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To be fair he isn't a very memorable or outstanding fellow. Obviously Biden is basically a couple of years away from full on senility -- if he isn't there already -- but you should see the glee and giggling the leftist press and Australians are reacting to this with. For them it's some kind of grand confirmation of all their misgivings about the PM and proof that we're an 'international laughing stock' not just a simple case of a rapidly declining and elderly man losing his marbles.

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They did the same thing with Trump. Fuck 'em. Who said that "international reputation" is something a country should aspire to? It's literally worthless. It makes zero difference to the lives of working people. You know, the ones the left claims to represent but openly despises.

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It's totally meaningless and stupid and what they really mean by 'international reputation' is the reputation the country/leader has with Bobo shitlibs in other countries who think exactly like they do.

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I don't know the Austrian PM's name nor do I care.

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I don't know the Austrian PM's name nor do I care.

biden is the only president that needs shills to defend him.

biden has absolutely no supporters, unless you count the bots and the dead people.

i dare you to try to put together a rally like trump held, the stadium would be empty.

BIDEN IS An ass.

nicki minaj could do a better job than assmonkey biden.

btw, where is that retarded cackler kamala?

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In Somalia, why?

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You are not the leader of one of the largest and most influential nations on the planet.

When you are the elected head of state, any state... it's literally your job as part of diplomacy to maintain relations with other foreign nations. Regardless of whether you plan on being an isolationist. Other than command the military and foreign relations there isn't any other job for the president of the United States.

That you would pridefully spout your ignorance shows just how inconsequential you believe yourself to be. Put down tik-tok and pick up a book, something not written within the last 50 years..

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It's convict number 000001, obviously.

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Maybe Biden is lucid, but needs to get yeeted for something, or the powers that be will do it for him.