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I've always said that when there are too many laws that no one can know the law, not even the lawyers, that means that everything is basically up to the wild interpretation of the enforcers, which means the law may as well not exist at all because it's mostly just made up on the spot as it's applied in real life.

Whereas if you have simple and clear laws, everyone can easily know when they're doing something wrong. But as it stands, ignorance of the law is not only an excuse, but the de facto norm of behavior!

If a person read 100 pages a day of the legal code that applies to an American human in 2018, they would be dead long before they would finish reading it all. And that's just for 2018.

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The US used to be a moral, peaceful, and free country with a balanced budget. Now the USA is an immoral bankrupt warmongering police state. Saying nothing just seems wrong.

The US government is no longer legitimate.

The USA is no longer a democracy. Why obey the law or pay taxes when Americans have no control over what laws are made or what the tax rate should be?

How can you obey the law when everything is illegal?

Why should Americans obey the law when the government and illegal aliens don’t?

How can you obey the law when our overlords don’t even tell you what the law is?