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Posts like this "drag down" Saidit's engagement.

/u/username saved the Chat #subscribed channel from constant spamming by Ed and from your constant bans of users. You and others were helping Ed fuck up that Chat channel. For you and others it was a type of computer game where you could enjoy your power trips. /u/Smokedrugs also saved the chat by reducing the reset times to 6 hours each. There are still crazy people who occasionally dominate the chat with their schizo bullshit, and you and others continue to post whatever you want. There are absolutely no restrictions on you (other than on your spamming).

Usher's improvement of the chat - making sure that normal users cannot be banned and that spam can be restricted - revived an important part of Saidit: a place for casual, random discussions about anything. Sometimes we discuss physics, or food, or politics, or anything else. It's become a place where everyone is welcome. Your "contributions" recently and comments by one other user are only attacks against normal users. You are actively trying to annoy people, insult them, push them away from the chat, and from Saidit. You constantly attack some of the most active and interesting users at Saidit, who reduce their activities on Saidit thereafter. This post of yours proves that you are still trying to control other people on Saidit, that you want to make Saiditors answer to you, that you want to be in control of the Chat and of what others can say at Saidit. It's TEXTBOOK NARCISSISM. Your constant approaches at Saidit have been to divide and manipulate. Why do you do this? You are projecting your personal problems onto others here at Saidit. Cut it out. It fucks up engagements at Saidit.

Selfishness is not the way forward for Saidit. Building relationships and dialogue with a broad range of users is the way forward. Try it.

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Okay socks, who was banned for good reason.

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    Says the alt-user-account of socks who was banned.

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    Thou shalt not take Lord Tucker's name in vain

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    Thou shalt torture Carlson to death, slowly, if I remember correctly. Many Saiditors have wanted socks to die a horrible death, but they weren't banned. Moreover, the US would be a much better place if Carlson croaked, ending the most popular misinformation propaganda resource for the 1% forces of evil of the past two decades.

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    socks will die of hyper-partisanship soon enough

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    Socks asks only for an appreciation of the center, of mediocrity, of non-radicalized representative politics for the 99%, so says my man Salieri

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    Responding with three different user names in a thread is a bit fucked, socks.

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    2, dingleberry, not 3

    Think of it this way: everytime someone is banned, they splt into 2 users, then 4, then 8, then 16, and so on

    I'm currently at two, awaiting the next ban

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    Every time a user is banned, a hand gets its sock.

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    yeah as one of the five users of this site it's ruining my experience

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    Conscript Yabbit, you will love this site as you love God, America, the Constitution, Blessed Blue Eyed Virgin Mother Mary and Baby Jesus. You will defend these noble ideals with your very life. And as you condemn your heathen enemy to eternal damnation, you will be entitled to his possessions and women. To save those godless savages from themselves. Namaste. 🙏

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    Yabbit's a kike.

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    I thought he was an Indian.

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    Maybe both?

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    Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper, but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy. Proverbs 28:13

    You leave off that your own actions camping on chat and pre-banning people every reset is one of the main factors why someone responsible has to control chat at all. We were fine before you and Ed fucked it up. Everyone had a chance to be Op before you got power hungry.

    You seem evil these days, ever since the Trucker thing. It's like a little taste of power corrupted you, or maybe you were like that all along and it took me awhile to notice. We shouldn't call you Santa, we should call you Saruman.

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    Your extreme exaggerations of my "camp outs" are beyond overblown. I have no shortage of historical proof and evidence I can share showing that I was never dominating chat as you repeatedly lie. Yes, sometimes I was OP. Rarely did I ever do anything with it. Often I gave it away. And often you Cunts abused it. Further, I told you guys the "secret" to how I often gained OP, as is often the case when I should let you flounder trying to figure it out.

    You seem jealous and more childish than ever these days, ever since the Trucker thing.

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    . Yes, sometimes I was OP.

    Hah, nice try, lying toad of evil. You made sure to beat everybody out every reset even if you weren't chatting, and then pre banned the people you didn't like. We literally would not be in the chat situation we are in without you doing that and Ed's bullshit. You often complain about the consequences of your actions, but take some responsibility for your actions, and stop creating these situations in the first place.

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    Oh Drama Queen, now who's lying?

    There's only one person I ever pre-banned: socks, lying piece of bad faith shit that got himself banned anyway.

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    lying piece of bad faith shit that got himself banned anyway.

    Well, now the shoe is on the other foot. May this be a lesson in humility for you.

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    Rich, coming from another bad faith piece of shit who's hypocritically always whining about free speech.

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    Times change... Carswell leveraging his sharing here against more control over the chat for him seems quite pathetic to me. "Don't bullshit the biggest bullshitter"-like.

    But then... there is no real magic in this, because looking at his posts his conciouscness number is an eight... which is all about control, because this where these kinds of "egos" tends to hang... these are the kind of people, who really love pyramids with them on top of it as long they stay on top of it.

    Fyi: I'm a nine. That is why i don't give a shit about some "eightish" bullshit, like power, obsessions, control, order and blubblubblub. Nobody drops a nine when there only one is one digit to choose. The best you can get literally is a draw if its will against will.

    If i have an idea... i force it into your head... if you like it... or not... i don't even give a shit about that.

    That is what these smart gods literally created the nines for... to stop all this bullshit powermongering of the 8,7 and 4's mostly, from time to time. And that is why Carswell obviously tries to enlarge his micro-penis again by jerking off to some rules he mostly hallucinates for himself to jerk off on. He really believes he needs it...

    Pathetic ain't it ? Start to grow some balls, finally.

    Liberty ain't what you "can" do. Liberty actually is what you "don't have to do".

    Stop whining... rather do something useful or make the decision to leave instead of threatening to.

    Fucking pathetic whimp on a powertrip again.

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    As if I have any control over anything on SaidIt.

    As if you're a nine in whatever magical ranking system you've imagined.

    I wonder if I'm really an eight, whatever that means, because you're judgement varies like your opinions.

    FYI: I'm against all the pyramids (and censorship) and for fairness and merit.

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    See... now you're asking... but i won't answer... so your ego shrinks back to its normal size...

    And then you maybe be able to make a reasonable decision instead of attention whoring and whining and whimping around all the time like mostly recently.

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    If you referenced the Enneagram, soundsituation is a far more accurate a judge than you.

    If you think calling out abuses is attention whoring then I feel sorry for you and those close to you.

    If you think most recently there's been no bullshit then you haven't been paying attention.

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    You judge. I judge. We are humans. Prone to errors.

    More information on this matter you won't get from me.

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    As if you're a nine in whatever magical ranking system you've imagined.

    Enneagram. And if I had to guess I'd say you're a 7:)

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    Thanks. You're spot on.

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    Go to user preferences , uncheck the bottom checkbox "enable chat", then click "save options", at the bottom. Problem solved.

    Complaining about trolls in chat is just feeding the trolls.

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    The community problem is not solved.

    In addition to "complaining" I've taken action, given notice, and proposed solutions - and ultimately will leave if nothing's done to improve things.

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    Squealing like a stuck pig is more like it. You assumed I had written the proverbs quote "For though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again" about myself, but the statement is not about any one person. The message is that even good people fail. But they must keep trying or it would not have happened seven times. The important thing therefore would be they try.

    You're not trying to be a good person. At all. You seem petty and shitty, lusting for power and money. Your greatest achievement in life seems to be having an orgy decades ago. When I think of a good person I think of u/Axxa or u/Zapped. And when I think of the schlubs just trying the best we can, that fits everyone else except you. You seem to actively seek to be a negative influence.

    Much of what you have written on timesucks and various other squeals appears now to have been autobiographical.

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    You seem obsessed with me and finding any way to justify censorship and being an asstroll.

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    How is your bridge blocking protest coming along?

    I watched a video where native Indians tried blocking a bridge many years ago..

    Fyi, bridge blocking is an old trick and the cops know how to unblock the bridge.


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    just fyi, jason... i have had a presence at a bdsm(sadism/masochism) website for a minute and you might find it interesting to know that there are dem shills there pushing their agendas and following is one post that was made recently... i just thought you might find it interesting that they are absofucknglutely everywhere...

    quote from bdsm website forum: The Alex Jones court judgments have sent a message to people who proliferate lies an mistruths that there is a steep price for the damages done by using a position of power to spew lies. FYI the capitol police civil lawsuit against trump and his big election lie is going forward and trumps claim of immunity was thrown out by federal judge.

    isnt it interesting that they are pushing this message, even at a bdsm forum?

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    Isn't it also strange Fedward that you're driving an anti-American noise machine for no expressed purpose other than demotivation?

    None of your transparent toilet crap, nor their obvious repetitive lies, will ever become true nor stop everyone that sees right through the bullshit.

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    do i drive an anti-american noise machine? refresh my memory, please.. what is this anti-american noise machine that you are referriing to?

    but i am sure that everyone will be grateful that you sorted out my bullshit.

    kind regards.

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    Tbh I only participate in the chat because of that American Musketeer fellow. He seems cool!!!

    I may just leave SaidIt soon too

    You can't go, Jason! Saidit needs you!

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    He's not as cool as he may initially seem, unless you prefer the company of petty childish adults, like most in chat.

    SaidIt doesn't need me, though IMO it needs to grow up and to grow beyond what it currently is.

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    Did you know you can earn an income by sucking dicks in parking lots?

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    I agree. Saidit is made much worse by these asstrolls in chat. It is extremely disappointing that this has been allowed to continue.

    Whatever was left of any sense of community on this site is not being allowed to continue in the chat.

    Site is dead, Magnora wants it like that, my guess.

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    Site is dead, Magnora wants it like that, my guess.

    Agreed. I usually don't go for the fem/gay symbology but I can't think of anything more apt at the moment, so if SaidIt crawls on the floor like a caterpillar, and things are as dormant as can be, it may be time soon to evolve beyond this chrysalis and fly new heights. Even if it takes me another three months, I'm going to get those platforms up. As good a deadline as any, if I can't get them up by Halloween, it might be time for me to just give up and focus on making my own content, something I can actually do with excellence. Such a shame that SaidIt wasted its massive potential through mismanagement and apathy. I guess we can be grateful that at least it made it this far.

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    Agreed. I usually don't go for the fem/gay symbology but I can't think of anything more apt at the moment

    Can you please explain how exactly that's gay or fem? Is it because you mentioned a butterfly? A literal bug that you think is feminine? lol

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    How many dudes do you know with butterfly tattoos?

    I can't count how many women I've met, let alone done, with butterfly tattoos. Tramp stamps, ankles, shoulders, whatever. Further, some of them have referred to their vajayjays as butterflies with their labias and clit being the wings and head.

    None of this is new. Because you are inexperienced, young, and immature, I'll forgive your ignorance.

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    Right so your "masculinity" is so fragile that every time you mention a certain bug, which you only do when you can think of no other options, you have to specify that you are not gay or fem. Lmao.

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    I said nothing about my masculinity being fragile. If I was that self-conscious I wouldn't have used the analogy, nor done/said countless other things, and get a haircut. Further, few on SaidIt would give a shit and certainly none who matter.

    Again, you waste your time failing to score points against me. Keep practicing. Maybe one day you might have a real intellect.

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    Nah, I don't think usehername is capable of increasing the almost nonexistent mental capacity it has.

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      Anytime you see "Carsmell", rest assured it's a socks alt.

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      I said nothing about my masculinity being fragile.

      No, you did not. It's just obvious.

      Lol. Whatever helps you cope.

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        Cheeky monkey

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        angry ass bro its just saidit