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Can cockroaches vote? Modern scum are no better than cockroaches.

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Name calling - unproductive and divisive - is the sort of thing the usurpers want people to be stuck doing.
IF we really want resolution, we need to do better.

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Properly labeling things is important. Recognizing that most of modern humanity is scum points to the solution which is to withdraw from mainstream humanity and form a sensible group apart.

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On the topic of labelling others, the following is a re-post from s/WritingsOnTheWall:

Language (words and narratives) frames mindset

  • words e.g. "Evil", "Tyranny"

Even though they appear useful to describe the problem, the descriptor 'tyranny', similar to the descriptor "evil"- is de-agency-fying as it locks in the mind - constrains the mind - giving the idea power it did not have - and certainly not solving the condition it describes

  • Descriptors like "tyranny" or "evil" that depict issues in absolute terms can set up a fixed mindset, undermining belief in positive change.

  • Framing challenges as insurmountable problems locates agency externally, disempowering collective creative capacities for solutions.

  • Polarizing or adversarial language breeds oppositional thinking instead of shared understanding.

  • Focusing solely on deficiencies defines reality by what's lacking versus untapped strengths/possibilities.


Fixating on the problem and not recognizing:

  1. one's Agency for solving the problem,
  2. one's possible, unwitting culpability in the problem

waters, not rids, the weeds of powerlessness and
absolves the mere onlookers.

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This post is gobbledygook to me.

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Bottom line: Are you prepared to collaborate for real solutions? Yes or No?

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    Ok what is this???

    Also, is this for pure democracy or republicanism?

    Athenian democracy is rule by the people themselves, republicanism is rule by the people but certain people are chosen to have the power of providing and protecting.

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    Collabocracy is an envisioned alternative to Corporatocracy

    The Community Reckoning Wall is where people would gather to interact directly with public servants & one another, for accretive dialogue: to discuss concerns, ideas for remediation, determine and monitor improvements on an ongoing basis based on TQM [total Quality Management] principles and PDCA [Plan-Do-Check-Act/Adjust] methodology, for virtuous cycles of improvement

    For more, here's the wiki page.

    This reply in the Q&A section links to a rough outline on how to transition from Corporatocracy to Collabocracy

    Here's a mini example of how it could work in real life - starting with SaidItors

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