If Trump is elected President is there anything stopping him from pardoning himself and all the January 6th "convicts"? by IkeConn in AskSaidIt

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He could've pardoned them before.. instead he have Fauci the medal of freedom or whatever.

Dallas mayor leaves Democratic Party, switches to GOP: 'American cities need Republicans' by P-38lightning in politics

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If the Texas GOP had any credibility, they would decline this individual's request to join the party.

If you were dumb enough to be a dem once, you cannot be trusted as an elected official. If he really means to defect, he should replace his cabinet and successor with individuals worthy and immediately resign.

Loon Who Glued His Feet to the Floor to Protest Climate Change at U.S. Open Whines That He Was Put in a Psych Ward After His Arrest by [deleted] in news

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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes..

The other two he was with got escorted out after they made their noise, he decided to go further and glue himself to the floor.

Hackers Can Silently Grab Your IP Through Skype. Microsoft Is In No Rush to Fix It by [deleted] in privacy

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The larger story is someone is still using Skype

This is how we Make America Great Again by WoodyWoodPecker in politics

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Maybe you can make the case against Joe and Anthony not being elected, even with fraud Joe still received a massive amount of votes. And Anthony is essentially voted in by proxy, he was made god-King by the Donald, and his reign continued under Joe.

The people absolutely elected them

This is how we Make America Great Again by WoodyWoodPecker in politics

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The problem isn't the politicians. The people are the problem, they elected these ppl, in many cases over and over again.

The constitution was a brilliant document, it moves the creator of rights from some king, queen or earthly politician, to God.

We've so bastardized it, because ultimately, those who will not worship God, want to worship something, be it a king, queen, or a govt.

Maui officials tried to enforce media BLACKOUT to block footage from devastating wildfires by Questionable in news

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It is. I was reading the story of police preventing a mother from entering an area that had been "searched" and "cleared" by superiors. Meanwhile her child clutched her dog as they died together.

The cops aren't your friends.

And if they tell you your kids can burn up, or your kid can get shot up in a school as they cower outside, this is what the second amendment was for.. not thugs rampaging in the streets, thugs rampaging in the streets are what the cops are for, but lost... It's for the authority who thinks they're better than you because of their position.

We are lost as a society

I was put on a watchlist and am subject to intrusive monitoring because I posted on a fed honeypot incel forum by MrHand in help

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Second amendment

US tech millionaire Neville Roy Singham, champion of socialist far-left causes, is linked to shadowy global web of Chinese propaganda by neolib in propaganda

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The fact this was investigated by the NYT means this is likely propaganda, and highly suspect.

Maybe this person is encroaching on their territory, or more than likely this is just a hit job for some political reason.

I'd cite a reputable store, or realize this is probably a hit job. This guy is probably bad, but when you have NYT doing a hit piece like this, there's probably something else going on

Supreme Court: Web designer may deny services for same-sex weddings by Drewski in politics

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It's a controversial viewpoint because those are ideas of a free market, and the US hasn't been a free market in a very long time, likely over a hundred years.

The fear is that we would return to such.

Biden missed deadline for declassifying intelligence on Wuhan lab and origins of COVID-19 by [deleted] in corruption

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That's the schtick.

We pay for and develop a viral weapon in other countries for plausible deniability, release it, blame X country,..

what's more is the removal of Trump, the removal of American rights, and more importantly, a whole generation of younglings now are aware that the govt can do whatever it wants to keep them safe.

In the prophetic yet immortal words of maul to Ahsoka, "for what, the republic to fall, it already has and you just can't see it". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-p5HKp1r38I

People are going to Target and taking all the pride merch to the register to purchase, waiting for the wagie to take all the hangers and tags off, asking the wagie to add the protection plan on each item, then realizing they forgot their wallets and then leaving by Chipit in news

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Why waste time. Find someplace else to shop. If they pull all their LGBTQIA paraphernalia does anyone not at risk of a fentanyl OD believe they changed their minds?

Don't shop there... It's cheap Chinese made shit... It's not hard.. Go to Walmart and buy the same thing just made in a different factory across the street from targets child work center... or better yet look for something made local.

Nebraska senator flips out debating ban on sex change surgeries for minors, screams 'we need trans people' by Oyveygoyim in politics

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I think we could use most of these LGBT and "allied" groups to replace low cost immigrant labor.

Better debate could be regarding forced labor. I'm ok with either, but I certainly believe we could easily use these people who are incapable of reproduction for work shortages in labor markets.

CNN's Jake Tapper eats humble pie, admits Durham report clears Trump by [deleted] in politics

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FBI reports from several years ago confirm Trump Russia collision. This was confirmed by investigative journalism at the time and up until recently.

Sounds like fake news. Jake tapper is falling for the fake news out there. This is 2023, why would anyone be lying about this. It's unfortunate to see so many people getting sucked up into fake news narratives that are already debunked several years ago

Tisk tisk

US war on free media continues: 13 Lebanese resistance web domains seized by Drewski in censorship

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Cite a reliable source..

If you ask the fox, it will always say the chickens are safe.

FBI refuses to give Congress informant file alleging Biden took bribes as vice president by [deleted] in corruption

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Why would they. They aren't accountable to them or to you

America falls three places to rank BELOW Tonga on press freedom index by [deleted] in WorldNews

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I'd recommend more journos take trips to Jordan.

Study: Electric cars losing value twice as fast as gas vehicles – Survey: Growing portion of US shoppers are rejecting EVs by [deleted] in technology

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Doesn't matter what they want. They're banning internal combustion vehicles using economics. It doesn't matter what the people like, the people they put into office made the decision for them

Trump VS DeSantis by Alphix in memes

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Maybe the gif is true.

But this then ignores the elephant in the room.. that one of these individuals will likely be the nominee, against some other shill on the Democrat side.

Then it becomes the point of who is the better of the two.

Trump already sides with vaccine manufacturers, is largely ok with the lockdowns and vax mandates.

DeSantis signed into law an abortion ban. He also signed into place laws that prevent you from being fired if weren't on team mRNA. He also removed woke Disney's special priv's.. and the only state in the union to begin actively investigating the virus and the shots.

Dont get me wrong they're two corporatist whores, but one looks to be playing in little league, and the other is in the majors.

I'm not here to help save the united States any longer, I'll definitely help save citizens of my state though. And if I can find a candidate that is willing to trail of tears the other side, well count me in.

Within a few days the top journalists were removed by zyxzevn in corruption

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Don't forget lemon

System76 Plans Its Own Open Hardware Laptop and a New Desktop Environment by [deleted] in technology

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Anytime I see something with rust, well I know it'll never go anywhere

Bud Light suffers ‘staggering’ 17% sales plunge amid Dylan Mulvaney controversy by [deleted] in news

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Pretty sad. So yeh, I think bud realized they have their Target audience figured out quite well. They'll throw a few commercials with horses in and most of the ppl will carry on

Please help if you can by [deleted] in funny

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Wow it's that photo legit her?

The girl of my childhood dreams is looking rough

India & China funding Russian genocide and destruction of Ukraine, bringing oil exports back to pre-war levels by [deleted] in news

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No need to attack.

Realize Democrats are the enemy within. Bring the financial system to it's knees, Democrats are and have been essentially begging for a dictator. At that point in time, they will execute order 66.

You've got the Clintons with the Russians and the FBI producing fake pee tapes and documents in their opponents. You've got the Bidens and the Obama's selling everything to the Chinese as evidenced by the Biden laptop and the big guy.

Happy Easter! by zyxzevn in memes

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Very nice

Donald Trump is a scoundrel, but his indictment is nonsense by Musky in politics

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The irony, and it's not really irony, whoever is pulling the strings is genius.

For all the rhetoric about election fraud and krakens from the GOP and his campaign team which thanks to him became much Ado about nothing, they're essentially charging him with election fraud.

His failure to report hush money as part of campaign finances, real or not, big deal or not, amounts to an essential accusation of election fraud. Meanwhile, all the other things that could be considered election fraud, (media and social media malfeasance, etc)...

Former NCAA Swimmer Riley Gaines Assaulted By Trans Activists At San Fran University Speech by zyxzevn in politics

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She had me, up until her appeals to authority and victimization about being traumatized in a locker room with a dude.

You aren't a victim. Nobody held a gun to any of your heads and said stay in here or else. If I walk into a bathroom and some guy is hovering around the urinals peeping at peckers, no thanks I'll pass.

Gtfo. If the NCAA says it's ok, that doesn't mean it is so. If the courts or the US govt says it's ok, that doesn't mean it is so. Stop looking for the USA to be the savior, the red and blue will likely be the first to send you to a DC gulag for non compliance and have the FBI roll up your family for association.

Gtfo. Take a stand, "I'm not competing against a dude, and I'm not changing in a locker room with Chester either". If all the women on that team were less victims and more lionesses, the school would've had to address it, they care more about the money of the tourney if none of the team shows up.

My guess is most of the girls were ok with it though, the ogling, viewing a man's pecker as they towel off. And more than this, most of them are probably ok with tranny madness as it's the thing now, unless they're good enough like Riley where it costs them something.

Donald Trump is a scoundrel, but his indictment is nonsense by Musky in politics

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I'm ok with it. It's bad, it's banana republic. But...

They'll never get Trump for the things he should be prosecuted for; Fauci, warp speed, lockdowns, being fired for not taking a vaccine, fast to market drugs for a virus with 1.5%IFR but not for cancer drugs, hospitals denying early treatment etc.

It's a bit like getting Capone for tax evasion.

The reds need to go after Biden, Clinton Obama and Carter.. like with Biden you can't get him for being a China operative, but maybe they can jail him for falsifying health info.

I'm not here to save the Republic, I don't believe it can be. I'm here for it's reckoning. Your individual state is more important now than them United.

If we lose the Internet Archive, we’re screwed by [deleted] in Internet

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Physical media "changing hands" is some garbage idea some lawyer came up with. Many libraries have multiple copies of an item

Copyright law, like almost everything else is so corrupt and bureaucratic now, greed and payouts.

If we lose the Internet Archive, we’re screwed by [deleted] in Internet

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Physical space. That is costly to store and to lug around.

Print out the things that need to be printed , use a backup system for the rest

Brand names will not stop insulting us until they suffer for doing so. Bud beer up next. by thomastheglassexpert in politics

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I'm pretty sure they know their base

The Chinafication of America Comes Disguised as a "Ban TikTok" Bill by boston_blackie in politics

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It realistically doesn't matter any longer. It's largely a defacto police state

Exposing real warcrimes by zyxzevn in Antiwar

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Nobody is dense.

They're playing for a different team.

Access media members need more trips to Jordan, and less to Ukraine

Steam will drop support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 on January 1st, 2024 thanks to the squeeze from Google Chrome by SoCo in technology

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It's the users fault. By continuing to sub to a platform that screws you over

Steam will drop support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 on January 1st, 2024 thanks to the squeeze from Google Chrome by SoCo in technology

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I agree, but in this case, it seems the problem isn't Microsoft, it's Google chrome

Actual image of America's leader in 10 years by Vulptex in politics

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The USA has already become the empire. Palpatine has yet to be revealed, and it certainly isn't dementia Joe.

Just as, in the clone wars you could see the ominous signs in season 6 and season 7.

Old School by [deleted] in memes

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Funny . Why they deleted???

Charles Barkley takes a swipe at both Democrats AND Republicans 'Those people are awful people. Democrats and Republicans; they're all crooks.' by [deleted] in politics

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He repeated it over and over, and I think it was Clark Kellogg who got pretty offended when he said Democrats, you could see when it was live he like jittered in his seat.

The CDC purchased private location data on over 55 million Americans to monitor lockdown compliance by [deleted] in Coronavirus

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They complied

My new Trek 7.2, well new to me anyway by Brewdabier in pics

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Put some drop bars on it.

Senator Mark Kelly Called For Social Media Censorship To Prevent Bank Runs by [deleted] in censorship

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I think he represents the people quite well

magnora7's post in /r/conspiracy/: "People are so overwhelmed that no one can actually have a real conversation about what's happening" by neolib in conspiracy

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Hello there.

It probably is you, I've no clue.

While the faces behind the iterative name changes might be the same for D3rr, AmericanMuskrat, or socks, the feeling of the site has changed, and to me it just feels like over the years these were like key points.

It's just how it is, the people in my neighborhood are different now compared to 2019 as well( although none of them moved out and moved back in under a different name, but I do know some that moved into a bigger home so maybe it's the same)

Lots more reddit refugees here since then, and not nearly as many site outages.

We’re seeing society collapse, right? What are your opinions? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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It's very scary actually.

A lot of red places like Idaho and Texas may not have the wild lawlessness of dem strongholds like NYC, Chicago or LA. But most of those red politicians are just as authoritarian and wicked as their dem counterparts. Controlled opposition at best..

In Idaho, the cops at the behest of govt officials, arrested parents who were outdoors at parks during the pandemic. In Texas, the obvious and famous example of the salon owner arrested and still fighting to get her life back to this day. In the midst of DeSantis laying waste to woke BS, a "red" politician bypasses woke, and attempts to put forth laws that would register bloggers in the state. It's all over, red and blue.

You have to be active at the local level. And I know people will scream when I say this, but try to choose politicians with a biblical worldview. The idea that rights come from God, not the govt is one of the founding and most important principles which limits govt. The govt can't save you, only God can. Most of them are full of shit, and power hungry.

Ultimately, I believe we are entering a technocratic dark age. Netflix and chill, yet we don't know what a woman is now do we ask questions as to why we have to wear masks even when it doesn't just save one life. And a lot of people are on board with this, maybe not endorsing it, but they don't want their Pornhubs or Netflix disturbed while the cops come round up their neighbors for something.

Top Dem On J6 Panel: We Actually Didn’t Review The Footage. “I’m not actually aware of any member of the committee who had access,” Thompson said. “We had a team of employees who kind of went through the video.” by Chipit in news

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Banana republic

There is no difference between Russia, Ukraine, USA, Iran or Germany now, other than the colors if their flags.

We’re seeing society collapse, right? What are your opinions? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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Ukraine is just a way of funneling money for the politicians.

The reality is, the USA is using Ukraine to mess with Russia. But the politicians are using Ukrainian ppl as pawns.

For Russia, the war in Ukraine isn't just la di da. It's serious, I think it started for them only as just a territorial war, but it escalated quickly when they saw USA and others pumping Ukraine with weapons and money. For them, it's really a situation they now can't afford to lose.

The truth of it is, the USA will continue to linger on, because of the power and printing press we have. But make no mistake, it's a paper tiger.

A majority of the people now believe you should do something against your will even if it doesn't work, like vac up/mask up if it is for the "common good".

Multiple generations have not only come to see it's normal, but come to expect that the govt should take whatever rights away in the name of health, safety, security or common good.

Food and energy shortages drive the people toward their savior, the govt. Regardless of if self imposed or not.

USA agencies are openly hostile to dissent from citizens. Individuals are still jailed in gulags, with thousands of hours of footage remaining hidden. Even the footage didn't help, as sometimes a "jury of peers" doesn't care about the evidence, as we saw the juror excited and giddy to swear testimony from Trump recently, let alone a whole lot of J6'rs.

Regardless of if China leaked the virus, it's pretty evident that it was a USA made bioweapon, from research and funding to implementation. Make no mistake, it's the red white and blue that murdered millions of ppl with it, albeit perhaps unintentionally.

Politicians go to their legislature and have to "do something". They might not do anything about secret FISA courts, but they'll damned sure add in new legislation that controls where you can hunt or fish, or the type of car you can own or what type of energy can be produced., Or the amount of internet providers that can exist withing certain zones.

Late stage Republic. Self sort. Learn how ppl used to survive. I think the USA will continue to linger on for many years in this state. But there will be few differences from the venezuelans a few years ago eating flamingos from zoos and ppl in USA cities unable to get a handout from the govt.

magnora7's post in /r/conspiracy/: "People are so overwhelmed that no one can actually have a real conversation about what's happening" by neolib in conspiracy

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He used to post a bit more. Back when derr was also around.

The site has changed a lot, for better and for worse. It's definitely different than it was a few years ago.

Chicago ousts embattled Mayor Lori Lightfoot, as race heads to runoff without her by [deleted] in politics

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Except for that whole thing where one candidate is an avowed socialist. The other is essentially a deep state fascist.

They choose to get rid of Lori, who is probably the more moderate of the three. She was just a straight up grifter, Chicago politician style. I don't think she's a true believer, hence she is willing to pull off her mask and get her hair and nails done.

If you noticed your iPhone is charging a little slower recently it may be due to a new setting Apple added in iOS 16.1 — Clean Energy Charging by [deleted] in technology

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Nah. Woke is woke. If you don't think your Google Android will implement similar, your on crack

Biden reconsiders Federal aid to Ohio by [deleted] in PoliticalHumor

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They have reduced liability, just as most vaccine manufacturers in the states now.

The first step in solving this is to reduce govt interference. If they had to be liable for this, that would change things. Even if NS is held accountable, their hold on the rail system thanks to executive agencies means the people will still be fitting the bill

Google and Apple clearly have monopoly power with their app stores, not allowing people to install their own software. They need the Microsoft Internet Explorer treatment. by [deleted] in TechCompanies

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A better solution is to purchase services that are open to what we want, freedom.

My last two phones are the same, moto one 5g ace. Many moto phones you can buy direct from mfr. For most of them, you can request a bootloader unlock, which means you can jailbreak.

I leave as stock but rooted so I can remove all the bloat.

I miss the days of flagship phones, but I don't miss their pricetag. There are very few mfr now that will still unlock the bootloader for you, Samsung doesn't any longer, neither will Google in many cases.

Nikki Haley: I am a sensible person and legit conservative. Also Nikki Haley: You have to take the jab and pay money to come to my events by iamonlyoneman in politics

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I'm sympathetic.

I can't imagine anything more important than injecting something unknown into your body. Which is why, it should be looked at with the utmost skepticism. Unfortunately, the western world looks to govt, and to experts as their religious saviors.

Maybe the issue with your statement ultimately is, what are rights and what are you entitled to...

It wasn't an easy decision. I did lose my job, my former coworkers would bad mouth me on social media. We had people put letters and notes on our apartment mailbox that said by not being vaccinated we were selfish, hurting others, and one even wished us ill will.

Ultimately, if your rights come from man, or govt, then you're rights are determined by what they give, or withhold. And I can understand you feel you were coerced.. you feel entitled to a job, a certain status, a certain lifestyle, the internet, a phone etc and you feel that you are required to do that. In a certain sense, you were coerced.. but acquiescing to keep a good lifestyle of in good graces with the govt is not the same as having your rights violated.

I believe my rights come from God. I believe the govt is enacted to protect these rights, but the scriptures are replete with examples of govts/institutions/and even church organizations themselves not being a protector, but an attacker of those rights and even God. And I'm required, to stand up against that, even at the cost of my life. The outcome is for God, and it may not come out in a good way, but that's not for me to decide. Tomorrow isn't promised to any of us, an idea that has become all to relevant for me recently.

The govt thru these evil companies, gave everyone a choice. Lose your lifestyle or worse, or comply. I understand it wasn't an easy choice for anyone, but ultimately, we all must ask the question, "choose ye this day whom you will serve".

Nikki Haley: I am a sensible person and legit conservative. Also Nikki Haley: You have to take the jab and pay money to come to my events by iamonlyoneman in politics

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It's not a weapon. It's just using people as test subjects. And make no mistake, they all volunteered.

If you're stupid enough to get one jab, you should be forced to get all the jabs. The most obvious conclusion with such individuals is the data and their outcome (life/death/injury/success) collectively is far more important than any of them or any contribution they will possibly make in their lifetime.

It shouldn't be an option, it's retarded the govt allows these ppl to opt out.

Black students allegedly used violent force to make white peers pledge allegiance to BLM at Ohio school by [deleted] in politics

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Well they use the same tactics to force kids to say the pledge of allegiance, so this seems reasonable.

These days, the stars and stripes are more representative of an oppressive regime using tactics like imprisoning dissenters in gulags for protesting, sterilization thru work programs and private companies, and LGBTQ alliance thru state programs.

So actually, yes this story seems reasonable. Fascism is fascism, so nothing new here

Belgian soccer goalie Arne Espeel dead at 25 after collapsing on field by [deleted] in news

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The vaccine has nothing to do with anything.

Again, you (the individual associated with the actually it account) should get updated jabs. Get an extra if it's been over two months. Show pride in your compliance and proselytize those around you.

People like you are how we will get thru this, consider it your duty.

Belgian soccer goalie Arne Espeel dead at 25 after collapsing on field by [deleted] in news

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It's not about that. It's unlikely COVID or the jab had anything to do with this or any individuals death.

I think, what most people are getting at, is we need to ensure you, all the people, and yes even this dead player are up to date on their COVID vaccinations. We are in the middle of a pandemic. It's critical now more than ever to get your booster. Even if your up to date, get another, do it for your neighbor. Even take a friend with you to get jabbed.

We are all in this together. And while I believe we should be garnishing every wage of anyone who got the original jab but isn't up to date on every booster, individuals such as yourself are the ones that need it most, so set an example for your peers.

Between rising car prices and monopolistic centralization of the battery industry: Electric vehicles could match gasoline cars on price this year by SoCo in technology

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Well, if you don't buy an EV, you aren't supporting the jobs programs of little black and brown children mining the ore's required for those large batteries.

Lawyer dies after his hidden gun goes off during MRI scan by [deleted] in WorldNews

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This is world wide now.

Don't confuse intellect with diligence. Most education institutions in the western world are filled with "weed-out" programs now and have very little to do with intelligence, intellect, or learning. They largely are places where memorization, regurgitation, and discipline are the tested and valued characteristics bring promoted.

They will largely promote individuals capable of forcing themselves to attend classes a certain number of days per week, hearing and seeing propaganda to be memorized, and reciting that for an exam several weeks later, then brain dumping largely everything learned to repeat the process.

There is very little academy left in most academies now

Lawyer dies after his hidden gun goes off during MRI scan by [deleted] in WorldNews

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I'm USA yes. But not much in other countries

Thailand to become first country in the world to declare its Pfizer contracts null and void by [deleted] in Coronavirus

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Let's ensure all Democrats get their jabs first..

In fact, we should just spend the next 30 years or so debating what's a jab, is it a vaccine or not, jabs after a certain age.

We can even bring fake lawsuits to stop the jabs. But in the meantime, over the next 30 years, we can ensure every Democrat can shout their jab and display their vaccine cards. Heck even include a bunch of Republicans in that too. If they don't want to kill grandma, it's important to get the jab. That should be explained to every 5 year old of every Democrat.

After say, 40 or 50 years, I'm good with stopping the jabs, or at least making them based on individual state rules.

So let Thailand do their thing, maybe in 40 years were can do something

REVEALED: John Fetterman is using 'assistive technology' in the Senate as he continues to struggle with auditory processing issues after his stroke by Questionable in politics

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And he is still better than Dr Oz, is competition.

That the people of Pa put forward these two individuals, is example enough that you are in the late stages of a dead Republic.

What Happened To Jon Stewart? (17:08) ~ The Jimmy Dore Show by JasonCarswell in propaganda

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I'm good with it, so long as they're up to date on their jabs.

I read that access media reporter that got pericarditis and myocarditis from the common cold, but it neglected to mention if she was up to date on C19 jabs. Let's hope she isn't intentionally killing people by not being up to date on them.

Canada is still on the national speedrun to tyranny. Bill C-26 passed first reading. Gives government the ability "to direct telecommunications service providers to do anything, or refrain from doing anything" for "SECURITY" reasons. by iamonlyoneman in politics

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Canadians aren't free, in the way that people from the United States are free.

Canadian freedoms originate from their govt, according to their documents. Rights for the citizens of the United States originates from God, and cannot be undermined by govt.

This is the problem in the United States, most no longer recognize this and prefer their rights to come from the govt.

Yes, Your Router Collects Data on You. Here's How to Protect Your Privacy by [deleted] in privacy

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That's interesting. Is it fiber to the house?

San Diego wants to tax people out of their cars and into public transportation by [deleted] in politics

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Something has to slow the spread.

I think emigrants from CA, IL, NY, MD (essentially any blue state to red state emigrants) should be taxed at the same rate as where they left between 5 and 10 yrs. I'd also accept removing their state wide voting rights for 10 years as an acceptable substitute (can always vote for president).

The problem is wealthy Californians move to Idaho, Arizona, Iowa etc with their wealth gap, and often bring their what they're fleeing from with them even as they complain about it.

I wouldn't worry about house seats for California, once they amnesty all the illegals, they'll be back up there

'This Is a National Emergency': Dems Push for Assault Weapons Ban Amid String of Massacres by [deleted] in politics

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It is a dead letter..

While you may not agree with, like or understand the theological point of view, the following article does a good job laying out the difference in the constitution now vs the constitution of today and many differences therein.. the article argues from a civil rights late 60's, but I'd argue it was earlier, from the time of FDR. https://g3min.org/whats-the-truth-about-martin-luther-king-jr/

And ultimately, the "cherishing it" is to fundamentally not understand it, in the same way that those who "hate it" do. It wreaks of not understanding or knowing the declaration of independence, which is far more important than the constitution itself. One could argue the federalist papers are perhaps a close second.

'This Is a National Emergency': Dems Push for Assault Weapons Ban Amid String of Massacres by [deleted] in politics

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Now do civil asset forfeiture or forceful COVID jabs..

The US Constitution is largely a dead letter. Held on to by a people who largely don't understand it, the declaration, or the values either document espoused.

Thousands Across US Demand Reproductive Freedom on Roe's 50th Anniversary by [deleted] in politics

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It's why one of the most important things we can recommend to women seeking reproductive freedom is to ensure they're up to date in COVID jabs. If you are up to date, get another one.

‘They’re 25, they don’t do emails’: is instant chat replacing the inbox? by [deleted] in technology

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Gen Z and younger choosing a proprietary, closed source, monolithic solution such as slack or WhatsApp, rather than a fully decentralized solution such as email is peak gen Z.

My bet is if they use email, they probably know of and would only use one, Gmail.

Treasury Taps Retirement Funds to Avoid Breaching US Debt Limit by acti in Freedom

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In this case, they are stealing from the common govt employees, postal worker pensions and federal civil service (mostly wage grade) retirees. Essentially, it doesn't look like they touched any of the "white collar" govt retirees or the political class.

" One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we've been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We're no longer interested in finding out the truth... " ~ Carl Sagan by JasonCarswell in quotes

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The Harris interview, was the Pinnacle of religious fervor and peak atheism as a religion.

As he goes on and on essentially displaying a blind faith and reference to the vaccine and the state.

It's so strange that the interview never asked, if the vaccine works, then what does it matter who is unvaccinated.

Vaccine associated injury report compilations by jamesK_3rd in news

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Better to think of it in terms of an experiment. Which, that's what it was and they stated as much.

Then it becomes much easier to say, if you got one jab, there really isn't a good excuse to not get every additional jab. Even adverse affects such as death or disability were part of the initial calculus each user did. Almost nothing has changed from several years ago, ppl still get the virus and many over 75ish have complications/death from it.

The data collectively is far more important than any single individual. Therefore, The govt should, through confiscation of all W2 wages, enforce users to continue in their experimental status( jabbed or un jabbed). The best thing is, they built databases containing this info, even phone makers were assisting hunting the unjabbed down.

Facebook, Instagram will lift ban on bare breasts — but only for trans, non-binary by Gaydolf_Titler in news

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It was also unintended for individuals without a .edu email address to have a Facebook. Old ppl had to go to myspace. I remember, cuz I used my email to join and it would show you other students in your uni.

Things change. I highly doubt, without some form of providing govt ID, you can really keep kids off

There Are No Innocent Americans by Drewski in Antiwar

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And Anakin ended the rule of the corrupt Jedi counsel who followed the council rules and the Senate rather than the force, eliminated both Jedi and sith, and in the end, destroyed Palpatine, and ultimately brought balance back to the Galaxy.

So in the end, this is the way.

"Fitness influencer" attempts to make man move from a public bench by Drewski in videos

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Vaccine associated injury report compilations by jamesK_3rd in news

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Gaetz introduces 'Abolish the ATF Act' after ruling against stabilizing braces by Drewski in politics

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They're all DOA.

If you see no bills being passed but every time a new bill is proposed, they poison it with an amendment doing something good, that's worth it. Otherwise, this is much ado about nothing..

The only way they will get legislation through, is to add in a "defunds the FBI" amendment in a budget, climate, or military bill. The method the Democrats have been using for long time now, and Republicans do the same if it adds pork for their pet project.

That's the only way, pass nothing without a poison pill for the next 2 years. But my bet is they still pass omnibus budgets and DOD spending bills, and then put forward one of these, which goes nowhere so they can complain about how bad the other side is.

California admits they conducted unethical medical experiments on at least 2,600 inmates; including injecting pesticides and herbicides into their veins by Drewski in corruption

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It's just Democrats doing what they do

Man plugs in electric truck, learns it will take a week to charge by [deleted] in technology

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That's cute.

EV charging stations may include stations that only service one type of charge receptacle (Tesla only). Filling stations will fuel either vehicles, gas or diesel. Additionally, the 50000 includes many auto dealerships which provide them as a service to their customers, which typically may not be near a highway.

Someone who has the idea that distances aren't dramatically different likely lives in a city, where they don't see any issues during their daily travel routine going from their public library to whole foods to home.

If you are outside of the east coast or a metro area, getting low on electriciy can be stressful, let alone doing things like offroading. There is no, "just bring me a can of gas". If you're lucky, you shut it off before it dies, and someone brings you out a generator. If you're unlucky and it dies, some of these cars have to be taken to the dealership once they completely run out of charge to be reset, you can't just get a charge and go.

I'm not against EV, but I'd like to see every state have a nuclear reactor built before we start doing things like prohibiting fossil fuel utilization or/and production. That'd be a minimum, then we can talk about using little black and brown kids in Africa to mine minerals for EV batteries. Some EV users don't realize they are directly responsible for slave labor of little negroes in Africa, but then again many of them do.

Should all blood donations from Covid-vaccinated people be BANNED from use until research PROVES them safe? by [deleted] in Coronavirus

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Uh, they just relaxed rules on whether gay men can give blood after having sex, or even if they'll be asked if they've been sexually active recently. So I doubt they're at all worried about mRNA vaccines

Future of Said It. by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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The problem is he's looking for a "Reddit alternative", not a community.

Maybe it's just better to go back to Reddit and accept the things you don't like about them or don't express your opinion on things that may get you banned. Then you can continue to be in the ingroup

Democratic Women’s Caucus Wears Matching White Butcher Coats In Support Of Abortion by BISH in WorldPolitics

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Storm troopers

UFO reports by US troops skyrocket to over 500 by Gaydolf_Titler in conspiracy

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Aliens... Or false flag..

It's not unheard of for govts to make ppl disappear. And who knows, if you can do mass groups of ppl and blame it on the grey's, well that's just first world

US Southern Baptist churches facing ‘apocalypse’ over sexual abuse scandal by [deleted] in corruption

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So funny. They shutter the churches and remove the pastors when this happens..

When you're on the approved religion of atheism, they cover it up or just move you to a different govt run public school, en masse sometimes.

Moral of the story, people are sinful. But if you pick the right religion, you can groom to your hearts desire. Atheists love taking "special" care of those supple, untainted children.

DeSantis coming out in strong favor for an Article V Convention of States, which Florida joined in 2014. We're 19 States in so far by cons_nc in politics

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Other than a return to the actual constitution, the only real solution is absolution of the states.

GOP bill says only the American flag can fly over US embassies: No more pride, BLM flags by [deleted] in politics

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I think you can very much say that the stars and stripes are pretty much the same as there pride flag these days. The color scheme might be a lil different, but their meaning and representation is the exact same.

Biden aides discovered more classified documents at second location: report by [deleted] in politics

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Nah. It's looking like they're finally ready to remove the old man.

Them again, my money is still on him going full term. Why would the system want someone who could think. Giving a vegetable a voice is the best of everything

House votes to rescind billions in funding to the IRS in first major majority action with McCarthy as speaker by [deleted] in politics

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Everyone can vote for something they don't want when they know there is 0% chance of anything happening. Even if they got it passed in the Senate, Biden still vetoes it and they don't have the votes to push it anyway.


lying again by aaarrgh in whatever

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Mr Cortes didn't kill himself

One of the best COVID resources of 2022 by jamesK_3rd in news

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Fully Jabbed Radio Host Dori Monson Drops Dead After Suffering Massive Heart Attack by [deleted] in Coronavirus

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Republican enough to pundit off some issues and make money complaining about illegal aliens and taxes, not conservative enough to believe the govt isnt the savior for a virus that by latest IFR estimates is less deadly than the flu for under 65

That Awkward Silence In America Is 'The Vaxxed' Realizing 'The Purebloods' Were Right by [deleted] in Coronavirus

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Kinda silly right...

Less than 14% of ppl took no jab. It cost me and my family some unemployed time. It's costing everyone something.

I'm pretty sure the us made bioweapon virus has brought me cancer, rather than a heart attack like the vaccinated folks who just chose to be labrats for the govt and were given a full dose of the virus in the name of the experiment and science.

The idea the 15%ers are special is absurd, considering our children are statistically far more likely to mate with someone who was born from vaccinated parents, or even vaccinated themselves.

Realistically, the 15% is a good gauge for the amount of ppl in a population who are less prone to peer pressure, govt coercion and are independent thinkers. It's not a bad thing for the 85%, it's just facts.

Its one of the main reasons cities, all cities, are strongholds of chaos. It disproves most notions of Democrat ideologies, as well as most Republican ideology as well.

More importantly, It's also a good indicator that things are VERY UNLIKELY to get any better for all citizens of the United States. The vast majority of ppl want the govt as their savior. And while it may be split 51/49 D/R, the real split is that 85/15, which is the reason when people from the other party get elected, even the ones like Trump who claim to drain the swamp, they end up just with their Pfizer buddies instead of windmill green energy pals.

Some of the 85 know they got had, they know the govt was treating the ppl as the mark. As hard as it is not to gloat, the real criminal here aren't them. It's the us govt who funded, weaponized, and likely either inadvertently, or maliciously had the Chinese release it. I don't believe there will ever be justice, because I think the United States as a whole is gone. Local is the fight now, I'm a Virginian now and first. I'll still root for the USA, but no more than France, Canada or Iran.

But if there ever is even to be any curiosity, it remains upon us, the 15%, to peak the interest of the many.

Scottish police now calling pedos "minor attracted person's". by Hoomsns in whatever

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Maybe.. for sure better for public school teachers and atheists though

Google to pay Indiana $20 million to resolve privacy suit by Gaydolf_Titler in TechCompanies

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"Google did not admit to any wrongdoing as part of the deal with Indiana."

So it's all just a money laundering scam.. the state sues them for wrongdoing "protecting" it's citizens.. instead of continuing, it settles for the cash.

So now the govt just extorts private companies, the same like it does private citizens, until they need these companies to enforce some edict like vaccine mandates..

We are in the throws of a full on fascist revolution. You can't question the state, or get actual restitution from private companies. The Democrats and Republicans are essentially the same party, just different donors. They throw you in gulags for protesting or questioning elections, and they hype you up about illegal aliens, while providing them welfare for not working once they arrive.