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It's 21:20 in Moscow now so we'll know soon enough. NATO and the US must quit this deadly game of footsie before something unspeakable happens.

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I've been doubling-down and steadily investing in this declining economy since January. If it does anything but collapse, I'll be a millionaire when things get back to normal.

If it does collapse then I'm screwed either way.

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Looks like it was postponed. Supposedly Putin was going to mobilize the entire Russian military.

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So what's he doing in Ukraine? Half assing it?

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I think he wants to appear militarily weak. It's very hard to believe he can't beat UKR with ease.

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It's a proxy war with NATO.

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But it appears to be close to breaking out all over. This may just be a fear-creation tactic.

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If he strikes NATO directly it becomes open season on Russia proper. Putins not stupid enough to do that unless he gets a pact with China and at least a few 3rd world counties like Brazil. That's very unlikely to happen.

If he can't win a proxy war he can't win a direct war.

But there is absolutely no reason to think he isn't throwing everything he's got at Ukraine.

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I don't think the army Putin thought he had actually existed, this is speculation, but I think everyone was giving too glowing of reports so they didn't get in trouble, and they didn't accurately reflect the reality of the situation.

Also, Russia wouldn't have had any problems if we didn't give a ton of anti-armor weapons to Ukraine. That's a real force multiplier when foot soldiers don't just have Kalashnikovs but man portable heavies. And even still, Russia would eventually win the war of attrition if they were interested in slogging it out. They're not though, now they want to bring overwhelming force to bear and end this.

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Most recent report at 0900 (now) New York, says he called up 30,000 reservists.

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300,000. I think this is a strategic mistake longterm for Russia.

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Thanks. That is a sizable bump. Did you also hear that the number of people suddenly leaving Russia also jumped right after the announcement.

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A draft is not the best sign. The important leverage Russia holds against Europe depends on the fact that Russia has natural gas and Europe doesn't. If Ukraine gets the east back, Europe no longer needs Russia. I understand how this is somewhat life and death for Russia, but a draft just indicates that you've lost, but now with more death.