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And nobody really seemed to notice that the new definition they adopted was transphobic.

Actualy transsexuals were against this, and many left LGBT(Q+) because of that. UK example:

But there only few of them, while there millions of transgenders. As it is super easy to become transgender, you just need to say at loud that you are opposite sex, and you are there.

Current gender ideologies are just homophobic and sexist stereotypes which were caught by casual masses, as now everyone can be "non-binary" and cool.

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The trans community never had much convincing evidence for its “woman trapped in a man's body” claim.

It was at least coherent with the gay notion of "born this way", and that's all that was needed for it to be accepted. That phrasing of "this way" also implied that it was recognized as being a little peculiar, which I'm personally OK with acknowledging as a difference from the norm. Today's trans activists seem to be trying to deny any such distinctions.

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Apparently the people advocating that to be trans you have to have sex dysphoria (aka Truscum) got kicked out of their own community, so now being trans seems like a product of social contagion, fetishism, sexism, and wanting an all-purpose cure for whatever you think is wrong with you and your life.

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The what of this transgender thing keeps changing. People who practice the concept can't even agree on what it is. With homosexuality, humans instinctively identify it when observed, even from an early age.

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From what I seen, it's mainly either the "brain scans" or the "I feel like x, therefore I'm x despite being y." As for the terminology for transsexuals vs transgenders, from i read, one of the issues was becuase it had "sexual" at the end of it. Those who had a problem with that was becuase "sexual" is associated with sexuality according to term. The term "transgender" was used by a trans identified male actor who was a TRA, so that could've also been what popularized it as well.

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I had a similar experience as well. I saw people argue that the change from -sexual to -gender was because "sexual" was an ambiguous term that could either refer to sex (the activity) or sex as in gender. So to avoid confusion and especially to stop trans people (trans women in particular) from being associated with shemale porn (which back then was arguably the type of media where trans people were the most visible and which painted trans-women as hypersexual beings - ironically true in hindsight) people wanted to switch to trans-gender. The entire gender=culture idea really only came afterwards, and at that point people suddenly pretended like that was the reason for the change in terminology. Another case of the trans community engaging in revisionist history.

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They will probably eat each other eventually.

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Calm down Satan, O wait, as you were.

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Whenever I ask a trans person to define gender I get some wishy-washy "well it's hard to define" "it's unique to everyone how they experience it" and so on. I've often gone into these conversations saying things along the lines of "I don't understand what gender is" or "I don't conceptualize my own gender" and often I'll hear in response something like "Gender is hard!" and "You might be agender, then!" which I think is their most rock-solid way to avoid criticism: redefine "this doesn't make sense" into it's own gender identity.