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I think it’s funny. At this point, according to their alphabet soup, pretty much nobody is just heterosexual. If you need to get to know someone before you sleep with them- there’s a letter for you. If you’re heterosexual but will sleep with someone who needs to be called “they/them”- guess what you get? A letter. Attracted specifically to intellectual people? Here’s a letter. You get a letter! And you get a letter! And here, take this letter even though you don’t want it! Next nobody will be “cis” and they’ll have to invent a new source of oppression. There’s no point to the acronym anymore lol. They’ve made it meaningless.

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Everyone on earth is an oppressed minority apparently

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This is the endgame of wokism. If everyone is an oppressed minority, no one is. Atomize humans into identities based around their inalienable characteristics, and they won't gain class consciousness and threaten capitalism. And what better way to do this than through sexuality? Destroying gay/lesbian liberation is just a "convenient' side effect.

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Excuse me but you’re being a Todd-phobe, and an Abigail-phobe, and... [6 billion individual names later], and a X Æ A-12-phobe

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This gave me quite the chuckle! How does it work if you fall under more then one letter? bonus points? Do I get to be part of pride too? am I oppressed because I don't want to just spread 'em for anyone? Wokeism cult is a joke - when a friend of mine was heavily brainwashed she thought I should transition after I told her that some of my masculine personality traits didn't make me any less of a woman.

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Just saw that straight people were allowed if they were non-binary or asexual.


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I can't help but think this is deliberate: making actually same-sex attracted people a minority in our own movement (if not in numbers, then in "subcommunities", not sure if that made sense.) Now we're crammed into about the first 25% of our own acronym. EDIT: and since we're the first letters, we can't distance ourselves from the idiocy