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When will you all learn that tərfs are being virtually exiled? Seriously... why aren't you EXPECTING to be banned for not being a TRA in 2021? I wake up everyday expecting suspensions/bans from social media (for various reasons). Surprised I've only been banned from s/Lesbians on here. 😄

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I truly had no idea. I knew Twitter would ban people, but I never had heard of Goodreads doing so. I should have been smarter. At least I should have archived the information.

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I don't know if this info is relevant but I saw Jennifer Pritzker lurking on Goodreads.

Go down to the comments section, it's message #10 Jennifer. Click on it, it's Jennifer Pritzker. IDK if it's THE Jenifer Pritzker, I mean anyone can just put that name there, but the fact that the comment was about a trans character stood out to me. If it really is him, I wouldn't be surprised if this billionaire villain cartoon character wasn't influencing Goodreads' policy somehow.

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I wonder. I truly thought Goodreads was safe. Stupid, stupid me. I didn't even think to archive my shelves in case something like happened.

I found out just today that it appears I may have been specifically targeted:

I just love how they label this homophobia when many of my shelves were lesbian oriented!

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They didn't get rid of Charles an obsessed loony who 1-stars LGBT books that he hasn't even read, but got rid of you, a person who carefully curated the books with purpose? Ughhhhhhhhhh Goodreadssssss! I've reported so many reviews to them throughout the years, reviews that literally say "I did not read this book, blah blah blah 1-star" and they do nothing. Why go after you? It's so annyoing.

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I still don't know why. I'm going to try to access my burner email to see if they sent me a message.

They could have gotten rid of me for a number of reasons, but I also had shelves for "female authors" and "male authors" and categorized people according to their biological sex. Many some of the authors were offended and reported me. Who knows. I shouldn't be surprised, I guess, but I'm just so upset. I'm still shaking. All that research down the drain.

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<3 I'm sorry.

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Thank you. I'll survive, but I wish there was some way to retrieve my shelves. Does any tech savvy person know to access them? They were publicly available on Goodreads. There must be a cached version somewhere.

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edit - nope. I checked all 3 links and they're not archived. Google cache is no help either.

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It says none of them were archived, unfortunately.

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While I was looking through google cache, I found this:

(search applecat) they definitely targeted you.

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Also here:

One of the authors was definitely offended.

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I even had my profile only available to Goodreads users.

I had no idea anyone would notice a tiny account like mine. The only thing I did there was shelve and rate books. And unlike some, I never rated a book I had not read.

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If it really is him, I wouldn't be surprised if this billionaire villain cartoon character wasn't influencing Goodreads' policy somehow.

Lex Luthor in a fucking frock...

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I'm sure there is some AGP transwoman employed in internet technology out there at this very minute trying to figure out how to shut s/LGBDropTheT down.

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That's what Drewiepoodle does on Reddit. He is the trans police for the whole site. He's talked about this publicly, seeing as his job to keep hate (as in facts he doesn't like) off Reddit.

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Also BardFinn and hexomer, both frequent trans police on the AgainstHateSubreddits page.

I remember drewiepoodle from r/ainbow, always posting their own journalism on the page to get clicks.

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His 'real' name is a matter of public record in interviews about Reddit, and he has photos in a lot of them, so this isn't doxxing...

Standard AGP, pretending to be a childhood GD sufferer. 'I knew I was trans after watching a TV show about mtf hookers'.


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A day or two ago, I found out one of the SaidIt Admins is a "trans woman" named TheAmeliaMay. 😧

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The Head Admin is currently in Texas, trying to survive the power outages.

I'm feeling a bit antsy after seeing this(archive).

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My first guess would be that you were too conveniently collecting forbidden information in one place, in public, where someone might see and refer to it.

I hope you're able to at least get them to go on the record with an explanation. I would categorize this as obvious censorship. Nobody in a group of oppressors likes a talented archivist when they're preserving unwanted truths.

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Very likely. Too much forbidden information out in public for the 'normies' to find. They wouldn't want people wondering why there have been over 115 books released with transed child characters.

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I'd investigate this, if these books are ok on good reads how come you were banned?

People need to start fighting back when this stuff happens, all TRA do is relentlessly report (and probably lie) to get us banned.

The companies are banking on us not fighting back. If it's cause of your review I'd ask for details from them.

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I believe I only wrote 3 or 4 reviews. All the rest of my activity was just rating and shelving.

If Goodreads objected to a review, it would make sense if they had deleted that, but not my entire account. I'll do some more investigation. I have to find the password for my burner email to see if I was even sent a message.

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Try contacting them and asking what happened. It may be a rogue TRA abusing his power, and you'll get someone reasonable.

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Indeed, it could be that it's one person on the mod team who quietly decided to do this, and that upon review it's discovered the mod is abusing their powers.

This is essentially what is happening on Reddit, except instead of a small number of mods, TRA mods have infiltrated and changed the entire platform to their liking. It's a well orchestrated political move by them.

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That's basically what happened a couple months ago to my youtube account of several years. Didn't have any videos on it, but I used it primarily for voting and commenting, so most likely some wokerati reported a non-gender inclusive opinion of mine and it subsequently got banned. Bad day, as I had several hundreds of favorited videos on it in many different playlists and thought I'd lost it forever.

I appealed the ban, though, with a very general but confident statement that I didn't break any community guidelines(they didn't even say what I said that was so wrong) and crossed my fingers. Fortunately, there was still some sane people working there, as I got the account back.

Now I don't really take any chances with online lists kept on websites. They can stop you from accessing them at anytime for any reason. I just keep local browser bookmarks of the videos in a tree of nested folders accessible on my bookmarks bar. The bookmarks have the links of the pages and the names of those pages when they were bookmarked, and I can export and then back up those browser bookmarks anywhere.

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My youtube account was also deleted 2 months ago, without warning. I'd had it for 10+ years. I appealed too, but didn't get mine back. I got into a youtube argument with a trans-identified male, and told him real women don't have anime profile pictures. That was it, and account permanently banned.

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That sucks; I'm sorry to hear that. It's crazy how much deference they get over others on social media.

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Thanks, and I'm sorry your account got deleted too initially. It's good you got it back.

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At the moment I can't remember or find the password I used for my burner email to sign up for Goodreads, but I will do so as soon as I can.

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Rule of thumb: Keep a copy of any significant data on your own devices, never rely on online storage.

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I've certainly learned that the hard way. And I agree, no matter how small or insignificant you may think your account is, someone is probably out there waiting to pounce.

I had no idea people were monitoring me.

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I think the newly published authors are so thirsty, they just sit around on goodreads all day seeing what's happening with their book, so they saw their books getting added to lists like 'transing children' and their antennas started twitching in alarm. If I were a heartless monster I'd pop in to do a review ripping their books to shreds, because for sure they'd ugly-cry about it for three days straight, absolutely devastated, they really have no lives. But that would require making an account and reading a horrible book.

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Most likely. I wonder how long your review would stay up before they deleted it.

And it was never my intention to hurt any of these young women, even if they deny their female reality. They are still women. They are still my sisters. But they are grooming children. I cannot remain silent when I know the damage they are doing.

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I was able to retrieve one of my reviews, which had been archived on another site:

When Aidan Became a Brother by Kyle Lukoff

Sad, confusing, and regressive story of a little girl who is presented to the world as a boy simply because she does not identify with sexist stereotypes. It's a depressing trend in modern picture books. A young child no than four or five years old is presented as not liking stereotypical things associated with their biological sex. These preferences are then used to support the idea that in fact the child is not their biological sex at all. In this story young Aidan doesn't feel like a girl. What it means to feel like a girl is never explained. Why a female child is not allowed to have masculine interests, masculine clothing, a short haircut, or a boyish bedroom without being told she is a boy is a mystery to this reader. 'They changed his bedroom into a place where he belonged. He also took much better care of his new clothes.' The fact that a little girl can have a boyish bedroom is never acknowledged. The fact that a little girl can wear clothes bought in the boys' section of a store is never acknowledged. Instead these things are presented as proof positive that this young child, again a girl of preschool age, is somehow a literal boy. There is no indication this child hates her body, only that her feminine name, clothing, and bedroom don't feel right to her. Not conforming to sex role stereotypes is presented as a valid reason to say to the world that a child is a member of the opposite sex and should have been born as the opposite sex. I simply do not understand how these messages are passing for progressive. As a committed feminist of many years, women have spent decades fighting the idea that there is only one way to be a girl. It's very sad that young female children today are being told that if they are insufficiently feminine they may actually be transgender instead of their biological sex.

I'm glad to find it because this was, in fact, my only in-depth review. At one point, it was one of the most popular views for this book. It had at least 11 likes, which just goes to show that many readers are not buying into this ideology being pushed on children.

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FYI if anyone is looking for a goodreads alternative

Judging by the community challenges its woke as well. But there is less of a social media aspect to it, people can not find your profile unless they know your username or email.

Works nice for keeping track of what you read and organizing your to read list.

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So basically I queried exactly this on Google(with quotation marks):



To find the cached pages with Contracted lists.


Not sure how to get more for now. Maybe you can do that with all your other lists on Google to see what you can find.

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Thank you so much. I was able at least to find a handful of titles that way.

My "transing children" shelf was most important to me. I won't bother to rebuild the others.

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Will you share your shelf when you finish it? I have an interest in reading/novels and have read a handful of trans teen novels in the past (for some reason, many of the older ones are written by straight or lesbian women?? And they are ssssoooo ridiculously inaccurate when compared to IRL trans people/teens stories. I haven't really taken a good look at this most recent batch written by actual trans people. I'm just really not in the mood. Ever since that story about Meredith Russo came out and how the YA community didn't cancel him despite being so eager and willing to cancel anyone for even farting the wrong way, I have just been so done with these woke-ass fake-ass creeps. I have no appetite at all for these books. But still I'd like to see the list.)

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Yes, I will. I can post it here and on GenderCritical. Yesterday I got up to about 30 books and quit. I still need to find and relabel the rest of them.

I used to be a fan of YA, but it seems like gender ideology is creeping into everything. It's such a shame, and so far from how I thought the direction of feminism was going. I could never have predicted this 10 years ago.

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Np. Funny, I did the same thing on Bing with a "+" but found the search results have been removed. Microsoft may be working with Amazon(owner of goodreads) on this.

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Thanks for the warning, like you it never even occurred to me that "the world's largest site for readers and book recommendations" with the self proclaimed mission of helping "people find and share books they love." would start policing members personal opinions, deleting the accounts and saved data of anyone found guilty of wrongthink.

I just downloaded the 2400 books from my My Books page, to ensure they don't vanish if I fall foul of the thought police. What utter scum.

I feel as angry and threatened as when I read this article and realised that the Kindle terms & conditions reserve the right to delete your account, and all the books you have bought from them, if they suspect you of wrongdoing. Without them having to provide any explanation or proof. Since then I have been careful to make a back up copy of every single book bought from them, stored safely out of their clutches.

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At least this serves as a warning to others! I'm glad you downloaded your information and would also encourage everyone else to do so.

I'm still shocked. I was never even given a warning. Friday everything was fine, and Saturday my account was deleted.

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Gonna go out on a limb and guess it was the radfem/"gender critical" stuff that got you banned, not criticizing the T.

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Gonna go out on a limb and guess it was the radfem/"gender critical" stuff that got you banned, not criticizing the T.

People get banned for criticizing the T all the time.

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I assumed the opposite. Most likely no one would have reported a shelf for "lesbian separatism" but they sure would have for "transing children."

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Nah. Radical Feminists tend to be abrasive in ways beyond just "transphobia," and few people tolerate them. I could be wrong, but I mean... I'm always skeptical when a radfem comes crying like "THEY BANNED ME FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH ABOUT HRT!1" then you read into their post history and it's full of hateful garbage directed at many groups, not even just transgender stuff.

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I had never posted anything on Goodreads beyond criticism of transgender ideology.

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No worries that guy is a regular troll

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Oh, thank you, I wasn't sure.

I can assure everyone I never interacted with people on Goodreads. I never commented on people's reviews or in groups. I set my privacy settings so that no one could message me or leave comments on my reviews because I didn't want to be subject to abuse or drawn into fruitless debates.

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I know you have your issues with radical feminists, but what you said isn't true. Because I have on my Goodreads friend list a few women who have very strong feminist opinions, and they aren't shy to voice them in the forums or write book reviews and add public notes to related books that they read. None of them are account banned off goodreads (even the one that was accused of being "man-hating").

I'll tell you the one thing that they did not do. And that is, they said nothing about trans or gender ideology. The reason for it is, they are heterosexual women who don't actually know anyone LGBT in real life, and this whole issue tends to be neither here nor there for most people not in the know and whom aren't personally affected yet.