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Tucker: Justin Trudeau is attacking human rights (17:14) ~ Fox News, Feb 10, 2022

I'm standing beside Vincent at 1:52+. His photo gear will soon be in my house for podcasting.

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Keep up the good work, the world is watching!

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If you're into stickers, you should have a look at the vaccine resistance. They're doing a thing where people buy low cost sticker printers and sharing designs. People print for themselves or put in private orders and have thousands of stickers shipped for a low cost.

They're using low cost Brother sticker printers.

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Please share more info on that.

We aim to use our local folks, DD Signs & Graphics (Dani + Kelly 519.816.3387), in Amherstburg, just south of Windsor, who were very generous to the truckers and everyone with fine quality vinyl stickers. And they are willing to try to meet other sticker company prices.

Perhaps there can be a network of sticker companies and design makers forming to help the resistance.

First steps are collecting the info and developing goals, plans, and strategies.

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Please share more info on that. is a hub for exchanging designs and finding local groups. These would be low-cost, heat-printed stickers for mass distribution. Vinyl stickers seems like a step up in production quality but also cost.

Perhaps there can be a network of sticker companies and design makers forming to help the resistance.

Maybe, but at the moment I think there's too few companies willing to stick their heads out. I also believe in the DIY-attitude, no payment processor is shutting down those cheap home printers.

Speaking of stuff that can't be shut down - Have you guys heard about "Briar" for Android? It's a chat/forum app that's rather hard to take down.

Lose internet and can't communicate anonymously on TOR through Briar? Just connect to any sort of WiFi router, and exchange posts with whoever is on the same network - No internet required. No open networks to connect to? Use bluetooth to send the info directly from phone to phone.

The only setback is that you have to connect to each user manually, and before you have a network this usually happens with QR codes for absolute verification so it takes some effort by a few dedicated people to get the mesh started.