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Welcome aboard!

SaidIt runs the old reddit open source code, but we do things very differently here.

  • You are bound by the Pyramid of Debate and cannot baselessly troll SaidIt or advocate for violence
  • Moderation logs are public
  • Moderators must follow a strict moderation policy
  • Downvoting is removed, instead there are two types of upvotes
  • Your home page is configurable in your preferences, you can set it to /s/all rather than the default /s/subscribed
  • If you are not interested seeing a posts from a particular sub in your /s/all feed, you can click 'mute sub' to remove it from your feed
  • Your account must be two weeks old to create a sub and you can only create one sub a week
  • Subs have an integrated IRC chat
  • SaidIt has an Android app
  • SaidIt is entirely community funded through donations to bring you the most private and ad free experience possible

Now head on over to /s/Introductions and tell us a bit about yourself and how you ended up here on SaidIt.

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