideas

Initially proposed ideas documented at and copied here to continue being developed.

  • Sub of the day/week, Post of the day/week [Chat, d3rr, 2019-01-26 00:32:18 EST]

  • group conspiracy research [Chat, d3rr, 2019-01-26 00:37:14 EST]

  • wiki documented research [Chat, fred_red_beans, 2019-01-26 00:37:41 EST]

    • examples:
    • - Topic of the day. Topic of the week.
    • - Open source, Decentralized Web, etc
    • - pedophocracy
    • - Truther Top 20s
    • - Truther Newbie Crash Course, (aka How To Gently Red Pill Newbie Truthers)

  • How about a said it live web event to start small? A Said it AMA or something. I like it - start with something that doesn't cost hours of time in post-production and pre-production lol [Chat, d3rr, 2019-01-31 00:24:51 EST]

  • Scheduled live event idea: Daily DIY Decentralization Demystification (live installation help & tech advice) - Mastodon Mondays, Tube Tuesdays, Wiki Wednesdays, Holochain Hursdays, Fediverse Fridays, IPFSaturdays, Uncensored Undays [Chat, JasonCarswell, 2019-01-26 03:48:59 EST]

  • Versaries [idea JasonCarswell 2019-01-27 5am EST]

    • Anniversaries, Monthaversaries, Debates Verses Debaters, Verses And Rhymes Of Writers And Posters
    • 3rd of every month = d3rrrd Day
    • 7th of every month = magnora7 Day or M7 Day
    • 11th of every month = monthaversary
    • The first official SaidIt post = Wednesday 2017-10-11, at 09:43:20 UTC SaidIt's birthday. [/s/AntiExtremes/comments/3a/welcome_to_antiextremescom/]
    • Celebrate 09:43:20 UTC every day!

  • Truth Bombs [idea JasonCarswell 2019-01-28 11am EST]

    • 1+ action per day / week / month
    • collective online swarming activism
    • defending issues or people, upvoting campaigns, etc
    • downvoting mobs
    • organized campaigns for activist communities
    • subscribe lists

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