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I mean, I've always been banned form nearly everything. I simply refuse to comply with mods when they decide to put their little internet authoritarian hats on. It's inevitable. I'm sorry, I don't care about your enforcement of non-rules you invent. The only time I've had good relations to admins or mods of anything have been when they actually comply with the rules they, themselves, actually write. If not? Nah, fuck you and the horse you rode in on. I gain nothing by providing content for your service. And that's the attitude everyone else should have.

Though it's really ironic to be called a "TERF" when I'm not a feminist, and when my position primarily remains "We don't feed other mental illnesses or delusions as treatment, why do we do so exclusively here?" - Which gets be banned shockingly fast whenever it's brought up anyplace.

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when they actually comply with the rules they, themselves, actually write.

Pretty much, the most frustrating thing is the hypocrisy. The TQ+ is allowed to be highly aggressive against gays/lesbians. They can go against all the supposed rules and no one bats an eye.

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Well it hardly helps they just universally end up in positions of ownership or power to do that in the first place. Lately it seems every "gay" group is headed by someone pretending to be male or female.

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I mean, I've always been banned form nearly everything.

Even YouTube? Or as I like to call it: 1984Tube. I recently got suspended from it (lol) becuase I didn't want to play nice with TRAs which was hilarious becuase they were nasty as fuck but betcha they didn't get removed.

It's also funny when they call those that don't agree with them "terf" as if everyone's a feminist. Much less a radical feminist.

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It is because "terf" became a slur, lost all its original meaning and is used like "nazi".

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Got banned from /r/rape for participating in /r/tumblrinaction

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I've been auto-banned from r/rape too for commenting on some sub (I forget which) that hit r/all. But the mods made it super easy to appeal, I sent them a PM because I had an actual post I wanted to make and they reversed the ban. I think their filters are just set to be super sensitive for a bunch of subreddits for some reason.