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How troony is it, and how well has it actually done in competition?

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No troons in the team.

As for their results, I mentioned it in the thread. They finished around the back of the grid in all of the races they participated in. Which isn’t surprising since they’re more of a virtue signal than an actual racing team.

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No troons in the team.

Well, there’s ya problem!

I actually went and looked up their driver and see that she got picked up as a development driver for the Sauber F1 team with an eye to driving in the 2015 F1 season, but never made it out of training.

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Not enough to win, which serves to answer the second question quite neatly, I think.

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Excuse me, what's the point you're trying to make here exactly? That women aren't allowed to race?

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No. I believe female drivers should be allowed to race if they’re skilled enough. The problem is that the team I mentioned was created and marketed solely around “GIRL POWER” and how “there should be more females in Motorsport.” As I mentioned, they’ve finished near the back in all of the races they participated in and are now struggling to find any partners and connections needed to help them race. They’re a virtue signal that INDYCAR basically stopped pretending to care about because it’s no longer convenient.