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Reminds me of the cult in Parks and Rec that named themselves "The Rationalists" to make themselves seem more reasonable.

For real though, that wiki is full of mostly bad nü-left opinions/spins on things from what I've seen.

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I think of the Reasonablists most every time I wade into trans discourse.

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I can't think of anything more textbook lesophobic than a bunch of straight men pretending to be lesbians and demanding that lesbians submit to rape.

If the oh so rational people who write for rational wiki would look at this rationally they'd see it's nothing other than predatory straight men trying to rape lesbians.

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Lesbian erasure: A Fair and Balanced definition of this would not be complete without exclusively mentioning the TERFs and their mainstream-supported but still fringe conspiracy theories.

Lesbophobia: While this most likely has another much more "accepted" definition in the community, lets just immediately gloss over all that in favor of seeing it as a lesbian TERF dog whistle to discrimate against transwomen in women's spaces.

LGB: Oh- you thought there had to be at least ONE description not solely focused on the transphobic TERFs or their evil af organizations? Guess again, Bigot! This is an OBJECTIVE and IMPARTIAL wiki!

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