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Everything about Trump is bullshit. Q clearance patriot was gonna drain the swamp right? He's just a bloated faggot bitch liar who did not do shit.

He didnt tell us the truth about 911.

He didnt tell us the truth about JFK.

He didnt tell us whats in area 51.

He bare faced lied about covid.

And what about those 40,000 sealed indictments?

And what about arresting Hillary Clinton?

And what about Obama's fake birth certificate?

And what about Sandy Hook?

And what about Julian Assange?

Fucking useless cunt.

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    that is absolutely not true. the economy hasnt been great for decades.

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      it isnt an exact way to measure when did the economy go sideways, but for practical purposes it went sideways when walmart got big.

      pretty much.

      the walmart big box stores have sucked the life out of the entire world.

      not that this is the entire cause of our downturn, but it is a big part of it.

      my point is that the economy has been sinking for a minute, and trump was not the cause of it.

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      Capitalism -as is- is dead. Debt and riches are two sides of the same medal, put as simple as i can bend my words for this.

      Both parties just continuously evade admitting the fact that they can't "save" it countless more times with printing more and more money, simply put. Because they murdered (in a nonliteral sense) everyone proposing other "concepts" or "solutions" or even small "changes" towards this direction.

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      There is a difference between lying and not exposing truths. If he sat there listing out what happened in each of these cases he'd be assassinated just like any other American who steps out of line, the US is one of the worst offenders of corruption and silencing people who put the agencies at risk. It was the agencies who brought down the towers after their $2trillion hole was discovered, 3000 died. Do you really think they wouldn't kill him if he exposed them? Naive much?

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      No you are naive if you think they would assassinate the president AFTER he told the tales. At that level assassination is a business tool. They assassinate people to keep them silent. There is no point to it if they already let the cat out of the bag.

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      It may be the case, but my point still stands that to reveal any such truths would be poitical suicide. Reputation would be hit within the government, the party and with the voters. Despite people wanting the truths, many do not treat whistleblowers with respect, instead of treating them admirably they are considered traitors.

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      The government squashes their real enemies. They plant fake evidence, imprison dissidents, assassinate whistleblowers.

      Controlled puppets become president.

      Trump has been impeached and raided, yet he's still a free man, gee I wonder why. Whereas Assange rots in prison and Snowden is a refugee on the other side of the world.

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      He just doesn't know, i suppose.

      And even if he did, he doesn't give a rat's ass about anyone else than himself and his pseudo-clan.

      When jerking off to FoxNews every morning after sniffing his daily viagra and adderall.

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      You're not alone, FYM. I don't believe the bullshit either, it's a desperate hitjob by a party who couldn't get elected on merit, instead they have to resort to dirty tactics and attacks on reputation. The working man has been bent over for too long over there, it's about time people stood up and put a stop to this bullshit.

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      What ever you say about Trump, probably applies to 95% of the political class. But before you get righteous about it. At the end of the day our politicians are a reflection of society at large. If you find them to be wanting, it’s because society is broken.

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      Society's broken because the politicians made it that way. Society is controlled by the media and public speech/perception. The government is all up in that shit.

      These criminals get into positions of power and then stay in power by bringing in their own people. Leadership positions can only be held by shills. From there, they run MK Ultra and propaganda operations to further manipulate society.

      Can you vote for anyone in the CIA, IRS, FBI, NSA, DARPA? fuck no. Yet, they hold immense power.

      The people we CAN vote for are manipulated puppets. True independents like Ron Paul, Tulsi and Yang are minimized and cast aside from the system.

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      Of course, but Trump is also a liar. It's liars versus liars.