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I'm a straight guy who follows this. In my experience people are aware of the difference between LGB and TQ+ and know 'normal' LGB people who are sick of them too (this being among a typical mid-twenties non-woke friend group).

That's not to say there won't be a backlash.. but people are aware they aren't the same.

I'd also agree with the comment that says its harder to go after straight people - we aren't in a 'community' that they can control or exert influence over in the way they do to LGB people.

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Thank god for people like you. I was talking to my neighbor (who doesn't know I'm gay) and she was saying how trans people are different from LGB people. It gives me hope!

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unfortunately, I'm not sure enough people know the difference (or would acknowledge it if they're already homophobic) for the public opinion or even any laws that come out of this to be done properly

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It gives me hope to hear things like this, but then I also hear people say things like "oh they just wanted to get married and now look! "

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I was hoping that more people would have peaked by now, but no, a lot of women are handmaidens, too.

I hope wayyy more people peak sooner than later.

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Frankly I think a reason it works so well with gays and lesbians is due to internalized homophobia. We're told our entire lives that our sexuality is wrong, so it's harder to stand up for it. Some of us suffer a life of homophobia before finding a bit of shelter in LGBT groups, so it's hard to not follow what the rest of the group is saying when you feel like this group is the only one that somewhat accepts you.

There are many straight men who love virtue signaling and to show their white/cis/straight guilt, but in the end of the day they come from a completely different mindset. A gay guy could be kicked out of all (or most of) the gay spaces he knows for reffusing to date trans men. But a straight man wouldn't ever be missing spaces that embrace his sexuality.

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You might find this thread from nine days ago interesting, though one tweet does not a trend make (I am not the OP on this thread and have not done any searches to see where else this is popping up):

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I think LGB are already caught in the middle. Ever seen that was attempted school shooting, you know how many anti-LGB comments I have seen on places like YT by just average people? I could only imagine how much bigger it'll get.

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All the rich straight men are already married 😂 they won't give a shit. Hell, some of them might even be invested in the companies that manufacture HRT shots

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I'm hoping they go after the straight men tbh. That's when we'll start seeing actual backlash; they're literally the only group in society that can do this. Joe Rogan gets millions of views and won't be "canceled" the way a woman like JKR was.

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At this point I'm looking forward to it. I mean we gays & lesbians will always be a minority so if it takes these TRAs harassing the majority straight population with their bullshit to finally get told to fuck right off with their nonsense, I welcome that.

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fuck,straight women are harassed.

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