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the idea of NB is just a fancy way of saying misogyny. Women are being told that if you don't dress like a barbie doll then you're no longer a woman, so instead of pushing back on the blatant misogyny, now we just agree and internalize the myth that we're not women. The fact that they still call themselves a lesbian, tells you that deep down everyone knows the truth.

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If women didn’t look as much like porn dolls I think it’s possible that men wouldn’t be as inspired to become them. It’s interesting because the more we shy away from our natural bodies, the more we make them into something whose topography can be replicated using hormones and surgery and makeup. We do a lot of very unnatural things to ourselves and we associate those practices with being female, so much that even being critical of those practices draws hate from the women who participate in them, as if it is woman-hating to even mention that these things don’t help. That’s a pretty hardcore “choice feminism” pov. The whole system is a lot bigger than that, of course, but these things are all connected and do tell women that if they don’t look like that then they might not BE women, and men that if they DO like those things they CAN be women. It’s wild

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I see a lot of female "enbies" who are clearly lesbians but are in denial about being female and/or homosexual. It mostly makes me sad but it also makes me roll my eyes to see someone claim to both be a lesbian and not-a-woman or only partially-woman.

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Which part do you figure they think is “woman?” I bet it’s not a dick. Lol

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I have actually been here. I didn't want to be a 'woman' or call myself a 'lesbian' because of sexism. So I kinda used Gay and 'Genderfluid' for myself personally while still being totally female. I did ask my family to use They/Them for 1 day and they threw it all in a trashcan and reclaimed 'Lesbian Woman'. The next day, I went looking for a forum with ACTUAL lesbians on it, but found you guys were banned. Now, I've officially joined a '"""hate'"" sub and I'm proud!

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    Yeah I couldn't decide which one was my favorite made-up word, "enbian" or "diamoric" .

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    "infintismal" for sure

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    That's a real word (though she misspelled it - it's infinitismal), but ironically it means "tiny" or approaching 0.

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    I know the real word is infinitesimal and what it means thank you. Your "infinitismal" is misspelled, and "infintismal" is too much to be just misspelled xD

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    Sorry, I wasn't trying to be condescending, I just thought it was weird she used it the opposite of its meaning. And whoops, you're right, I did misspell it. Embarrassing for me.

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    I didn't want to come off as rude neither, sorry, sometimes we forget in internet people don't see our context.

    My bet is that the author of that aberration copied parts of it from somewhere without understanding, I guess they say it to link it to their concept of "continuum spectrum of sex/gender" to appear smart, because in some fields infinitesimals usually mean differentials, but you are right in that as it is written it would come of as "negligible" lol It is funny how they appear to be attracted to scientific words that can cause confusion, almost as if they want that.

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    Same. It's just all so self-involved.

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    "Lesbian attraction is complex."


    It's really as simple as that. I love my spouse more than anyone and would only choose her, but if she had a penis we would only have ever been friends.

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    Both pussy and their soul. Womanhood in a word.

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    Had to post this here, thought it could give someone a good laugh/cry/cringe. This was an answer from an 'nonbinary AFAB' to a baby lesbian posting to AL about whether she could still be a lesbian, but be attracted to some nonbinary people. (Let's all try and guess what those people had in common...)

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    That poor wee lezzie. She can date some non-binary women if she can handle being with a woman who can’t stand being female. When she gets older she probably won’t want to be with a woman so weak as a non-binary.

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      A woman was super hot and we were in the middle of some intense lesbian banter at a park near one of my jobs, and she told me she was “non-binary” and it was INSTANT bonerdeath for me. It doesn’t matter how attractive someone is, if they believe in things that are as harmful to women as non-binary identity then I am not interested. I’ve had some very attractive partners and if you have fundamental differences then it is very hard to make things work. I’ve found non-binary types to be serial whiners and deeply self-absorbed in relationships. There is a real immaturity to adopting that worldview. You’ve got to have blinders on

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      Jesus fucking Christ. Steer clear of women who can’t stand their own womanhood unless you hate yourself. Non-binaries are the worst kind of self-absorbed. How can they not realize that they are literally making every single person they meet have to refer to them as a specific type of special? A whole new non-category of special. At least trans people choose something that exists.

      EDIT: also, lesbian attraction is NOT complex. You’re complicating it by not being an actual lesbian, or having personal issues. I’m sick of people making female sex drives and female arousal into some kind of magical fantasy world. Like, sis, do you even fuck?

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      Well, lesbian attraction is complex...

      Lol. "I'm a girl who only likes girls"

      TRAs: ?!?!?!????!

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      TRAs: What do you mean you are a girl who only likes girls? I don't get it


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      Oh god. This. I replied to the word salad they wrote asking them to clarify their use of the word 'womxn'.

      And I get that in some circles, the word has been used in retaliation of it being adapted from the word 'men', but in this NB bullshit, it seems that we generally feel the same:

      Whats so wrong with being a woman? The fact they cant see this as misogyny and trying to distance themselves from the rest of us is staggering.

      I'd take a guess that its a label more commonly used by younger lesbians, who have yet to figure their shit out and realise that you don't have to fit this fucking 1950s vision of what a woman is.

      The more these contradictory bullshit labels come up, the less any of them mean.

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      lesbian attraction is complex

      It is indeed. Because I said many times "lesbian it is the one who loves same sex, aka other females". And yet no one of them is understanding. So it should be something very complex and hard to get.

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      Accepting their lesbianism is complex.

      [–][deleted] 6 insightful - 3 fun6 insightful - 2 fun7 insightful - 3 fun -  (0 children) This is still true.

      Non-binary people ARE a monolith of dumbass

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      It's very common for young lesbians to ID as NB, because it's actually easier to be a lesbian that way. As in, most young people who identify as NB are female - so a girl can be in a homosexual relationship with another girl who IDs as NB without risking getting called out for 'genital preferences' the way a girl who openly calls herself a lesbian would. Obviously that kind of treatment of lesbians is wrong and I think a lot of the non-binary stuff is very regressive and sexist in a broad sense - but I imagine it's really overwhelming to be a teen lesbian nowadays, especially a GNC one, so I don't have a problem with girls using labels like NB if it allows them to get some respite from the homophobia coming from the modern LGBT community.

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      Wow, you're 100% right. I wish more people understood this.

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      I agree with this as I did it myself and we need to get rid of homophobia so our lesbian Padawans feel safe.

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      what the fuck did i just read

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      What a mess

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      I had to stop reading because my head was going to explode.

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      The way I see it, if a woman is too "nOt LiKe ThE oThEr GiRlS" to call herself a woman, then she shouldn't use woman-exclusive labels like lesbian.

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      This is just a completely different language. I'm genuinely baffled.

      I just want to be a simple lesbian, enjoying simple lesbian things. I don't want to navigate 30+ genders and label my attraction around them and don't understand anyone who does.