Feminist fakes being knocked out after getting slapped on her shoulder/arm by x0x7 in videos

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What's a woman? Some pretty beastly women out there. There's a woman cyclist dominating the industry a while back, with all the strength of a man.

Your ideas might've worked well in a different time, but I don't think it is in this time.

A 45 minute speech from the president of the United States today. Complete media blackout. This is unbelievable by christnmusicreleases in politics

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I think this is 100% correct. He had 4 years get stuff done, and for many reasons, some of which are the fact he couldn't keep from stepping on his own phallus are the reason he's only got small amounts of what should've happened completed..

However, anyone making claims that China Joe and dumb Trump are the same are not only actively lying to you, and possibly themselves, they'll be the first to lead them to your house, with their finger wags and heads shaking, probably posting you on the head saying it's for your own good as they haul you away.

The idea that we can investigate pee tapes for 4 years meanwhile Trump's AG, claiming he doesn't see any evidence of election malfeasance while sworn testimony is being given in Michigan makes even Baghdad Bob blush.

That few Republicon governors or state legislators are looking into this leads me to believe they've already chosen. And in all honesty, when all of the systems that are put into place to enable fighting within the system (the courts, the laws, and elections) are removed in favor of one side, the reality is the fight will then take place outside of those bounds. Marriages tend to split when that happens.

Amendments the people vote on get nullified by the courts, such as in california. The black robes rewrite doctrine to make it legal, as in Obamacare, but an executive order such as Obamacare can't be rescinded, as in the case of Trump. You can have your abortion or attend your strip club but you can't go too mass, and you must quarantine after Thanksgiving but important people can still fly to see their family and not quarantine upon return.

The people making asinine comparisons of biden and Trump being the same are ok with the above. The ends justify the means. They're ok with you being carted off, it's for your own good, bigot.

I'm not sure that even if they recount it would away things for Trump, with this mail in voting system there's no shortage of fraud. They don't really care about the massive millions sent out in SSI and SSDI checks to dead or non existent persons, so if they don't care about money I'm not sure why they'd care about sending ballots only to existing persons.

A hard truth is this didn't just happen, it's been building up to this for years. And people are so dumbed down by pornhub, marijuana and their 1200$ unemployment check that it's largely irrelevant at this point. I have no idea when it's coming, but I think it is unfortunate, how we got here.

Lobotomized by politics on reddit by jaarrrtttt in Introductions

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The mental gymnastics you have to accomplish to think the massive progressive dogma groupthink on reddit and the extremely various, differing, and at times horrifying opinions here is amazing.

Conspiracy theorists at least think, and somewhat reason. You can even attempt to hold a conversation and there exists the possibility you can change their mind.

Redditors, a good 95% of them are generally stupid, literally. There are a few, between 5 and 10% who are smart and highly indoctrinated or agenda driven, and they generally give the masses their narrative and taking points.

It's the very reason, that unless you're chatting with one of the 5%ers, it's quite possible you will have more success relieving a headache by staring at The sun while dancing circus monkeys slap symbols by your ears.

The truth of it is, liars and cheats like conspiracy theorists are bad. But not even closeto being as dangerous to the Republic or to you as individuals as the stupid.

Whistleblowers from Dominion Voting Systems have supposedly come forward. by Orangutan in politics

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Really, the software the govt is using for this election should be open source.

Give me liberty or give me death unless there's a virus with a 99% recovery rate in which case strip me of my freedoms, my job, my constitutional rights and put me under house arrest. by JasonCarswell in PoliticalHumor

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You really should've put masks on the guys sitting around.

Other than that, it's spot on.

Dr. Naomi Wolf on Twitter: "If I’d known Biden was open to ‘lockdowns’ as he now states, which is something historically unprecedented in any pandemic, and a terrifying practice, one that won’t ever end because elites love it, I would never have voted for him." by Orangutan in politics

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That's BS. Joe even said as much in the final debate.

If she would keep her face covered with a diaper that would prevent shit falling from her mouth. Joe needs to mandate it

Rand Paul Calls For Cuomo To Be Impeached Over Coronavirus Response by redheadgirl in news

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Sometimes, the emperor has to send Anakin to the temple to get rid of all the bad younglings.

Just think of it as a purge.

The communist's plan to use COVID-19 to usher in their centralized marxist system of unified global governance by soundsalad in conspiracy

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Probably more accurate to say, "resounding success"..

It's like 210 days to flatten the curve now. No end in sight.

You can have Thanksgiving in California, but only outside and only for 2 hours...

Yes, the eunuchs acquiesced to everything

This was Georgia tonight. Someone tell Biden he can go home. It's over. by [deleted] in politics

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The NRA isn't a super Pac.. It's essentially a club and it does the bidding of it's members.

People who say they hate the NRA, well that's really newspeak for "i hate you, gun owner"

What is it about the government and its agents and employees that they can lie to us with impunity, but we risk being sent to jail if we lie to them? ― Andrew P. Napolitano by Optimus85 in quotes

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The worst form of government, except for all the others..

Does too much CO2 or too many vaccines cause this? by zyxzevn in memes

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I don't think anyone argues the virus isn't real.

It's just that for 98% of people under 70, they'll be fine. 90% of people between 70 and 80 will be fine. And if you're over 80 or have another health condition like cancer, you should be very cautious.

A big survey about 3 months ago found that people under 40 generally believed that if they got the virus, death was imminent. This isn't true.. It wasn't true then, it wasn't true in march, it's not true now. But if you try to tell them that, they will rage against you. This is atheism at it's core and this woman is merely following it's scriptures and principles, virtuous scientism.

I think caution is warranted. But you don't quarantine the healthy.. You don't lock everyone up and tell them to wear a mask that doesn't do anything. In a real pandemic, you're not stocking up on toilet paper, they're using toilet paper for kindling for the mass graves.

The woman in this photo is the typical American person. A people searching for a king. A people made to be ruled.

‘Synagogue of Satan’: Black Lives Matter militants bully, shove Jewish men until they leave Philly protest by Trulytimes in politics

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Blm is antifa, and antifa is BLM.

Youtube-dl no longer in github. Github didn't try to fight this either, moral police and all... If you have software that you like, archive it now!!! by jamesK_3rd in censorship

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Having a local or source repo is important.

A lot of people writing software now look at themselves as some arbiter of morality and truth.

A great example of this is Firefox.. Their recent manifesto reads something essentially like; "yeh we realize it's open source software, but we believe the purpose of our software is equally if not more important than the quality of code".

This leads to things like, well if you voted for Trump or are a Republican you're a Nazi and you shouldn't be able to use our software.

It's the same issue like guns. We know what's best for you, it's for your own good we are keeping you from these things, you're a bigot.

Great idea to not allow downvoting on Saidit by pulverize in Linux

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Ironic you feel down voting is a way for you to censor those posts instead of having an admin do it.

I think you prove the point that down voting is bad

Report from the CDC showing only 60 non-covid flu diagnoses in the entire united states for this week? by magnora7 in corruption

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I think it's beyond this..

I'd argue most people don't care about the truth.

If someone gives you something free, very free people will ask how/why/what for, and even fewer people will decline diverging free even when they know it's bad for them or it's garbage.

Philip Anderson is the black man who got his teeth knocked out by Antifa at a rally to protest Big Tech censorship and support free speech. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have deleted his accounts. If you stand up for free speech, they assault you, and if you try to tell others, they ban you. by Chipit in censorship

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Actually, these are democrats attacking people.

Democrats were once the party of slavery, now they're the party of sending Democrat operatives to Republican baseball games and shooting them, lockdowns, or sending swat officers to arrest salon owners for opening their business to feed their families.

Antifa is just an idea.. An idea rooted in the Democrat and DNC platform. Multiple Democrat legislators are part of this larger idea, AOC, Keith Ellison, and others as well as many other silent supporters ( democrats in your daily life).


I'll take it even a step further, even Republicans get in on this action. They might not be actively promoting the destruction of the States as the DNC is, but when you see Facebook, Twitter and others actively censoring Scott Atlas or the WH spokeswoman, along with anyone else whose stance is other than the "official narrative", you aren't part of the solution, you're the problem.

How no one has brought up impeachment charges against Roberts is beyond me, elections now literally have no meaning or timeline, i can mail in my fucking ballot 2 months after the election and they better count it..

We are literally living in a banana republic.

The irony; that the descendents of the people that ended tyranny and oppression in Europe are brought their knees by people who refuse to acknowledge that men and women are different or that words and statues are hurtful.

The Real Purpose Of Socialism Is Precisely To Advance Beyond The Predatory Phase Of Human Development - Albert Einstein by EndlessSunflowers in whatever

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They are analogous to HIV and AIDS. the ultimate state of those with HIV, will be do suffer from AIDS (medical prophylactic not withstanding).

Likewise, socialist and socialism are only a vector to arrive at the end state of communism, per Marx himself.

You might want to believe that Magic doesn't have HIV, just like you might not want to believe your beloved democratic socialism or whatever it's being referred to now, will not lead to statism and communism.

Both ideas are Very unintelligent

randomised trial of cloth masks compared with medical masks in healthcare workers by jamesK_3rd in Coronavirus

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Biden Email Leak Shows Evidence Joe Biden Lied About Ukraine Dealings, Democrats Are Freaking Out by Tarrock in politics

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I agree.

The people voting for Biden are doing it without regard for well known and established facts such as: - if he can put his pants on correctly in the morning, that's a win - a campaign advisor for Bernie is running his campaign - racism ( Kamala calls him a racist and is now his running mate, eulogies for Byrd, statingif you don't vote D you aren't black) - the fact that they are team lockdown - well known corruption

We Very much are creating two different countries. I'm not sure it will split in my lifetime, but i can strongly see a breakup during the lifetime of my children.

It's a tragedy for sure

Nursing home residents stage heartbreaking protest outside facility: 'Rather die from COVID than loneliness' by Orangutan in politics

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Lockdown and masks are the same issue.

Framing it in any other way is ignorant at best, nefarious otherwise.

The CDC just released data showing that 80-85% of some infected individuals wore a mask and yet still got sick. That's just for this pandemic, and ignores the long historical datas that clearly show masks are ineffective, but it's 2020 and orange man bad so fuck science.

As was written up by several scientific authors recently, masks "are largely talismans". Think of them as armbands that let you go where you wanna go, since it doesn't sound like you mind wearing them.

Do you think that the sheep mentality of people is due to low intelligence or ignorance by PencilPusher55 in AskSaidIt

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Worker class are most likely to be ignorant and willing to accept/trade what the govt provides them.

Those with education within this class often are in fields with the most indoctrination, think social workers, journalists, teachers and blue collar healthcare workers.

The wealthier class individuals typically fare the best. Most of them who are not "old money" Typically choose a field where there is still some form of meritocracy. Many provide a social structure for their family and children other than govt provided ones, this includes religious groups or community/work related groups. Most of them include a two parent household consisting of a male and a female, and the parents typically take a strong role in their offspring's learning and development even outside of school. Being that there are two parents, this can make a big difference.

These parents often take a more definitive role in looking at the offspring's peers and potential mates, the family pressure to keep their offspring looking for mates with similar backgrounds, such as choosing a mate having been reared by a traditional two parent household provides for a greater chance the child withstands social pressures such as indoctrination at high school and college.

The more successful the individual is, the more susceptible they will be to the shame of doing well, or guilt for their privilege or success. Their cognitive dissonance allows them to endorse groups like antifa and BLM, because they are largely a "them over there" problem. Protestor have largely remained in urban areas, well outside of the suburbs especially outside of the wealthy areas within the burbs.

The wealthy elites largely don't care about anything other than power. Antifa, BLM, proud boys, etc are all weapons to wield for a politically driven motivations or power.

Trump And The Fed Have ‘Ended The Free Market’ by rainbow80 in news

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Is this the same free market that let the banks and airline carriers go belly up in 2008????

California governor's office tells diners to wear masks "in between bites" by Tom_Bombadil in Coronavirus

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A people made to be ruled..

Reddit blasted as the late Aaron Swartz is omitted from the founders page by Drewski in MeanwhileOnReddit

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TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) is real.... And i certainly don't like the guy.

I'm not sure anyone is immune to it. This might be one of those instances, Where it's far better to die the hero, than live to see yourself become a villain.

I'd like to believe it isn't true, but i meet people every day who complain about howTrump ruined their lives, but the only thing i can see is that everyone around them wants away from them because they complain about life all day and how nothing is their fault.

More Than 7,500 Health Scientists, Doctors, and Epidemiologists State Lockdowns Are Causing "Devastating Effects" On Public Health, Demand An End To Them, Media Silent by NewsJunkie in news

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Except for that whole thing where the governor was sending cops to arrest salon owners in Texas.

And that whole thing where the governor left in place the administrative rules to arrest them, but chose not to enforce it after he got push back from ONE salon owner... But you know, next time..

It isn't just what you can see, it's the fact that the groundwork was laid. After all, GWB said the patriot act is bad, but you know he'd never use it outside of its scope.. And we all know the patriot act or FISA courts have never been abused.

Beyond the legislative aspect, the idea the govt gets to choose which businesses are essential or not should be extremely distressing.

And if secession isn't in the back of your mind as a Texan, my guess the govt isn't the problem, the problem is you, and you've already lost. Don't worry though, the govt is gonna take care of you.

More Than 7,500 Health Scientists, Doctors, and Epidemiologists State Lockdowns Are Causing "Devastating Effects" On Public Health, Demand An End To Them, Media Silent by NewsJunkie in news

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None of this, including the lockdowns, was about covid.

Christian Satire Site The Babylon Bee Is So Good Snopes.com Treated It Like Real News – Reason.com by christnmusicreleases in news

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I think you nailed it.

‘Michigan Is Now Unlocked’: State Supreme Court Strikes Down Emergency Powers Law by Drewski in news

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That's asinine.

We can only hope she fights out and takes that to SCOTUS and we can get a lot of this shit struck down

President Donald Trump says he has tested positive for coronavirus by Nemacolin in news

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Don't get wrapped up around the fact that the virus is lethal only to those with multiple co- morbidity or those of advanced age.

The fact that it might be an engineered bioweapon should be disconcerting to even those with a few brain cells left, although i still see politicians trying to downplay this.

There were many attempts at space travel before the Apollo mission to the moon, some even catastrophically failed. However once you have a vehicle that reliably gets you to space, you can easily adjust it to send the payload you desire.

There is no pandemic. by discountmeat in conspiracy

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I missed it as well!!!

I started to reply but then I read the responses.

But i hear this same line of thought almost daily. When you ask them about what happened with Italy, the Birx and Fauci dream lockdowns, It usually never connects. Let alone bring up new Zealand or Hawaii, or Hong Kong.

It's a religious movement (athiesm/statism).

New England Journal of medicine confirms what we've all known, the govt largely thinks you're too stupid, and masks are simply talismans and anxiety relief. by jamesK_3rd in news

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There's a few problems here..

First, i realize that posting such articles is insulting your religion. I'm not trying to be offensive.

What you fail to realize is this isn't the first pandemic the world has seen, it isn't even the first one where the scientific method has been employed to test the efficacy of things, such as cloth masks.

We've had numerous sars-cov or coronavirus, covid like illness (CLI) or influenza like illness (ILI) epidemics/pandemics in the past.

Most famously, scientific studies were done on the efficacy of masks during an actual deadly pandemic, the Spanish flu, and they found that cloth masks are largely ineffective, lest we bring up pig flu, Hong Kong flu etc.

The article falls in line with numerous other studies which show cloth masks are largely ineffective, such as a recent influenza study.

The authors demonstrate that they understand the necessity of masks. Hospital staff (at least until the orange man bad days, or the "Science!" Days) knew that you don't walk around the hospital in a gown, mask and gloves and then walk into the OR and perform surgery. These items are to help prevent outside infections in a somewhat sterile environment. Once finished with the surgery, the items are discarded. They don't reuse them.. At least they didn't, who knows now in a world where men can be women if they feel like it..

As we can see now, science and the scientific method is being replaced with "Science!".. Largely done so individuals like you can feel good about your political posturing and that your god (the govt) is in control and they'll take care of you. The state is the elixir of the masses, you my friend are part of the main congregation..

God's great gift to mankind is the scientific method. The ability to use reason and logic, a process by which we can discover truths of the universe, and new data's are always being discovered. Unfortunately, the data's continue to show that in this case, what you want to believe isn't true. Plenty of studies outside the US continue to demonstrate this. But here, where a man feels pretty and calls himself a Lady, the masses deny truth.

But deep down, I'm sure you already knew that.

New England Journal of medicine confirms what we've all known, the govt largely thinks you're too stupid, and masks are simply talismans and anxiety relief. by jamesK_3rd in news

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The authors of a scientific article, where precision and accuracy mean everything, complaining that the article they wrote doesn't mean what it says..

Even science and reason can't stand on it's own now, it must bow to a narrative.

A people made to be ruled.

More masks don't work by jamesK_3rd in Coronavirus

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Breaking: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Casts Mail In Ballot For Biden by Trump_WG1WGA in news

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Being that she's on team blue, she's likely to get a statue somewhere for such courage..

New England Journal of medicine confirms what we've all known, the govt largely thinks you're too stupid, and masks are simply talismans and anxiety relief. by jamesK_3rd in news

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The full document for posterity..



Of course, it's largely irrelevant at this point. It was always about control..

The majority of Americans are in search of a ruler, a people made to be ruled. BLM, Antifa, democrats, milquetoast Republicans..

The government the democrats want is close.


Fauci now recommends people take vitamin C and D supplements for COVID-19. by suckitreddit in news

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No way he will get what he deserves.

To Democrats, he is a supreme figure to be worshipped. He brought absolute and utter control of the masses and he made the people want to be saved by their savior.

Trump was excommunicated From the world of the old school democrats, he believes in the racism of planned parenthood but doesn't believe in Marxist control. Fauci and birx play him, they feed his ego. They chain the people for the politicians, but they whisper in his ear about how many lives he is saving. It's the reason Trump spouts their talking points, and the train that Trump attacks conservative governors such as Kemp who tells the people they should be free.

And the people, they put the chains on themselves.. Very few actually resist. They are a people desiring a ruler, someone to help them fully divest themselves from the shackles of freedom that pain them so.

No i fear he will not get anything close to what he deserves because he brought what so many have longed for.

Chinese virologist says she has proof COVID-19 was made in Wuhan lab by Orangutan in politics

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Regardless of who made it or where it came from or it's purpose (nefarious or a bat soup accident).

  • It wasn't the Chinese who locked down the country
  • it wasn't Chinese who showed up to arrest salon or other business owners for defying these mandates
  • It wasn't Chinese who banned and still continue to ban hydroxy-chloroquine, even after multiple studies from institutions in Italy, New Jersey, and other European countries show that the drug reduces likelihood of death by 30-40%.
  • It wasn't the Chinese who ordered nursing home residents back into their care facilities after testing positive with the virus even though enough beds were available, not even including the multiple ships from the US Navy which were parked nearby to house infected patients, but never saw any. What's more, the governor of that state essentially wrote a best selling book that should've been entitled, "if i did it". That same individual made orange man bad statements and blamed covid on the orange, yet months before proclaimed that the orange did everything within his purview to help and he was grateful.
  • It wasn't the Chinese who caused Americans far and wide to become Karens, running around like ninnies with their masks on bitching about anyone not wearing one.
  • it wasn't the Chinese who folded Americans into believing they were close to death even though:
  • - under y the age of fifteen, you're more likely to die from lightning strike than covid
  • - under the age of 40, you have the same chances of dying from playing backyard football
  • - under the age of 65 your risk is the sane as those who daily commute to work
  • it wasn't the Chinese who accepted the government determining that houses of worship are non essential, while home depot and planned parenthood is.
  • it wasn't the Chinese who accepted excuses from their elected leaders amour how BLM and antifa protests and pride parades are important, but again, your small business or church must remain closed because it isn't important enough
  • it wasn't the Chinese who caused Americans to comply with mask mandates when all available evidence shows that masks are essentially ineffective

The United States, and the people that occupy it's land now, are a people made to be ruled..

Not only are they made to be ruled, they're clamoring for it.

Politicians can't save anyone, not Donald Trump, not Joe Biden, none of them..

Black Privilege: Obnoxious Black Woman Shouting On Plane, “You Don’t Have White Privilege Over Me!” by MassTooter in politics

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They're probably looking for mask non compliant individuals

Mail in Voter Fraud CONFIRMED But Democrats DENY And Lie Even As 1 Million Votes Compromised by Tarrock in politics

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This link doesn't pertain to the one posted. But it does pertain to voter fraud/issues with mail in ballots.

I've been looking for a place to post this, so this is a relevant spot. I had a pretty good link about other mail ballot issues in WV and NY, unfortunately, both of those local stories from small news agencies don't exist any longer. I can find a different story in WV but it isn't the same.


Ultimately, the election is rigged anyway. Even if it wasn't, there aren't enough people left who can think on their own anyhow.

DOUGLAS MURRAY: I thought the culture wars would stop when Covid struck. Now, things have become so toxic... that we're living through the Age of Mass Derangement by jet199 in politics

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The people with the most to lose and will likely be the heaviest persecuted will be those who practice religions other than the state sanctioned one (atheism). Atheism's core fundamental dogmas and ideological theories, such as scientism and statism, lend credence to lifestyles and movements such as LGBT, trans rights, BLM etc.

Conservatives, classical liberals, and alternative religious practitioners stitch as Christians or Jews are now at the very heart of counter culture. At present, most things happen in a social control context, not state sanctioned (e.g. grant napear being fired for stating all lives matter, a woman on a patio enjoying a drink and being harassed for not raising her fist for BLM ETC).

Believe that marriage is a religious institution defined by God and the state shouldn't be endorsing hetero/homo-sexual marriages, believe that individuals should have the freedom to choose to wear a mask or not, vaccines, etc etc.

These are currently social and/or civil punishments (e.g. lose your job or they take your Facebook account). But it's fairly likely if you don't want to teach your kids being tranny or gay is a mental health condition or a choice, the climate is always changing in part due to humans but the works isn't going to end in 10 years, etc etc, that there will be punishment from the state as well.

Being gay is to be in a protected class.

Look at this dumb white cracker! by Iam1ofMany in politics

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Is this real?

Who is going to tell them? by FediNetizen in politics

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The constitution is a dead letter at this point, i think DACA is the latest, greatest illustration of this.

We are merely buying time to see what our society looks like, as far as the states or Balkanized geographic areas look like, regardless of who wins office.

From masks to scientism, it's become extremely difficult for individuals to live with each other, because they question the motives of the other..

When that happens in a marriage, they might be together for the kids, but very, very often it doesn't stay that way.

"F*ck the Police!" - Families OUTRAGED After Assistant High School Principal Films Himself Marching with BLM and Cussing Police at Rochester Riots by Trulytimes in politics

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It's funny, the only black lives that seemingly important are the ones deemed worthy by white woke democrats.

Beyond that, where/what is this extrajudicial death sentence you speak of?

didn't the Blake guy try to molest his ex girlfriend's daughter while a restraining order was in place, while he was pulling out a knife?

My best guess is this guy was a suicide by cop all day long..

Oregon Sheriffs Defy Order by Liberal Governor to Send Deputies to Portland to be Attacked by Protesters and Harassed by the Courts! by scrubking in politics

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That's right. It should really read "by Democrat governor"..

The follow up should read, "democrats murdered a Trump supporter execution style, which led to the request".

That's just what democrats do.

Typing antifa.com into your search bar redirects you to joebiden.com by [deleted] in politics

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Well the professing "religion of none" are certainly the proof that you don't need to move to a Sandy, backwater area to encounter religious extremists..

Nice try though.

I'd say most practitioners of atheism are just fine being the dominant religion of the lush, technologically advanced geographic area once known as the united states.

It's even better when they can make anyone they want not only acknowledge, but endorse their scientism for repentance. And if they don't, they are ostracized from society. Don't wanna wear a mask, don't wanna drive a Prius or bitch about oil, don't wanna raise your fist and say BLM or trans lives matter, Well we will make you suffer bigot...

You know you got it good when the main political party of the majority of people in the US also practice the same form of worship as you, and also don't forget that anyone in media is also on your team.

Kenosha WI Antifa attack Militia members and defended properties. Goes about like you'd expect by [deleted] in videos

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He did everything right except drive up to Kenosha looking for trouble.

He isn't defending his property.. If the good people of Kenosha want to let their city burn, then let them burn it.

If certain groups defund the police in their city, that's when locals or communities organize and stop the protests for their local area, dropping every protester without discretion.

They'll move on to the nice wealthy white neighborhoods that defunded the police in the first place i assure you.

But he's an outsider looking to help people that don't want to be helped. Controlled opposition.

Kenosha WI Antifa attack Militia members and defended properties. Goes about like you'd expect by [deleted] in videos

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Leftists, and democrats both synonymously and in general use power of the state against the people. Understand that antifa, BLM and other organizations of the Democratic party are the tools, useful idiots if you will, the instruments of change.

Sacrificing a few lemmings to justify bringing down the full weight of the police state ran by democrats or milquetoast Republicans is part of the inside outside game and is a successful strategy to overthrow governments and ruling classes throughout history.

the fact that so many people believe the narratives of BLM/ antifa not only make it that much more visceral and real, it also reflects just how far our society has collapsed and we as a people generally have very little understanding of the values set forth in the constitution, let alone it's reason for existence, the declaration of independence.

This is the reason Obama says he can't legislate DACA, yet a federal judge not only upholds it as law he also remand the current POTUS for attempting to stop this policy. It's the reason judges can rewrite healthcare laws as what they should be. It's the reason people who lie about secret FISA warrants can evade criminal charges even after someone pleads guilty to the fact they were fraudulent doesn't go to jail.

The constitution is a dead letter. What you are witnessing now is the beginning of a 21st century generation form and write it's values, a new declaration of independence if you will while laying the groundwork to destroy the current... essentially it's this: when a govt no longer represents the people, it's up to the people to dissolve and reform a new govt.

It's the same for both sides by the way. That kid who drives up from Antioch Illinois isn't a hero. You can't defend someone else's property better than they can, and if they want to let their city burn that's on them and it reflects of them. That kid is a tool, a useful idiot, perhaps better stated as controlled opposition. (Ruining up to Kenosha with his mask and gun...)

You can loot and riot, but open you salon business or attend a church and you'll have police showing up to arrest you.

We are the Weimar Republic right now..

Trump campaign announces official LGBT coalition by philomath in politics

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You don't have LGBT rights.

If you think you do, it's because you are uneducated and don't understand the country you live in or its founding principles.

In the US, every persons has natural rights granted them from a deity. No govt can grant more rights than are already given.

What you want is govt control and the govt to grant you special rights at the expense of others. We might be there as a society, if not yet, we are very close.

But you should realize: 1- that you're a fool 2- what the govt gives, they can take away 3- your privilege in the govt lasts only as long as they allow your victim status

Sweden Hits COVID-19 "Triple Whammy": No Lockdowns, Low Deaths & Minimal Economic Damage by [deleted] in Europe

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Well, really we just have democrat governors executing anyone over 60.

What is the number again, like 48% of deaths in the US are in some type of nursing home environment.. Ironic, murdered by the same democrats that promise them social security, gender equality, free healthcare and a living wage. Until you need to retire, then they infect your neighbor with a disease that is deadly to anyone offer 75 and ensure you can't get away from them.

Sounds awfully familiar.. hey, they're just with camps... Hey, they're just nursing homes..

That's socialism i guess..

Yeh, please fill our screen with your expert knowledge about how we should all wear masks so the flying covid spaghetti monster won't get us, Karen.

Flu Deaths Five Times Higher Than COVID Deaths by scrubking in politics

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Whatever it is, this isn't the question.

The question is do we shut down the world economy and our lives themselves over TB, the flu, herpes, hiv, or any of the other different types of virus and/or sars-coronavirus that exist.

Life is inherently risky. Retreating to your home to swipe right on grindr just changes to a different type of risk profile.

The government cannot eliminate risk from every facet of life for you no matter what they may tell you or how hard atheism requires you to believe that it can.

The median age of death for covid 19 is 78, ironically the average life expectancy for males in the USA is a similar number.

A majority of the believers in atheism might be ready for the govt to rule them as evidenced by the fact that some states have less than a hundred or two hundred deaths from (or while testing positive for) the virus and lockdown/facemask/goggles are in full effect and the masses are completely compliant.

This is a political question, not a scientific one. If it were scientific, we would've isolated those at the most risk months ago, instead of executing them while jailing everyone else.

Of course none of this matters, largely because it is political, and the outcomes are fairly set it would seem.

Dirty little secret.. A well buried AP article claims NY nursing home count likely far higher. by jamesK_3rd in Coronavirus

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The count is likely far higher in NJ, IL, WA, CA and MI as well. I saw for certain IL and NJ also changed how they counted nursing home deaths after they got their numbers.

These governors/politicians essentially executed the elderly living at these facilities, by extension those electing and re-electing them are just as culpable.

In a different generation, or at least a society that hasn't begin the process of collapse, sending patients testing positive for a highly communicable disease back to their facility and not to a hospital bed would be considered malfeasance and wicked. This generation applauds those who support and murder those who cannot care for themselves, both the elderly/ infirmed and those who are awaiting birth.

New Zealand reinstates coronavirus restrictions after first locally transmitted case in 102 days by Drewski in Coronavirus

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These should be archived..


Also, cnn isn't a credible source. I'd avoid cnn in general.

BREAKING: Wikileaks Posts 137 Documents on Kamala Harris Hours After She Is Named Joe Biden’s Running Mate by Daily_Reformer_US in politics

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Masks are ineffective. Multiple studies show this.

It Begins: CNN says Biden May ‘Step Aside’ for Kamala Harris by scrubking in politics

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Regardless, the cabinet probably picked Harris because she can easily ouster him should dementia Joe decide he doesn't want to go..

Think about it, she insinuated and all but called him a racist during several of the debates.

They picked her as his running mate because after January one, if he doesn't step down, she can easily claim he is unfit and is becoming racially divisive/abusive and call for his resignation.

She's a terrible pick. But under the premise that Biden will win no matter what, she makes sense as she's the only one that can call for his resignation immediately.

Phoenix cops kill white guy who legally answered door with a firearm at his side. Put his free hand up and knelt down to put the gun on the ground and got shot three times in the back by Excantare in news

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This is a response for all the 2A naysayers and finger waggers.

Iit's an interesting topic. Because a small group of individuals took over and maintained several square blocks in the city of Seattle. They even renamed it, and they gracefully gave it back to the city of Seattle recently.

Portland did the same, except in Portland they also essentially had federal troops evicted from the area..

A group of Armed men held off government goons over cattle grazing rights in an area there as well.

Small tribal groups armed with weapons held off the Soviets for 30 years and then the mighty US Army for at least 20 more in Afghanistan.

People who have trouble understanding the second amendment generally have trouble understanding the constitution, the declaration of independence especially, free speech, freedom and free will, religion and God, and thinking abstractly or independently. Freedom is a difficult concept, and there are a lot of ppl who just can't understand it, so don't feel bad, you aren't alone. Throughout written history, those who understand the concepts above are few and far between, so consider yourselves in good and typical company. it's nothing to be ashamed of, but it's good to be aware of it.. As well, that doesn't mean you have to be a believer, but not being one directly limits your comprehension in the underlying values espoused in our founding documents.

The framers, as they stated in the DOI, started with the premise that all of us are made in the image of God and have inherent value. As such, your rights come from God, and that a government's first and foremost function is the protection of these rights, that the govt is instituted by men for securing these rights.

But Because men are inherently flawed and your rights come from God and not the government, you should have the right to stand for yourself when no one other man or men will, including the institution of government.. You have the right to defend your life, to the point you will take another life if necessary, even if it means losing your own and you are accountable for your actions both in this life to men, and to God.

The above is likely lost on you. That's not especially strange given our society now. If you're a moral relativist or religious atheist as with most people now, the above is not only unintuitive, it's arcane and savage. You are now a practitioner of the predominant religion and belief systems in the US. Under these, you likely believe men are inherently good and most if not all of societal ills are due to the lack of education, exposure to harmful ideas or beliefs when young, or a system that oppresses certain groups at the expense of another to name a few.

The idea for the 2A is that you can defend yourself and your family even if it costs your life. This is a bridge to far for believers in the dominant religion of today. Not just that, it's 20XX and society is far more civilized now. Furthermore, there are few if any arguments to be made that government, not God is the grantor of rights. For them, they can see the government but can't see God. And regardless of what we were as a society/country 100 years ago and all of the terrible flaws that existed then, i think we are much father away from the values of the DOI now than then.

This is one of the primary reasons for the attacks on the meanings of words, "what's a man/woman" was a great place to start. But for a society without a compass, ask people what's a "right". You'll now here answers such as, healthcare, equal pay, or same sex marriage.

It's true there are always those who'll isolate to their own demise. The wickedness of man has no bounds.

The second amendment isn't for a moral and just society, it's for the one that isn't. If enough government goons lose their lives doing 3AM no knock raids over traffic tickets or missed tax payments, they Will stop 3AM no knock raids or they'll start looking for ways to ensure that when they do the 3AM no knock raid, they removed your ability to defend yourself because of some arbitrary rule you broke, like say a red flag law.

Of course, it's cool as long as it's them. After all it's 2020. Spoken like city dwellers, the government will take care of you..

Ultimately, it's likely we are now a people made to be ruled.

Cough19 update. by christnmusicreleases in funny

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What you said is 100% true.

But this isn't about refuting the content, it's about easily censoring content that they don't like.

35-Year-Old Florida Roofer Struck by Lightning Listed as Coronavirus Fatality by scrubking in politics

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Yeh but men can be women now. So it's all good.

What SaidIt Considers Insightful by CompleteDoubterII in memes

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For all intents and purposes, when referencing democrats and Republicans the two lefts are the same.

The old left have already moved to the Republican party. That's why you now see the yards with Trump signs along side a local union/labor sign.

Democrats, and the SJW left are generally unrestrained. They are the same. It's another reason the American communist party

Nobody likes standards anymore, everyone wants to create their own walled gardens by noble_pleb in technology

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The author mentions xmpp and it's standard and then goes on and on about how Skype, WhatsApp etc are all walled gardens that don't follow the standard.

He fails to mention that conversations.im exists, that many jabber servers exist, that fully federated services such as ejabberd exist.

Why are ppl such ninnies? Stop complaining about how everyone should cater to you and switch over to xmpp, others Will follow or they'll use mms as an alternative.

Services don't just flourish because they should need to exist. They flourish because there is a need and folks step up and solve the problem. If people would rather use Skype or WhatsApp, that's because they've weighed their own value of their data and found it's meaningless.

Is antifa the greatest movement against free speech in America? by Drewski in Freedom

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Pretty sure the entirety of the DNC, the Democrat party and 98% of people who vote Democrat are perfectly fine with censoring anyone and anything not towing the line or meeting certain standards.

It's undeniably true with many topics such as climate, energy, environment, masks, covid and God to name a few. Most of the blue can easily be pushed into further censoring whatever the overlords tell them to.

Tack on that a sizeable majority of the red, especially the Cheetoh Jesus saves types are also totally fine with censorship. These are what's left of the actual bill Clinton Democrat party.

So, when it comes down to it, 98% of democrats and 50% of the red are all gone with censorship. That number is far greater than a hit squad/Brown shirts for the democratic party such as antifa/BLM or "the Juuuuuuuuuuuuuus" as someone else responded..

Chicago's lesbian mayor, Lori Lightfoot, launched a police raid on Sunday on a predominately black church for holding services in defiance of her coronavirus shutdown orders • /s/BiblicalSubmission by calmbluejay in WorldNews

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She has allowed other methods of assembly, including multiple and numerous "protests", large mass gatherings for George Floyyd, antifa rallies, and some LGBT parades just to name a few.

She's singling out religious groups and individuals, but she allows the now dominant religion, atheism and it's followers to worship and celebrate.

Any smart group would take them to court on the above grounds as she's had several news conferences where she stated that protests and parades were ok on 1st amendment grounds.

Lastly, who released you from reddit. Take that group think herd mentality back over there so you can be with the other moral relativists and religious atheists. Please get back to your grindr account, they miss you.


WTF....they are replacing the police force in Seattle with SJWs..... by Honestanonymous in politics

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Please don't move. You're just bringing You're garbage with you.

Just "voting red" doesn't accomplish anything and it's the primary reason the only party alternative to Marxists have elected a longtime Democrat. It's the reason the party offers no alternative vision other than "we aren't Marxist" while the president validates virus panic porn and ventilators and the governors of red states send police to arrest business owners for opening while letting rioters burn downtown areas to the ground (after all its their constituents who have to pay for that so no big deal).

Just hold tight, most of this should end in January when the cabinet is installed and you can go back to tranny story hour with your kids at your local Seattle church public library.

Please stop suggesting these people move. A migration and a separation is happening, but i've seen an influx of these refugees who are fleeing for reprieve and don't understand what or why this is happening.

Nevada Democrats Pass Insane Mail-In Voting Law 97 Days Out from Election - Allows Friends/ Relatives to Vote for You by scrubking in politics

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You mean like the long time NYC Democrat that currently resides in the white house, signing off on bills that he claims he'll never sign again (then signs it again except it's worse), or the signing of multi trillion dollar bills and gives pressers that talk up ventilator porn...

Yeh, i don't think much will change actually

Trump is moving forward with his plan to regulate social media by cutegirl in news

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You mean like DACA or any of the other legislative powers the president has?

Yeh Congress abdicated their power and responsibilities long ago, the SCOTUS actually affirmed this power when it said Trump has no actual power to end such programs.

The atheists generally need a god. POTUS is generally their religious leader.

So POTUS has the power, Trump may not have it, but that's because he isn't on the right team.

Facebook censors hydroxychloroquine praise, even in countries where it's an official treatment by scrubking in politics

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At least one of the doctors who came out and said it should at least be an option or something you can discuss with your doctor if you get covid sick, has been fired and may lose her license.

Nothing Will stand in the way of narrative and the ushering in of the new regime.

Court Unseals Documents: Bill Clinton was on Epstein's Island by scrubking in politics

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You know it'll be memory holed...

Austin Police Release Driver Who Shot And Killed Antifa Protester Garrett Foster – Photo Allegedly Shows That Foster Was Pointing His AK-47 At The Driver by Trump_WG1WGA in news

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I've only seen the one video, and heard the 4 or five shots from his rifle first..

However, the MO for democrats and their enforcement teams like antifa/BLM is to portray anyone not stopping or sitting in a car as hostile while peaceful protesters bash the vehicle. I think this guy was looking to be the "hero" and stop "a white supremacist" from running over "innocent people".

This guy in the car got off because he's in Texas, but you better believe he now has multiple media organizations scouring through everything he's ever said or wrote online. And if that event occurred in Virginia or Pennsylvania, or some other Democrat stronghold, they'd be looking to fry that guy.

I think if you're sitting in the car in that situation, a wise assumption is that you will at some point end up on an al-qaeda style video where antifa/BLM/democrat holds you hostage for your white guilt. Protect yourself first.

No amount of muzzle awareness or tactical training is gonna change the fact that if your displaying a firearm as part of a mob, you are a hostile threat. Mob/herd mentality and rational thought are difficult to maintain in that situation, especially since your actively participating in a protest whose members stand for anarchy and destruction of the U.S.. The guy should've probably dropped anyone standing within 5 feet of that ak47.

Pentagon UFO unit prepares to go public.. Hehe been sneaking this stuff in amazingly by jamesK_3rd in news

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that some of the found materials were from sources that “we couldn’t make ourselves.”

Pentagon UFO unit prepares to go public.. Hehe been sneaking this stuff in amazingly by jamesK_3rd in news

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BREAKING: Twitter Censors Trump By Completely Removing His Tweets For First Time - The Donald - America First by christnmusicreleases in censorship

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I think your dead on. They made him out to be the villain, and what's worse is that he believes the lies they sell the American people..

They got perfect contagion, terrifying but not really serious.. I mean if you're under 15, you're more likely to die by falling off a ladder. Perfect for reshaping society.

He's bought into it. Instead of coming out and saying this is all nonsense, he repeats mantras given to the masses by the MSM.. Then he word vomits all kinds of nonsense they tell him, such as masks save lives, the lockdown helps, and the biggest one, he has saved millions of lives because if his actions.

Cities are burning from "peaceful protests" a massive amount of businesses aren't coming back, the people are primed for socialism and the economic fallout from all this might be the catalyst.

But more than anything, they wanna blame someone. A lot of ppl now believe that if Trump is gone things will return to normal. They're wrong.

The BLM "protestor" who was fatally Shot in Austin was filmed hours earlier saying that the 'People Who Hate Us' Are 'Too Big of Pussies to Actually Do Anything About It' by america_first_1776 in news

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The democrats and the left, like in all other facets of it's existence, uses the institutions as it's weapons.

Foolish fellows make statements about how the right has all the guns.

For example, most Cops now let rioters and mobs smash, loot and kill innocents just driving thru to work.. But it's certain they'll be at your door to arrest you at 8am if you try to open your business against your overlord's dictates that says your business isn't essential.

Florida/Texas small fraction of new York deaths. by jamesK_3rd in politics

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You can believe men can be women. You can believe Florida and Texas are going to be worse than New York.

The data doesn't give a fuck about your ideology or your inept IQ. You'll obviously believe whatever.

The virus is a really bad flu strain for individuals under 45.

New York is bad because the people of the empire state chose to save themselves by executing anyone living in a nursing home or assisted living facility. That's the truth Bottom line.

Pelosi: "Whether He Knows it or Not, [Trump] Will Be Leaving” - Another Coup attempt? by scrubking in politics

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The natural assumption is that if you're already at the point where you can make such statements, having a plan for where to dump number two isn't a problem, puns intended.

Florida/Texas small fraction of new York deaths. by jamesK_3rd in politics

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It is extremely depressing to be in a dying country (USA) by Honestanonymous in politics

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That's dying.

Pre pandemic study, masks by all not based on sound data by jamesK_3rd in politics

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Cernovich on Twitter: "Twitters admin panel has a button to “blacklist trends.” So yeah twitter lied, they manually edit trends. The ones advocating violence are kept up. By their choice. They aren’t a platform. They are a publisher. Abolish Section 230." by christnmusicreleases in propaganda

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I think this is the point everyone is missing.

I agree companies should be able to censor what they like, however they aren't a platform they're a publisher. If reddit or Twitter want to blacklist every conservative or libertarian voice that's fine, even if it's "really hard" to make another platform. Umm No.

The corollary to that is platforms are generally not liable under section 230, and publishers are. Platforms generally can't be sued for damages, and don't have much civil or criminal liability. But they've given companies that are likely publishers the same benefits as platforms, likely because they toed the line in a grey area.

This restricts the ability of users who could sue a platform like Twitter for such things defamation, libel, loss of ad revenues, swatting, child porn etc. Ironically enough, the courts and money was designed to keep many companies in check, but turns out the courts and our politicians generally gave them immunity anyway, especially if they're part of an in-group.

Up until now, They've straddled the line. So everyone treated them as a platform. People even had their ad revenues coming through these sites, which is essentially their work compensation. After they began to label certain opinions as racist/misogynist/homophobic, which defamed them and likely causes them to lose advertisers, that's a problem.

If Twitter started off as a publisher for specifically leftist ideals or opinions as they are now, I've got less of a problem with that. But they didn't, they made their money and their name on being a place where everyone comes to spout off and a lot of folks got ads and revenues from that. But after Twitter made it, they can't just defame half of their users claiming the opinions they had up until now are banned, and these users shouldn't be granted any ad revenues and blacklisted. Twitter should be liable for that.

Here's a analogous example: Wal-Mart hires an ex con, and after years of work that makes them a bigger company one day Wal-Mart says, 'yeh we don't hire ex cons, sorry, so we're essentially letting you go (maybe you can still come in to work, we just aren't gonna let you get paid for it). And by the way, since we have a large bulletin board, we're putting it out there for everyone's future reference that no one should hire you either because you're an ex con. '

That's bullshit. Twitter should be liable for all of it, since they been shown from the hack to actively censure certain groups, users, ideas and material. Which means any child porn that "just got thru", didn't just get thru...

They're liable.. And after everyone gets a piece of that cake, then Twitter can become the leftist paradise of simpleton ideas that's it's so desired.

But most of the recent legislation SOPA/PIPA/COPA etc that's been pushed and either failed or was passed has Done a lot to erode section 230 and freedom on the internet. My guess is after the cabinet is installed in November, there Will be a lot more restrictions coming, such as net neutrality, encryption laws, and likely rewards for the companies who've been loyal to the cause; the pandemic/climate/social justice cause.

Hello, POC and black women of Saidit! by Doll in Introductions

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Recognizing groups or particular characteristics of certain individuals is a form of signaling. Usually when people use terms such as POC, they are attempting to endear themselves to the in group. In this case, It's mostly virtue signaling.

Https://joebiden.info url is sitewide banned on reddit by Honestanonymous in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Interesting. They most certainly didn't want the National Guard to implement forced integration.

Yeh, maybe.. Maybe it's not that you're a fool, you're just ignorant of history and the US constitution.. My guess it's probably all of the above though.

Enjoy The koolaid.

Https://joebiden.info url is sitewide banned on reddit by Honestanonymous in MeanwhileOnReddit

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How's that 3 trillion dollar CARES act treating those federalist principles you're raving about. And the ones after that or the bill he's poised to sign with another 1200 handout?

I know, maybe you could cite those omnibus packages, you know the ones with massive administrative state increases and federal welfare and infrastructure programs.. So bad, he promptly stated he'd never sign one like that again and then proceeded to sign another one that was worse, which included everything from before plus more funding for planned parenthood.

How about NAFTA 2.0, which didn't do anything but make washer/dryer machines 400$ more expensive than just 3 years ago,( i know i looked at one this weekend and them checked out the ads on slickdeals from 2015).

Yeh i smell Cheetoh Jesus Saves.. I totally get it bro. The problem is you aren't holding him to account for anything. If he was actually the tyrant the left claims he is, we'd be in a much different place.

The truth is this, he's Nancy Pelosi's politics and voting record with the tweeting of incendiary right wing memes that the media pick up on and vilify him about, as if he actually did those things he tweeted; such as veto the omnibus packages that gave millions to planned parenthood.

It's kabuki theater at it's finest. You my friend are a sock puppet, a brown shirt being molded and shaped by your overlords.

Https://joebiden.info url is sitewide banned on reddit by Honestanonymous in MeanwhileOnReddit

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He's Either the president or he isn't. That's literally America under Trump. The "fascist dictator" watches as essentially Taliban groups go around the nation and pull down statues and history. Fitting that it should be under DT's watch.

Oh yeh, you can pull down statues, but try to attend church, and DT Brown shirts come knocking at your door for not wearing your covid condom or being 6 feet away.

Donald Trump, who was a Democrat up until 5 minutes before he decided to run, he doesn't hate big city New Yorkers, he hates you.

Https://joebiden.info url is sitewide banned on reddit by Honestanonymous in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Yeh no..

Antifa and BLM were running checkpoints on roads and even interstate highways in multiple states.. Missouri, North Carolina, Washington and Maryland. I've heard rumors that it happened in other states as well.

It's specifically addressed in the constitution.. If the governors or states decide not to protect the rights of it's citizens, It's the duty of the executor to protect these rights. That's essentially his first task.

Although this might be hard for you to believe, a politicians job is not to get re-elected, or avoid ideas or functions because it messes with their cush 150k job with full pensions, medical, and luxurious part time second residences in McLean or other outskirts of D.C.

"Wanted to send the Natl. Guard in but.." Yeh stop right there. Either he's the president or he's not. What kinda of weak ass eunich is he then. Nobody elected, Jared, ivanka, fauci or any of them. He literally is assigned by the constitution these powers.

But that's him, that's the entire Republican party save for a few individuals like Paul, Masse, Cotton and Sasse.

They (including Trump) don't do things not because they are incapable. He literally controls the purse strings on these administrative issues like sanctuary cities, planned Parenthood, DACA, covid scamdemics, riots and protests, and others.. he (and they) won't defy or defund the courts or the media because they largely agree with them. If you're a conservative (which it doesn't sound like you are), It's because they hate you, they hate conservatives far more than they hate the democrats.

Shill for him if you want, that just makes you another brown shirt.

Https://joebiden.info url is sitewide banned on reddit by Honestanonymous in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Somebody is doing yeomans work there..

That site is amazing.

But again, like in 2016, people aren't voting for Biden because he's better than Trump. It's ironic the Trump ads showing looting, rioting, and protesting have the backdrop of "Joe Biden's America". No actually that's Donald trumps America, and he's done fuck-all about it.

The Orange Man Bad and Cheetoh Jesus Saves groups are already set in their vote. But there are a lot of folks who are more moderate, and those folks will likely either sit it out or vote for "the cabinet".

Couple Who Painted Over BLM Mural Charged, Meanwhile BLM Loots and Destroys, Why the Double Standard by scrubking in videos

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Are you sure?? We have multiple judges, even on SCOTUS, who now interpret and make the law how they want.

I'm not even sure if I'd leave it to a "jury of peers". Over 36 million people took some part in these scam "protests", and peer pressure is a bitch. Especially if you're the lone in a jury panel holding out saying erasing graffiti doesn't mean you hate black lives.

We're entering brave new World territory.