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SaidIt is not a free speech platform.

I'm very careful not to call it a free speech site, the pyramid means it's not. Magnora doesn't call it a free speech site either as far as I'm aware.

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A quote from me. I think this place is more accurately called a free communication or open debate platform. Free speech absolutists may not think we can be free speech with our pyramid policy.

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I'd be amenable to "Freer Civil Discourse" but let's let it be what it is without a label.

Once you label, you establish expectations. And then people start attempting to move the expected establishment.

I've had my issues with /u/magnora7 but he's far better at his job than Zuck The Cuck.

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I think the people over there want something totally unmoderated. Something which I think is not possible to have in conjugation with good debate/discussion. The amount of trolls, retards, "influencers", spammers, irrelevant posters, false flaggers will easily overwhelm the place. It will become very hard to separate genuine posts from the above-mentioned groups (at least that's what i saw happening on voat when I was there for some time). A very low "signal to noise ratio", if you will. Imo as long as one does not remove opinions and ideas, or certain opinions and ideas which go against the narrative, removing posts and comments is just fine. "Moderating in moderation", if you will.

[–]magnora7 4 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 0 fun5 insightful - 1 fun -  (4 children)

You are exactly correct about everything you said. Thank goodness we have the pyramid of debate to act as a guide for distinguishing what is signal and what is noise, it makes "moderating in moderation" a lot easier.

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You called it years ago. I didn't even think the pyramid was a good idea for like the first year, but here we are.

This is one of my favorite posts about SaidIt ever. Congrats man.

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Ha thanks! I'm glad we stuck together and have made such a great website. It's rewarding to see how high-quality the community is after all our efforts. I hope someday to contact Paul Graham who runs hackernews and who also made the pyramid of debate, and let him know we're using his pyramid successfully.

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I'm sure he'd love it, a fine idea.

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This entire discussion is such a fine example of the success of the PoD, and how it engenders interactions of quality.

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The feds put strict controls on my city-sub and tencent has a hard on for me, Trudeau shut down the media, we can't communicate, I'm desperate - so here.

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Okay. I just hope that when I just want to make a joke etc I don't have to see the pyramid of debate, otherwise it's fine

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Mommy, they're here...again.

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level of parent comment: counter-argument

level of reply comment: ad hominem (I may not fully understand this reply but "mommy" makes me confident enough it's meant to be mocking, and it contains no other information.)

pyramid direction: -3 levels from parent

this reply drags the discussion in a downward direction on the pyramid of debate. admins: /u/magnora7 /u/d3rr

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Isn't this just a joke?

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thank you