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There are a lot of great ideas flippantly tossed out there and forgotten just as quickly, in posts, comments, or in chat.

This ideas bucket list is an intentionally chaotic catch all, just to grab and hold them so they don't drift off into eternity. Eventually someone compelled to reorganize this ideas wiki will integrate all these random ideas and seeds of inspiration into the lengthy organized idea lists.


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Feel free to give credit or document the time or whatever.

Feel free to give as much detail as is necessary but the only brain dump rule is...

Keep it as clear and short as possible.

Don't be afraid to rework someone's words and improve their idea, unless it needs to be a direct quote.

If the idea is just a one line copy pasta don't worry about editing it down.

Just add your idea(s) before or after existing ideas, and don't mess up others by pasting in middle of existing ideas that may span several lines.

  • Implement italics and bold for post titles. Would be hugely helpful.

  • The Lounge (chat) 2019-03-21 :

    • 04:34:36 d3rr that's chill. i think we need a css guide wiki page on /s/SaidIt
    • 04:44:46 JasonCarswell With a "wiki" link in the footer it might be a whole other layer/level on SaidIt with vast potential for overlap utilities that I've never seen anyone ever. For example... Perhaps the metawiki is not compatible with this wiki so the "categories" on Wikipedia etc may not be immediately possible - but by building up a new system new SaidIt Categories or Metatags could be applied in the subs and in the wikis to be a more robust tool for classifying and searching and organizing in general. Maybe it's too much work. Maybe no one would use it. Or maybe it would revolutionize our experience. Wikis would also be great for personal user spaces like vanity pages, CVs, personal blogs, etc
    • 04:55:33 d3rr it does sound like a lot of work but maybe it could be maintained on a regular wiki page
    • 04:57:16 d3rr wait so it'd be like a tags field in the sub settings that mods can opt into, that sounds cool
    • 04:59:30 JasonCarswell I'd be very interested in helping start curate the wikis. I don't want to commit to anything long term for a zillion reasons. But I'm very excited about it, even if this wiki is very limited by comparison.
    • 04:59:37 d3rr or pick your sub category from this list of 15
    • 05:00:01 JasonCarswell The main problem I see is if people turn their wikis on or off or set the permissions differently etc.
    • 05:00:33 JasonCarswell If there was a way to simply auto list all the extant wiki pages, that'd be a great starting point.
    • 05:01:32 JasonCarswell If only the subs were tagged within the wiki that'd certainly be a start. I don't even know how to begin or how this might be applied.
    • 05:02:47 d3rr the tagging part is tricky. who decides and who tags the tagger.
    • 05:03:31 d3rr and the API is open so you could get the list of active wiki pages theoretically
    • 05:05:43 JasonCarswell I LOVE the pick your sub category idea in that the list could be curated, not limited to 15. And though my proposed list on the IG page with the chart of all the subs was a pretty good start, it wasn't democratic nor definitive. But I want to bring your attention to the fact that some subs might have overlap and IMHO should NOT be limitted to one category - thus being categories but more like metatags. Whether these categories can be used by the wiki is an altogether different thing but it'd certainly be neat. Also it'd be awesome if folks could subscribe or not to entire categories.
    • 05:07:05 JasonCarswell I'm guessing a dedicated subsaidit would be the democratic forum to discuss and develop tagging policies and who gets tagged.
    • 05:08:25 d3rr i donno how could we force tags on people
    • 05:09:04 d3rr err force tagging is bad
    • 05:09:18 d3rr is there a prefer not to state category?
    • 05:09:57 d3rr itd have to be a pretty set in stone list. its all a huge pain in the ass. we could do full blown tagging instead.
    • 05:10:04 JasonCarswell That might become part of the policy. Like the use it or lose it. If people don't tag themselves then one will be applied. If they object they can discuss it in the SaidItTagging forum. - something like that.
    • 05:10:27 JasonCarswell Prefer not to state is fine - or misc.
    • 05:10:48 JasonCarswell Why set in stone?
    • 05:11:44 d3rr all this shit is expected to be in the mobile app, its hard not to copy the list around
    • 05:12:22 d3rr it also sounds like it's crossing over into content curation, which i dont think we want to do
    • 05:12:47 d3rr i donno
    • 05:13:28 d3rr i bet a hand curated list would be better anyway, half of the subs are empty
    • 05:13:59 d3rr if you copy your cool category page with all of the colors here, we could like have it on the main saidit wiki page
    • 05:14:52 JasonCarswell Here's another idea with broader ramifications. Just as you can "hide" files by putting a .dot in front of it or some other code thing, maybe there's a way to create a "metacomment" for every post (and maybe comment?), and that post would generally be hidden with specific permissions to access and alter it. Then folks could add all sorts of meta data to that thing AND we could keep adding features we don't even know we want yet.
    • 05:15:47 JasonCarswell I keep forgetting about the mobile app. You may be running one database but you're building several platforms.
    • 05:17:01 JasonCarswell Why is content curation so bad? Curation has many forms. One can be about removing stuff and I'm not about that. I'm only about adding. Adding labels, categories, better searchability, etc.
    • 05:17:32 JasonCarswell Empty subs could be auto labeled empty.
    • 05:18:11 Mnemonic That doesn't add anything except they might be subscribed to less and not being subscribed means you can't post in it
    • 05:18:22 d3rr okay i think there's a freedom compatible way to do it. "sub categories"
    • 05:18:44 JasonCarswell I'd be game for building a category page that also does my numbers thingy, so you could sort by category or number of posts.
    • 05:19:02 Mnemonic Maybe a monthly or 3-monthly round up for a wiki page with subs categories and the sus that wanted in?
    • 05:19:04 JasonCarswell or alphabetically
    • 05:20:06 d3rr yeah its weird theres no "all subs" page
    • 05:20:49 d3rr jason is trying to give me a stroke with crazy ass features
    • 05:21:31 JasonCarswell I'm lost. Who would be subbed less? Round up? Sus? All subs? XD? Leaking?
    • 05:21:50 JasonCarswell Crazy ass = super amazeballs improvements
    • 05:23:01 JasonCarswell I'll tell you what. You go code and I'll go animate and we'll meet back here in 2 months and I'll have a new animation promoting the awesome new features you made!
    • 05:23:10 Mnemonic JasonCarswell well then there is the backEnd of things are databases in relation to a working Gui are... nasty
    • 05:23:10 d3rr well do a saiditsurvey for one thing at a time and see
    • 05:24:08 JasonCarswell But having a roadmap is also good. That way you can also prepare for the future and not have to undo work.
    • 05:24:37 JasonCarswell I know the back end is nasty just working on the CSS.
    • 05:24:44 JasonCarswell I don't envy you.
    • 05:24:51 Mnemonic That's pretty Front end
    • 05:24:58 d3rr oh ive got like 160 hours of shit all planned out
    • 05:24:59 JasonCarswell Especially with asstrolls like me buzzing in your ear.
    • 05:25:42 d3rr i should really only do high-consensus changes
    • 05:25:59 JasonCarswell FYI: Asstrolls(tm) = I'm trying to popularize my own meme.
    • 05:26:02 Mnemonic I want my Stylesheet to be the default, too bad I ain't high :p
    • 05:28:42 JasonCarswell Did you ever read my rant a while back about doing declared tests and forcing it on people but only temporarily? You declare it first and most folks won't even notice or see, then they get the change for a week or whatever, then after the week revert it and let the comments roll in on which they prefered.
    • 05:29:10 JasonCarswell I'm a CSS hobbit.
    • 05:29:20 Mnemonic JasonCarswell That's some MIC style testing
    • 05:29:28 JasonCarswell MIC?
    • 05:29:42 Mnemonic Military Industrial Complex
    • 05:29:48 JasonCarswell We've talked about global CSS in user preferences.
    • 05:30:23 JasonCarswell But you force them to provide the feedback for progress or not if they prefer.
    • 05:59:20 Mnemonic xD I found my 'quantum-titties manifesto' The one that derailed my mod/css guide
    • 06:00:35 JasonCarswell That's a great piece. I don't know if it belongs under the /s/Internet thing so much as a general page for SaidIt which is why I think SaidIt wiki should be expanded for just such things. BTW I'm going to link to that on my InfoGalactic article unless it's not permanent. Also a week or few back I learn that you can do sub-wiki pages, so it doesn't have to all be up front.
    • 06:20:09 JasonCarswell I'm not mod material. That's why I've invited d3rr and m7 but m7 has not bothered. (He doesn't even allow thumbnails on half his subs.) I can invite you Mnemo as long as you don't drunk harass folks.
    • 06:45:37 JasonCarswell Is "insightful" ever going to become "interesting"?

  • The Lounge (chat) 2019-03-23 :

    • 07:36:59 JasonCarswell d3rr then we have to develop new policy to counter the sub2 phenomenon. Perhaps the cross-posting thing will help with that and policy won't even be needed.
    • 07:41:38 @d3rr jason: yeah crossposting is great idea.
    • 19:49:11 magnora7 big question chad, but we're basically going to just keep doing what we're doing and scale appropriately
    • 19:49:40 magnora7 and we're working toward maybe a peer-hosted distributed server solution in a year or two, and we're also trying to develop a cryptocurrency and put in crypto tipping on saidit
    • 19:49:54 magnora7 but it wouldn't affect the vote, it'd just be tipping
    • 19:49:58 chad now dont pull a reddit and get bought out by china
    • 19:50:04 magnora7 do not plan to lol
    • 19:50:14 magnora7 this is a community resource, and we plan to guide it as such
    • 19:50:22 chad are you worried about any legal action from reddit
    • 19:50:26 magnora7 we've streamlined costs so much for the sole purpose of longevity
    • 19:50:27 Mnemonic Or japan like 4chan and 4channel (lue boards)
    • 19:50:35 magnora7 no we are operating in a 100% legal manner
    • 19:50:40 magnora7 this is 2015 open source code
    • 19:50:50 magnora7 that we've modified, and aren't making any money on
    • 19:51:01 magnora7 and we've removed all mentions and imagery of reddit
    • 19:51:06 magnora7 so we should be good to go
    • 20:24:39 Mnemonic knowlegde is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting them in a fruitsalad
    • 23:25:28 JasonCarswell On the OpenWikiTest (shouldn't have added "Test"), obviously the index is open, but can the sub-wikis have permissions. Say would only be editable by Bob, maybe the mods, and of course the admins.?
    • 23:29:34 JasonCarswell Didn't think so, but maybe there could be? Or maybe sub-folders would be better? ie. UserWiki/Bob/index where Bob controls the files in Bob.
    • 23:30:50 JasonCarswell That would resolve my idea about user vanity pages. A tab under a user profile could link to the UserWikis sub?
    • 23:30:53 @d3rr yeah that sounds better, enable (personal) wikis on profile pages
    • 23:31:21 JasonCarswell Of course discussion in the UserWikis sub would talk about Fish.
    • 23:32:10 JasonCarswell See all my crazy thinking pays off 1% of the time
    • 23:32:39 JasonCarswell Like Edison said Sweat 99% Inspiration 1%

  • The Lounge (chat) 2019-03-24 :

    • 03:53:12 @d3rr Check it our /r/piracy used by reddit backup tool: Complete backup of this sub : Piracy
    • 03:53:20 @d3rr my*
    • 03:53:28 @d3rr they gave me no credit but they are stoked
    • 04:14:17 JasonCarswell Very cool.
    • 04:15:24 JasonCarswell What kind of credit do you deserve? I'll copypaste it (if permitted) and toot your horn for you!
    • 04:27:38 @d3rr it's cool, i don't need tooting. they didn't even say what tool they used. i added it in a comment.
    • 04:27:56 @d3rr people did find out, ive got 13 github stars now
    • 04:28:13 @d3rr and saidit has 28 stars!
    • 04:29:45 JasonCarswell You may not need tooting but I think you do and I demand you allow me to, also because this is a golden opportunity to promote Saidit. Never let a crisitunity go to waste!
    • 04:30:03 @d3rr it was n't a saidit project tho
    • 04:30:05 JasonCarswell I don't know about stars.
    • 04:30:29 JasonCarswell So. You are the star of SaidIt and that rubs off man. Public Relations 101
    • 04:30:40 @d3rr the stars show here, it's like liking a project libertysoft3 - Overview libertysoft3 has 7 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.
    • 04:30:50 JasonCarswell NAME FUCKING DROPPING
    • 04:31:07 JasonCarswell I wanna drop yours in that chaos to make order over here.
    • 04:31:44 JasonCarswell Order of the people, not order from above.
    • 04:32:13 @d3rr well you follow your heart i dont know what any of this means
    • 04:32:59 @d3rr oh, they're gonna put that archive on the the-eye site, so my archive is going places
    • 04:33:21 JasonCarswell If a politician sees a parade he's gonna jump in front and pretend he's leading.
    • 04:33:28 JasonCarswell That's not what I'm doing.
    • 04:33:34 @d3rr hahaa
    • 04:34:55 JasonCarswell I'm saying that there is a great thing that happened there - the archive - and you pointed them to the tool that allowed them to do that and BY THEFUCKINGWAY he's also got this site you should really check out for freezepeaches.
    • 04:35:26 @d3rr there's def cross branding there that i was cool with
    • 04:35:28 JasonCarswell mic drop ad over
    • 04:35:42 JasonCarswell cross branding?
    • 04:36:01 @d3rr theyll see saidit in the same repository as the archive tool
    • 04:36:36 JasonCarswell Not unless they go to the archive
    • 04:36:46 JasonCarswell Any chance they're going to share tehir archive?
    • 04:37:36 @d3rr yeah it was a few links deep, don't know why they're burying it subreddits
    • 04:40:12 @d3rr i made this one a while back subreddits

  • The Lounge (chat) 2019-03-25 :

    • 16:27:57 magnora7 we are thinking of making a sign-up test to make it more difficult to make accounts
    • 16:30:25 magnora7 that'd be cool if there was a way to download your saidit profile

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