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I'm shocked they haven't banhammered TIA too.

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There's a bunch of stickies about the content policy stating that they don't expect to be around forever. Because Reddit's ever-changing "content policy" is a a political philosophy.

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I'm sad, that all the super sexual + allies have not discovered Said it and Ruqqus. They think it is over

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If anyone is still on Reddit at all, please go to every sub that's talking about SuperStraight, SuperLGB etc, and tell them about this sub, s/LGBdroptheT and about s/SuperStraight.

This is a great opportunity to recruit!

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I came over here after getting banned on reddit for calling a TRA a homophobe. But here I don't have to be a superlesbian, I can just be a lesbian.

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They wouldn't like it, not one bit. Both sites are free speech reddit clones, and oh boy that would go over like a lead balloon. This very sub proudly proclaims it enforces language and topic censoring - which is exactly what happened to the Superstraight movement.

You'd figure the irony would be obvious...but it's not. "Everybody who got censored, come to a free speech site! One where we censor!"

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Sure but I have yet to be censored here or shadow banned or anything of the sort. Sure some over the top hateful language being censored is fine nobody deserves death threats but at reddit we get banned for stating scientific facts. Point out where that has happened here friend.

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Ah, but that's not the point. The point is, if you had the power, would you ban most of saidit's userbase from posting anywhere? All signs point to yes.

Of course Saidit isn't going to censor you because free speech is a core value to them. But to you? It's not. It's proudly proclaimed right there in the sidebar.

I'm just pointing out that it's really rich to take advantage of a free speech platform to allow your own speech while refusing to allow others free speech. No matter what fancy justifications you can come up with.

"Free speech for me but not for thee" has been a rallying cry for a long time, after all. Were I not on mobile I would point you to the Mao Zedong speech 80 years ago where he said essentially the same thing.

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I'm trying to follow what you are saying but you are making that difficult. I wouldn't ban a damn thing I get super annoyed when I see deleted comments I would rather read the contents myself I'm not an infant I can handle it.

There is no place that is a free for all but be damn sure if there was I would be there. If you are too stupid to figure out if something is true or if a comment is full of shit then get off the internet.

Trans people get to say whatever they want to me. I have little fucking boys telling a 30+ year old woman I'm not really a woman because I don't include them and their sad little dicks in my definition.

Where did I say I would censor them though? I just want to speak without being banned constantly. They can spout their bullshit because they are clearly insane and don't respect real women. Most of us would get that and merely laugh at their comments if these little kids weren't getting us deplatformed. We are fighting now because we keep getting screwed over.

You bet I will report lies now because they took away my right to defend my position.

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I saw this one posted on /r/SuperBis today, but haven't started reading it yet, so YMMV.

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I'm a regular at TIA, it's hilarious.

It was also funny how fast Superstraight picked up users. I'm not surprised Drewiepoodle and the others chucked a fit and managed to ban it.

It's just the start. The general public us getting increasingly less patient with this crap. You can see it on the run of the mill news subs when it's mentioned.

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Really - so normies on the Reddit news sub are also getting fed up?

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TumblrInAction's comment section the last day or so has basically looked exactly like SuperStraight's. :)

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I wish I were on Reddit because I'd be on that sub trying my hardest to recruit people to come over to s/LGBdroptheT

It's so important that normies realize that many LGBs are not on board with the Alphabet Soup BEFORE the Soup's lunatic antics cause a backlash that destroys all that LGB have fought for.

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I really do believe it's the start of something beautiful.

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IMPORTANT! Advertise Saidit on these subreddits if you have a Reddit account. Tell everyone to said up corresponding subsaidits on Saidit and starting posting. We need to keep a backup of things.

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If anyone is on Twitter, please go to #SuperStraight and spread the word about s/LGBdroptheT and s/SuperStraight.

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Good idea, done.

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In my experience, the SAIDIT mods on s/LGBdroptheT and s/GenderCritical are not into REDDIT-type censorship, so I think people joining these subs will be pleasantly surprised.

I don't know about the mods on s/SuperStraight yet because it just started, but so far they seem good.

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They wanted to shut it down to stop people from hitting peak trans, but all they accomplished was peaking even more people. It's fucking hilarious to watch them do so much damage to their own movement.

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These people are truly their own worst enemies.

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Problem is reddit, tiktok and etc, the admins at the top, are ready to ban this stuff in a blink.

Also since TiA stuff is getting filled with more trans related stuff, I'm kinda scared we are gonna lose TiA.

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I'll enjoy these with a cup of tea shortly. Thank you.

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Now that's a good idea. :)

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It was, I highly recommend it.

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Oh my fucking God, I can't stop laughing at this.

It's a heavy, resigned kind of laughter, though. I just feel so bad for "normal" women these days.

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Yes, that one made me laugh the most I think. Not in a "haha, that's funny" kind of way and more in a "what the actual fuck is wrong with people, if I don't laugh I'm going to cry" kind of way.

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Most who browse TiA are already painfully aware of the way the world is lately, but hey ho.

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This I guess:

Not one of...:

I salute the brave...:

What lesbians see...:

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archive link, 1st:

I'll save the rest later...

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Those are all in TumblrInAction, they've been talking about this stuff and held those views for awhile. I'll be excited when I see it talked about on other subs.

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I've seen it mentioned several other mundane subs but the mods in those either have been "warned" to block SuperStraight references, or outright have trans mods in them ready to rapidly block and remove posts. TumblrInAction seems to be the only one getting away with active comments and posts.