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I can't know if the election was fraudulent or not—but that part almost doesn't matter. Hear me out.

What actually matters here is the consent of the governed.

People can't give consent without trust, and you can't have trust without transparency. Emotions were super high and trust super low on both sides for this election, and because of 2020 reasons everyone's deeply invested: The Democrats think they're removing literally Hitler, so how could they not fight. The Republicans believe, I don't know. A bunch of things. Either way, nobody is able to actually look at things as they are.

This last year was a weird one, and the election necessarily also. Trump certainly didn't help build any trust either. Therefore, it seemed obvious that the only way to resolve these doubts in people's minds was a public audit. But they don't actually care about the people, do they. They won their seats, It's too late now.

I just thought that's why everyone was going to DC on the 6th, to demand a review before certification. I didn't hear any Republican congressmen asking to throw out the election...which is what the news seems to be saying about "objecting to the certification". But I did hear Ted Cruz asking for 10 days, which has apparently been done before, too.

So why object to this request? When it wouldn't delay inauguration? Who knows. They somehow thought that ignoring it and pressing on with certification would set everyone's mind at ease... well the next 4 years will be interesting for the USA, when they lack the consent of half the country.

Please keep it together, America. ❤️

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Didn't they do numerous audits in multiple states?

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I don't know. I've heard various things like:

  • claims were dismissed on technical reasons (e.g. too early/too late to file)
  • claims had no legal standing
  • no claims were actually brought
  • claims were retracted

So, I really don't know how the claims were handled, or whether or not they were baseless. I'm not American so I haven't been following the various issues in individual states either. But, for the US public, if you can point to someplace that publically shows what claims were actually brought, and whether the evidence was actually heard in a court, I think that would help everyone know that their concerns were properly heard.

It shouldn't be that hard. In a year when people can't go out to verify things for themselves, hearings are done over Zoom, and when there's additional restrictions on voting observers, it's not enough to just dismiss any questions and say "trust us on this one".

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I'm not really sure how to access court documents, despite them being (allegedly) public record.... Trying to find them on the internet just yields a bunch of scummy-sounding companies who will do searches for a fee.

But yeah, since people no longer trust journalists it would be nice to read the documents ourselves.

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All this fucking crying by the right is humourous

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you expect people to take the theft of an election silently?

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What theft? Trump lost. Cry for the next four years. Nobody gives a fuck.

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The thing is, you are in a minority. Fuck all people voted for Biden, even in the cities. You may live in a little liberal bubble, but the rest of the country is angry. See how long you survive once the food stops coming to your liberal shitholes

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    Keep playing that line. Keep it up. GO out into the world with your smugness. You know it was stolen, and you don't care. You think it is funny.

    You'll find that the law abiding find theft to be a line that should not be crossed, and they get angry about it. So keep it up, go out into the world, laugh in the faces of the people whose voices have been stolen.

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    the law abiding find theft to be a line that should not be crossed

    PFFFFFFFFT why'd y'all vote Trump then? 🤣

    Even when he snagged $500 billion of the stimulus, y'all were fine with it...

    (On topic: the election wasn't stolen. Recall that Trump has been talking about election fraud since 2016, an election THAT HE WON. Sowing discord and doubt is the whole point.)

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    It wasn't stolen. 80 million people saw what a piece of shit Trump was and decided they weren't going to let it continue.

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    Even you know there was massive fraud right out in the open.

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    "Massive" fraud with no evidence.

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    with no evidence

    Covering your eyes doesn't affect outside reality.

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    I hear different numbers from everyone.

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    uh hu. That many people hated trump so much, that more than 20% more people turned out to vote against him, than to vote for the hugely popular Hilary. Whatever makes you sleep at night. Lying to yourself is comforting, after all.

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    Not everyone is a Q-tard blinded to reality. I know plenty of people who made sure to vote this year so they could vote against Trump. Here's the most openly corrupt president ever seen and will never see another public office.

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    the most openly corrupt president ever seen

    I thought Biden was getting to be president? you are not making sense

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        Archive link in case frontpagemag is suddenly 'deplatformed'...