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I'm reviving a long forgotten (dozen years ago) Oakland based satirical counter-propaganda five DJ/VJ group with the terrible name, "Catfive" (impossible to search for). Ezra Lee was a friend, neighbor, and Burner, I'd seen DocOliver around, and I don't know if I ever knew the other three.

I lost my massive music collection (long story) but at some point I ripped one of their CD albums. Sorry for the errors. I'm sharing a torrent of what I have. You can copy paste this torrent hash ( 625a9ff9e75cd4b8c1fb1e1ba92d8fc321fa57db ) into your client app to download Catfive "Big Brother Runs The Company" 544.9mb WAV files. My upload is slow so it may take days, weeks, or even months.

If I get enough interests I'll convert the WAVs into FLAC or Opus lossless.

I still have my vinyl and one day I'll rip those, including some CatFive.

If you like George W Bush in the above video above, you'll like these satirical counter-propaganda samples in downtempo music videos by DocOlvier, possibly with or without CatFive :

"Regime Change" :

"joint O beef" :

"What U want" :

"No jah Children No cry" :

"Stranger train of thought" :

"13. tap the telephone" :

"The Brain Machine ate chickenfish" :

"Fast Cars" :

I know there's more out there but I couldn't find it. Some of it's a bit rough around the edges and it's a shame it didn't get a little more polished with promotion and distribution. Find more at the "docoliver" channel :

If you like this stuff from circa 2005 then you might like the circa 1994 "Emergency Broadcast Network" or EBN...

EBN released an album on video tape that started out great then got tiresome by half way. I think EBN is better appreciated one track at a time amid other tracks that are less sample-heavy. Most notable from EBN:

"EBN - Get Down" :

"EBN - Psychoactive Drugs" :

"EBN - Comply" :

"EBN - Electronic Behavior Control System (HD)" :

And a 1h40m47s video including the original video "EBN - Authorized Bootleg" :

If you like CatFive and EBN then you might like the 1980's Texas-based psychelic SubGenius mockureligious video tape, watch at your own peril (beyond 6 minutes it gets blander):

"ARISE The Church of the Subgenius Recruitment Video" :

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If nothing else on this post, you should check out Ezra's artwork, or at least watch the first half minute of this next video. Ezra Lee (one of CatFive, sounds like Israeli) seems to be a popular name. On YouTube there is an interior designer/architect, a black man, and an Australian rockabilly singer – none of which are my man, but I found this old video about Ezra@Azure :

Those dead presidents are hystorical ! (I'm gonna try to screen grab them.)

Another CatFive track sampling and rearranging George W Bush...

"Acid for the USA" :

And a CatFive logo, sticker, album cover, or somthing, and a couple of their albums: