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but i thought it was a hoax

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It is a strong flu, and the flu always kills the elderly. 80,000 dead from flu in 2018 - look it up. This is evidence of how they intentionally boosted numbers to get away with Orwellian restrictions. The virus was real, the massive overreaction was the hoax.

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so who cares, let the old die?

maybe the flu is a hoax and 80k didn't really die!

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so who cares, let the old die?

Old people die all the time, even of the flu. Up until now, it was considered a "natural cause" but suddenly, we decided that everything should be shut down because people get sick. Its literally not my fault that grandma gets sick, that is just a risk she takes by being alive. The hive mind is overflowing with cognitive dissonance right now.

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they don't die as much from the flu

they could have lived to like 80 or 90 but die at like 50 or 60, it sucks

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they could have lived to like 80 or 90 but die at like 50 or 60, it sucks

So, you're fine with destroying the economy and restructuring the entire social order to add a decade or two onto some unhealthy people's lives? Thats fine, I personally don't think that is the right way to go. People have always gotten sick, it is just an inherent risk associated with being alive and we can't eliminate that from life

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economy is down but they should have bailed out small businesses and regular people more, this economy is repubs fault then not covid. They bailed out the rich first thing. It sucks watching people get hurt economically artifically. When there's a pandemic and you close down businesses you can't just throw away responsibility and do nothing to help like orange man.

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It is a strong flu, and the flu always kills the elderly. 80,000 dead from flu in 2018 - look it up.

Any medical textbook published prior to 2019 will list coronaviruses as the flu, it is undeniable

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It would be inaccurate to say it is a hoax. It is a bioweapon according to Dr. Francis Boyle and Nobel prize winner Luc Montagnier. It would be more accurate to say that the powers that shouldn't be used a manufactured crisis around this issue to bring in an authoritarian globalist government.

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wow so a bioweapon, sounds serious, maybe we should lock things down or wear masks or something

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It was created by the US bioweapons research programs as an attack against China and to get you all to wear masks and submit to authoritarianism

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bad plan to build a bioweapon that does nothing and ids a hoax and only traitors wear the masks while good patriots don't and never die from it.

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Check my sources from Francis Boyle and Luc Montagnier, you can't dispute that. The most the MSM will do is blame China, even though everyone collaborates with the Chinese, or ignore the story to keep people comfortable like they do over and over with other stories like the Epstein case. The masks and social distancing are a fraud and were a direct result of the manufactured hysteria around this bioweapon, there is no scientific evidence that either works yet we mandate it. We might also start mandating vaccines for the use of public utilities and spaces, that is a little unprecedented, so, you can't say it did nothing. It changed everything. Also, throughout history, we have quarantined the sick and not the healthy. Why change policies so drastically now when we aren't sure what is the most effective policy to begin with? As far as I am concerned, it is for international totalitarian control over policy. Regardless of what the right policy is, we shouldn't have shady influences deciding for everyone behind closed doors through the power of obnoxious wealth. There are severe conflicts of interests here when it comes to profiting from vaccine production which are getting ignored, we can't overlook that. If everyone locally got together and decided that wearing a mask would be a good idea, I wouldn't object. The decision was made for us against our will and without our consent when the science behind it is very questionable, that is the problem. The lockdown remains one of the biggest and most blatant infringements on freedom internationally in our lifetime. The policies were made by globalists in the most authoritarian manner possible and that is the issue. Of course we should be dealing with any medical crisis appropriately, we should just be doing it as we see fit within our communities locally.

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tldr but masks work, not 100% but common sense says germs go thru mouth and nose. What sucks is they lied at first cuz they wanted to hoard masks. Black people and white people alike don't want to wear masks for the same reasons, they don't ike being told what to wear, it's kind of uncomfortable, and it's not "cool".

Covid is pretty bad, worse than flu, it really sucks and I hope it gets taken down to where we can go back to normal again. It's like an STD such as HIV or herpes where it's even worse because you get it from breathing and not close contact. I know it's not realistic to have quarantine much longer.

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Lol. It isn't that long.