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  1. Predictions: I predict that once the T no longer sees support from anyone, I think a lot of homo/biphobia from other sources will be reduced, as they won't be falsely attributing T qualities to us
  2. Other issues: We will need to continue fighting in countries that still criminalize homosexuality or allow the murder of us to go without justice, but even that will be easier as they will no longer be able to use the T as an excuse to keep killing us. On a lower priority, we will still need to undo non-violent homophobia and ridiculous stereotypes, but that last part will need the cooperation of LGB to stop being the stereotypes.
  3. What will become of us: Hopefully, we'll be able to continue fighting for equal rights where they are needed and undoing generations worth of evil to make a society that accepts us without acting like accepting is us something that they should be celebrated for (making a rainbow T-shirt in June should not make a company seen as better than any other T-shirt company [TBH I think pride month should disappear entirely in places where violent homophobia is not present])
  4. I think we SHOULD stick together, but I can't be sure if that will actually happen. Only once being gay is not treated any differently than if someone enjoyed a different flavor of ice cream should we fully disperse.
  5. A lot of our battles against non T groups will become easier once the T is no longer sabotaging us, which is why we need to cut off the extra weight. Both to make it easier for us to fix the world, and to make sure we don't accidentally contaminate places we meant to liberate with gender identity theory

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Just wanted to say your flair is fantastic, lol.

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Thanks! I tried to make something that didn't include any specialized terminology, since my opinions being all over the place and not following any party to the letter means just about everyone has some reason or another to hate me. Hell, sometimes both sides hate me for thinking a compromise is legitimately the best option, and not just for the sake of compromise.

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Your answers were something I was also thinking along the lines of as well.

Was wondering how we can combat the extreme homo/biphobia where you could get killed for being in a same-sex relatuonship---if we would create safe havens perhaps in our country, or would we...end up getting into a fight with their country or how to go about same-sex rights.

Yes, I agree on the LBG part as well---not dispersing until being gay or bi or whatever is seen as normal. Though, we should create our own groups as well tailoured to our own issues in addition to having the LGB group.

Currently, lesbian women have created their own groups because they've been getting a LOT of crap from the TRAs(violence, Doxxing, stalking, invading their spaces, etc). I try to be an ally of their plight---but also stay within my space. Help them fight against the TRAs.

Also, hoping that the "queer" and "pansexuals" people snap out of it and go back to being bisexual. The TRA movement is erasing bisexuality with these disengenuous terms. There was a video I saw about "Take the B out of LGBT+". The creator was saying how the LGBT+ group basically became a big corporate company, and that for bisexual people to feel included, they must now change how they refer to themselves (ex. Queer, pansexual, etc) to fit in.

Just really hoping the TRA movement passes soon, within the next couple of years...

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Of course! We should band together for issues that impact all of us, but lesbians are best to fight the fetishization of lesbian porn by straight men while gay men are best to fight the stereotype that we're all drag queens. A lot of the issues that impact all of the LGB are international issues, where we should do something to help those in other countries that need to hide from the families, neighbors, and governments. I won't say that all Americans or Western Europeans have it as easy as some of us, but they don't need to show a passport or smuggle themselves to find help.

Maybe we should set up a hacker group to take down homophobic governments?

Or maybe I've been playing Watchdogs too much lately...

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This is where I am mentally. And I believe that tolerance not compelled and awkward celebration is the path to normalizing homosexuality and bisexuality. Same sex attraction will always be seen as a little weird because it's the opposite of the norm and has a lot of implications on our lives and the ways we interact with others. We're members of our own sex that have some insight into experiences that are common for other members of the opposite sex to have. We're women/men who know what it's like to be with a woman/man sexually and romantically, so this will always make a little bit "other" but I don't think it's beyond the realm of possibility that this becomes a variation that is not the norm, but not threatening or destabilizing. I am wary of anyone who pushes the idea that "everyone is a little bit gay." I think we only get true tolerance and ultimate acceptance when we accept that we are not the norm, but that that's OK.

And don't get me started on the idea that "same-sex attraction" is about being open-minded. This is a common narrative these days and a lot of people who push it think they're being helpful and allies, but it's harmful because sexual orientation should not be seen as having anything to do with morality or virtue. As we've seen, we just get it from the other end - being called bigoted for not being attracted to the opposite sex.

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This comes from my very American perspective, but I’d like to work towards ending pride.

It had its time and place, but I don’t think it’s doing us any favors now. I want being LGB to be as normal and boring as someone’s height or hair color. Having giant, hedonistic, corporate-sponsored events about how different and special we are isn’t useful. The amount of fetish and sexually explicit material that Pride has become definitely isn’t helping us.

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The pride movement was started at a time when homosexuals were still threatened of losing their professional and social status.

It was a rather well behaved movement and it achieved results. It was necessary.

Now it's become anything goes and, no, public fisting at pride parades does not help the cause.

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Pride™ has became more of a company slogan than anything else at this point.

From what I understood, the term "pride" was originally coined by black americans. It was used due to white americans keeping them down(ex. Calling them animals, treated them as lesser than humans) with systemic oppression(buzzword, my bad). So they used "pride" to combat it. I can't remember all of what it's about, but my brother is a world history buff and he told me--I'll have to ask him later again.

But anyways lol, yes, I think we should get rid of the word Pride™ because now it's used by arrogant people from the LGBTQIA+ and really used to make £¢€¥$---it lost it's meaning.

Yes...I hate that the LGB is being associated being fetishists now...the TRAs aren't helping either with giving us that image...

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1.) Peace. Just fucking peace. Free from the TRA assholes who paint all of us in a bad light, free from the gender nonsense that people associate with the LGBT community.

2.) I think the next issue should mainly be working on eliminating harmful stereotypes regarding LGB individuals (such as "bi people all love threesomes!)

3.) We'll grow bigger, and we shall celebrate our glorious victory until the cows come home.

4.) Stick together. We have to. We can't let the gender bullshit worm it's way back into our community by getting lazy again.

5.) Nothing else.

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Literally had this conversation with someone. They were talking about a character that is evil and bi in Outlander, and I mentioned that the show makes it seem as if he's evil because he's bi, not bi and happens to be evil. It's one of those Depraved Bisexual/Gay/Lesbian tropes and stereotypes. There is another character that's good and gay, so at least there's that.

When they mentioned there's evil straight people in the show, I added that they're portrayed as evil, not evil because they're straight, which is a massive difference. And while this is just a discussion of fiction, fiction tends to help people make their minds up about how they treat others in real life. If you've spent your whole life reading about the evil LGB, how do you think you're going to react when you're faced with one of these 'depraved' people?

That's one stereotype I want to see gone, in both fiction and in assumptions made about LGB in real life.

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Yes, it would be nice to have some peace and stopped being bothered by the TRA nonsense.

Ultimately, was hoping we wouldn't need an LGB group anymore. By that, I mean that we don't need to fight anymore. I just want to be seen as no different than say, a straight person. To be treated the same way...

But we may still have some ways to go, in order to undue the damage done by the TRA and "queer culture".

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One of the issues I would like to see tackled is the way people let LGB people get away with flirting live on air.

Nowadays, it's considered inappropriate if a male host touches a female guest or host on the leg or flirts, amd vice versa. But somehow, people let LGB people act flirty, catty, and some of the things they do would be seen as highly inappropriate...if they were straight.

One prime example of this is the Australian 'comedian' called Joel Creasy. His entire image is based around him being a flirty homosexual (his autobiography is called Thirsty). When he hosted Eurovision, he would often touch male contestants on camera, flirt with them, and openly ask them for their room numbers. Somehow this wasn't called out as predatory behaviour because he's conventionally attractive (and probably because he's gay).

If LGB want to be fully accepted by society, they need to stick to the same standards as straight people and not act like horny stereotypes in media. Do what you want in private, but acting that way in public just makes the rest of us look bad.

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Oh, I hadn't even thought of that one

That plays into the "gay people are sexual deviants" stereotype, which really bites..

I agree, we shouldn't allow for that. I recalled there was a fairly popular actress---I think she's American---her name was Lena Dunham...she wrote an autobiography or memoir basically stating how she sexually assaulted her younger sister(6yrs or so younger) by playing "games" . Dunham stuck things up her sister's vagina, bribed her sister with candy for kisses, and...I think...masturbated in the same bed when her lil sis was sleeping.

But a lot of people are excusing it, including her victim sister. It's a confusing world.

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Kids do weird sexual stuff when they're younger, siblings included, but people shouldn't brag about it in their autobiographies. The issue is that conservatives were the ones complaining about the passage, and therefore the liberals had no choice but to defend it, regardless of whether they actually agree with it or not.

Don't forget this is the same person who lied to protected a rapist because they were a friend.

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Well I hope we’ll move to pinpoint that certain sexual lifestyle choices are also not the same as being LGB, even if some LGB people do them. Kink, fetish shit, furry shit, bdsm, leather, orgies, threesomes, polyamory, public sex, “ageplay” etc.

I mean I already feel strongly these are not the same but its pretty clear some people inside and outside the LGB get the wrong idea about all of us. Some of us don’t want that shit as the face of our community and many of us have the basic comprehension to not do so in front of TV cameras.

I hope we can move towards meaningful activism intended to help people in other places secure basic rights and lessen abuse, work on domestic violence, mental wellness/illness treatment for those who need and substance abuse, decent representation that isn’t focused on everything about a personality is gay. Etc.

Also don’t mean to discredit work already done currently in these areas, I just would like to see the community have more time for these things.

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I hadn't thought about the sexual/fetish part of the LGBT+ community and how they tried slithering their way in!

Yes! We definitely DO need to differentiate those sexual activities from the LGB, because according to straight people, they think we're some type of freak and we're JUST like the lot of them blokes and broads.

It seems like nowadays there isn't much talk about mental health of the LGB group---it's washed away primarily by the "queer" group and the T. So I agree, that we do need to focus more on that.

Also...If we can educated the LGB who are considering transitioning on the health affects it has. There was some stats that once some of them have transitioned(with surgery/hormones), the suicide rate skyrocketed. I'll need to find the source so I can post it here.

Also, it would be nice to tell the younger LGB members to not worry about all these crazy labels...I did also hear there was a high domestic abuse rate too amongst same-sex couples, I think in the L community---but again I will definitely need to find the source or maybe someone from L can clarify if that's a true statement or that's false.

Within the B community, we have high mental health issues and substance abuse issues. I post it over in the s/bisexuals sub.

Overall, I do agree with you.

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  1. The community will have to heal from all the damage and homophobia the TQ and their allies did, inside and out. We'll have to explain to straight people all over again what we're actually here for.
  2. Fighting discrimination and securing other human rights in places where it still isn't guaranteed.
  3. I think we'll see a rise in LGB solidarity as we bond over the experience of same-sex attraction that means we are all connected. Detransitioners and desisters will probably be a lot more common among us.
  4. I think we will see an increase in LGB groups and dedicated L, G, and B sepcific groups. Solidarity is important, but having our own communities is too. Lesbians have already started since we've been hit by the TQ+ homophobia for the longest and hardest.

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Definitely agree with the part of the LGB needing to deal with the homo/biphobia damage caused by the TRA.

Ah, I didn't really think of the detransitioning part! Yes, it would be nice to have some resources for the LGB who decide to detransition. I actually detransitioned myself YEARS ago---was FtM, thought I was ONLY same-sex attracted(ever since I was in grade school) and wanted to be seen as 'normal'(aka, straight). Then, I finally accepted myself for who I am....just a GNC woman.

I do think we should have separate groups focusing on individual concerns (lesbian women, gay men, and bisexual wo/men). I think lesbian women have probably been the most successful when it comes to addressing the concerns affecting them. As for the bisexual group...I feel as though there's not really a Our group is getting overrun by the "queer", "pansexual", "omnisexual" and now bisexual+(plus) groups. Then there are a few gender critical ones but not many are speaking up in comparison.

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What are your predictions on what will happen next after the T is dropped?

Absolutely nothing; "Pride" is still an embarrassment, T continue their bullshit by themselves, LGB people continue to also cause problems (and then blame it on the dropped T, as is tradition.) Governments won't care and will probably still support general tone-deaf "tolerance" crap anyway, some might start to phase out trans stuff but honestly, I don't see it happening currently. America, aka the source of transgender nonsense and the country that other countries seem to copy for their "progressive" policies, did not drop trans stuff under Trump/right-wing government so if Biden wins I can see that getting worse, unfortunately. (As much as removing Trump is necessary, let me be clear.)

What other issues will we need to tackle as homosexual people & bisexual people?

There's a lot, but I think most will never be tackled because it's too "taboo."

I think the gay (male) community needs to do something about it's pedophilia & abuse problem, and how normalized it is for gay guys to hurt each other and especially prey on younger/weaker/more feminine guys. I think "gay culture" as a whole is toxic, hookup culture is self destructive and the fact that the "gay community" glorifies unsafe sex, dangerous fetishes and party drugs is beyond concerning. But it will never be addressed because they have convinced people that their "culture" is sacred and questioning it is "homophobic."

I'm concerned about sex ed for children, and how LGB & fetish is apparently being taught to younger and younger kids in Western countries. Personally I am very much against this, but people think that NOT teaching kids about explicit homosexuality is "homophobic." (See Russian sexual media law that prohibits sexual content, including LGBT, being shown to kids, and gets misreported as a "gay propaganda ban." It's not, and it never was, and although Russia's censorship problem is insane and beyond unnecessary, I fully support not teaching explicit sexual content, including homosexuality, to students under 16.)

I would like people to research the cause and possible "cure" for homosexuality. Not all of us are happy and I personally believe I only ended up this way due to trauma and too early exposure to sexual content. I hate the "love is love" virtual signalling narrative, I think everyone has a right to their own body and their own life decisions and that it's hurting NO ONE if some of us want to fully consensually try to change. Those of us who are not happy deserve a chance at a better life, not to be told the same broken record "you are who you are, internalized homophobia honey, learn to love it" shit we've all heard five hundred times.

I think Westerners need to stop treating being LGB like a gift from God/inherently good thing and people need to adopt a more neutral, realistic, non-religious viewpoint. I'm tired of so called "critical thinkers" who reject TRA ideology for being unscientific yet somehow keep preaching the narrative that they were magically made gay by God or "the force of nature" for some divine intentional purpose. I think the glorification of homosexuality is exactly why we have so many "gay trans boys" and "trans lesbians", because people have been taught that being homosexual is quirky and cool.

Pride needs to stop, period. Not only does it contribute to the above, it's also a capitalist cash cow that never helps anyone in need. It's a narcissistic "look at how special I am" party for the privileged and rich. It disregards non-Western people and those who don't view their sexuality as a fun fashion statement. Oh, and all the plastic and shit these parades leave behind is damaging to the environment. It makes me laugh when LGB/T people claim to be "radically anti capitalist" and then directly support the mass production of cheap "pride" patterened merchandise that was probably made by underpaid workers and/or children.

What will become of the LGB group?

Absolutely nothing will change, most likely. It'll still be the obnoxious, privileged people loudest & most heard, LGBT group we already know, just with minus trans. I think there's a chance that LGB organizations (should they become a thing, I seriously hope not) will "radicalize" in the bad way and things will shift less from "Love is love, everyone is valid uwu" to really angry, aggressive, anti-science nonsense a la radfems and such. But generally I think both the LGB and T are getting simultaneously angrier and dumber, and whining more and more about how "oppressed" they are (which almost exclusively comes from the people who have it the easiest)

Do you feel the LGB group will disperse after or stick together?

I HOPE it disperses, but I don't believe it will. Like I said, I think people will see the divide not as a necessary split, but as some kind of angry battle statement. It won't end when the T splits off, LGB will continue bitching about the T and vice versa. I also don't see how it could actually split; T will refuse to do so and LGB can't stop arguing for five minutes to organize any meaningful groups. Whether or not it's LGB or LGBT depends entirely on the media, in the same way that some organizations refer to it as "LGBT+" and some refer to it as "LGBTQQIAAP2S*+". It's not up to us as individuals, it's how the media and the government chooses to handle it. We have no say in it whatsoever. I mean, intersex people have protested the "I" inclusion for years, yet people are still reporting it as "LGBTI" or similar simply because they want to.

Additional thoughts?

World is fucked, call me a pessimist but I don't see it getting any better. It would take a literal miracle to fix something even as niche and minor as LGB(T) issues. But as long as hivemind politics remain and people still get so easily offended, no progress will be made, because it will be deemed "homo/lesbophobic."

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I'm concerned about sex ed for children, and how LGB & fetish is apparently being taught to younger and younger kids in Western countries.

This, so much. I don't have any opposition to children being taught that homo/bisexuality exists but they should absolutely NOT be pushed into "exploring sexuality" or thinking about who they're attracted to (like on those Mermaids genderbread handouts)

There was an article on Quillette about sex education starting to include S&M and fetish stuff too which is just sickening to think about particularly. Overall there needs to be a pushback against liberal politics pushing these ideas that anything subversive is good

I also can't see us ever dropping the T. Even if normies start pushing back against medical malpractice and manipulative activism, transactivists aren't going anywhere. They want to be oppressed so badly I think they'd honestly be emboldened by the backlash and of course homosexual and bisexual people are going to get caught in it too, so I doubt LGB will disperse either. We've all really made a mess of things (not just liberals and kweers but LGB too)

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How is removing Trump amd replacing him with someone who is bought by china nesseccary?

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America needs change. I don't like either of the candidates. I don't support left nor right ideologies. But Trump is just so incompetent that, if I were American, I'd vote for literally anyone else just to give someone else a chance to fuck the country up.

Also being Russian, I know that having the same guy in charge for a long, indefinite period of time never turns out well, lol

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How are you able to say this? Are you not in Russia? Forgive me for my ignorance, but doesn't Russia ban speech that is critical of the government?

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I was born in Russia but I do not live there currently. But even if I did, no. Not quite. It is true that they censor media criticizing the government (a few bands have been prevented from playing for doing so I believe) but the average person saying "lol putin sucks" is not going to be arrested or fined.

There is a lot of fake news and disinformation about Russia's laws. I don't know much because I'm generally too dumb for politics. But I do know that the most common things reported are actually blown out of proportion, or don't really exist. Like the "gay propaganda ban" (Which is not gay specific and only applies to media shown to underage people - it's basically a ban on sexual content aimed at minors last I heard) and the "gay purges" (Unsourced claims coming from 1 shady "LGBT organization" which I highly suspect is fake)

That being said, don't get me wrong, the government is still fascist as fuck and they censor stupid things, I don't think they can even show depictions of alcohol on TV before a certain time or something stupid like that. A lot of it is due to religious influence.

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Wow you are ignorant.

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The old "I don't have an argument so I'm just going to call you (negative adjective)" move, classy.

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Sorry I was on break at work and didnt feel like spending all of it refuting you ignorant world view. Honestly, if I had bothered to look at your username I wouldn't have engaged in the first place since I think you get off on not seeing eye to eye with pretty much everyone.

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"I won't engage with you because of past irrelevant stuff and I'm not interested in learning or listening"

This is the issue with modern politics in a nutshell.

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See Russian sexual media law that prohibits sexual content, including LGBT, being shown to kids, and gets misreported as a "gay propaganda ban." It's not, and it never was, and although Russia's censorship problem is insane and beyond unnecessary, I fully support not teaching explicit sexual content, including homosexuality, to students under 16.

What? This is a lie*. The "sexual media" law only targets "anti-family-values" content, which is radfem-adjacent body-positivity and some LGBT. No straight pervert ever got hit by it, no privileged libgay pervert either. Wonderzine continues operating. "Nonbinary" celebrity misogynists keep grooming children on Youtube and Tiktok.

(* I previously wrote "wrong", then I say your comment on gay purges. Yep, you're full of it, another colonialist "expat" singing the praises of the corrupt regime that is the source of your wealth.)

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  1. Not too much changes beyond hopefully less of the queer theory bullshit being pushed into the mind of the public
  2. In the majority of the world it is still criminalized to be gay. We need to change that and hopefully nab marriage rights on the way.
  3. well my personal hope is that the group becomes less commercialized and more of an actual community as a whole
  4. LGB groups should definitely stick together even after it seems we've won equal rights worldwide. While the laws on the book may allow us to exist, personal bigotry is never going to go away. there needs to be a support network for kids who's parents will hate them, or for people going through hard break ups, or just all sorts of things.
  5. Not much except that I hope yall have a good day!

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Yes, it feels like they commercialize our sexualities that it's rather...messed up. That us true in regards to the personal bigotry, it will most likely never go away but if we can at least change the law so we're not criminalized or executed, then that is a big improvement for me.

Also, I do agree with allowing more safe havens for kids with abusive parents or just resources foe the younger generation in general. Once the T is taken out, then we don't have to worry about modern day gay conversion---aka, transitioning.

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I'd like to see LGB spaces. Not political spaces, and not flaming rainbow spaces. Just humble gay bars: somewhere you can make friends and meet dates.

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Same honestly.

I'm getting tired of all this political gender identity nonsense.

Sometimes I take break from viewing this sub because it's disheartening to see/hear about TQ+ everywhere I go...

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Sometimes I take break from viewing this sub because it's disheartening to see/hear aboht TQ+ everywhere I go...

I feel that. I only pop in here like once a month, for that very reason.