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Do you have a blog, site, or platform?
Would you like one?
Our Projex.Wiki will be operational soon.

Also, I have a lot of unique story outlines, concepts, etc that need proper fleshing out to become much more than just a neat idea. Soon enough I'll open-share them and if any tickle your fancy you can embellish away.

I don't know how effective your love tales are, or to what audience, but perhaps you might like some resistance-to-tyranny scenarios within which your characters may struggle in their drama.

As a writer are you an architect (planned story) or gardener (evolving story)? If you're not familiar with these 2 kinds of writers look them up to compare.

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    Story: Someone creates a deadly vaccine that kills all people stupid enough to take it and releases it onto the public; It kills all morons and sheep, and intelligent people live happily ever after. Wait, that may actually be happening.

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      When the dollar finally collapses, they aren't going to have much choice since they will lose their global power. They will just satisfy themselves with tyrannical control of the most degenerate portion of the world, namely the West. Non-sheep will just leave the West.

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        I was talking about the future, not the present. For now I am glad that globalists are pushing the vaccines globally, because there are morons all over the world that need to die. But ALL of the globalists live in the West, and when the dollar collapses their power will be limited to the West. And so those who resist will live on easily outside the West. You can actually see what this will look like now by visiting Colonia Vianna.

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          ALL of the globalists live in the West


          Do you have a counterexample?

          when the dollar collapses their power will be limited to the West

          Doubtful. They will have exchanged their dollars for real estate or gold or forex...

          Of course they will still be rich, but they won't have the power to print unlimited wealth like they do now. They will be forced to preserve their real estate or gold or forex...

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            Their unlimited wealth comes from their ability to print currency. The West produces very little of value in comparison to what it consumes. So Western power comes from having dominant currencies. When these currencies fail, the West will become something like the old Soviet Union was. And as I said, the elite are only "international" within the West.

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            Write a book about incels.

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            Neckbeard goes on a anti-feminist Jihad.

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            I'd like to see a story about how Nancy Pelosi is on a Lear Jet headed back to California with Hillary Clinton, Chuck Shumer, Bernie Lizard Lips Sanders, Gretta Thumbass, and Mitch McConnell on board and it pancakes head first into the face of the Hoover Dam.

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            Ship the pedo-billionaires with underage Gretta in a bisex orgy before the climax.

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            I read a book about an alternate reality if Julius Caesar survived his murder attempt. It was really good. This kind of historical but fiction, especially with famous people but we really don't KNOW these famous people, is probably a good type of thing to write about.

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            Strangely, This has intrigued me.

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            Glad you enjoyed it.

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            I would love a book about my Arkian ethnicity idea actually working, and a small group of intelligent people escaping the impending idiocracy. Fiction, I know.

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            Something about the CIA or NSA.

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