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I'm getting based enough, I find it difficult to agree. The amount of blatant race swapping makes me suspicious anytime I see any of them out of context.

To be fair, I also get suspicious when I see the 1 white guy in Kenya or whatever in a movie. Like they better explain what he's doing there or I'm just gonna roll my eyes.

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You know what would work? White monkey stories. White people who are hired cause they're white. That they embody Whiteness and all that.

Seems like a great tale to tell. Plenty of interviews from various sources already.

And I was referring to gamingcirclejerk as the sub. Although the KiA one is neat too.

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They will never learn, and will no doubt continue to preach race swapping and white hating as a holier than thou art of wokeness.

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But what do you think about the topic on hand, where adding a non-race swapped original minority character to a fighting game franchise?