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Defense contractors and mercenaries.

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Who benefits is open to some debate, but there's no doubt that there are many groups that do.

Who DOES NOT benefit is clear, however: the average citizen AKA the group that's paying for it.

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This is a direct result of the Neocons not being held accountable for Iraq. The same putrid stink tanks and media whores that got us into Iraq are the ones that intentionally antagonized Putin into invading Ukraine, hoping to turn it into another Afghanistan. After Iraq there should have been investigations into who pushed the WMD lie and why, and they should have tried for both war crimes and treason.

Instead they just lied low for a while while Obama ignored the entire mess, and then made their comeback as liberal never Trumpers. Now the Biden cabinet and deep state is full of them, many of them a new generation of Neocons under different branding, and now their target isnt just Arabs, but white Americans, as they declared a new domestic war on terror and continue on with their regime changing shenanigans in Russia, and soon to be Iran.

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China is likely next, depending if the group vying for WWIII takes control. They'll probably cross red lines on Taiwan hoping for China to respond.

In terms of 9/11 and WMD's, it was likely Skull and Bones, Rockefeller in coordination with several other groups. They're not targeting white Americans, they're pitting them against each other like always. Notice some of the astroturfs here are posting racist messages to discredit this forum and trying to associate it with the "far right".

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China is likely next, depending if the group vying for WWIII takes control. They'll probably cross red lines on Taiwan hoping for China to respond.

I doubt it, not now that China has a larger economy than the US. The time to instigate a war with China was 20 years ago, not now that the US economy is tanking, while China's economy is growing.

The neo-cons will bluster and threaten, might even apply some low-grade economic warfare like sanctions, but that's all they'll do against China. They coupled themselves too closely to China. They can't directly bully China anymore.

I live in PA and so I follow politics and news in the state pretty closely. PA's Montgomery county, just outside of Philadelphia, was one of the first huge hotspots of Covid in early 2020, because it's a big center for corporate pharmaceutical companies whose executives and businessmen travel to China a lot, specifically Wuhan.

They can't attack China directly, either militarily or economically in any meaningful way. They have too much cash invested over there. That's also why both India and China feel emboldened to ditch the petro-dollar and tacitly support Russia. They see the sun setting on the US empire, and they want off that sinking ship to carve out their own economic spheres of influence.

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Along with the “big guy” or at least his handlers.

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Yea. Do you think you would sell out if you had powers?

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Ukraine is the most critical strategic military hold between the US/UN and Russia/CSTO. It is the narrow pass between two mountains of established military hold, separating the West from the far East.

The US and UN will risk all to maintain control of that plug in the military dike. They have already threw away their positions of virtue and integrity several times in doing so; no one is really virtuous in war, but all pretend to be.

The US and UN will continue to use every dirty and despicable tool at our disposal to maintain control of Ukraine. If those despicable actions look despicable or virtuous rely only on circumstance and the cunning of our military leadership. Devoid of either, our militarized media propaganda arm will do its best to maintain that ruse in desperation (You are here).