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You have to hire 6 of them to get to the $4 mark, and pay for 44 hours a week. Can these pass as Latino with only a slight accent, or would it be obvious that you are outsourcing?

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the point is that firms like this will cancel any and all customer service or call center jobs that did exist in the united states, and this will effectively cause unemployment to explode in the u.s.

btw, when i call the customer service of my prepaid cellular service, the calls get answered in tijuana mexico and when i call customer service for my bank the calls get answered in the phillipines.

the u.s. job market is beyond dead and this is being done intentionally.

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I think these are some of the service jobs Obama was telling Americans they should move to "since physical work is dying". I absolutely hate getting routed to India where I have to be patient while they follow a scripted flow chart and ultimately patch me through to someone who actually knows something.

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Zeeshan Javid. Have I seen that name on here before?

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who is zeeshan javid?

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The guy in the thumbnail photo. I guess Javid is a common name in India and I've seen it as a username posting some of the spam.

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i have always said that when you allow mass immigration, this doesnt just bring the people to a new country, but it also brings all of their baggage also.. it brings their crime and poverty, but their wealth always gets sent back to their home country.

the united states will inherit the crime and poverty issues from india, but any wealth that they acquire here will be transferred back to india.

the united states is fucked.

i am a pure racist.

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Excuse me sir, are you an agent from s/bpf?

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Why isn't India more of a major economic force? Here is the immigration/gumball presentation.

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if i can just raise a bit of seed capital so that i can register my new domain name of HTTP://ONEDOLLARLABORERS.COM.ORG then i think that we can get an IPO or whatever.

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They'll be paying $15/hr UBI; if you take the jab.
And also virtue signal their propaganda.
Social credit, and all...

It'll be a negative net gain after health insurance premiums will go way up.