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Got banned from AHS for sticking up for the detrans community. It’s sad to see those AHS pricks shitting on them cause they challenge the brainwashing the TRAs have done. It’s not enough that detrans people have to heal and navigate the world after such a traumatic experience, but they have to do it under the threat of BARFinn taking away their only refuge from trans dogma.

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Finally got my full reddit ban thanks to super straight lol. Do I at least get a cookie or something?

Does anyone know if my reports are still valid? That's about all I can do there now, try to call out lies but not sure if they even register once an account is permanently banned.

I'm pissed I got banned for violence... wait til they hear what I would have said if I knew I was about to get banned! Pretty sure I behaved better on that sub than the countless others I have been banned from. Pissed off the wrong DUDE I guess. His girlfriend must have dumped him after realizing he wasn't a stunning and brave woman 🙄

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Nope, nothing counts from a banned/suspended account. Congratulations.

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Guess I'll have to make a new account then eh? Not letting them cheat and get away with it I'm tired of being silenced by men, even ones in dresses.

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I would recommend using a VPN or something, I think Reddit can IP-ban you.

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I got banned from Traaaaaaaaannnnnnsss on Reddit for posting this as a reply to someone:

Why is it "hatred" to believe that someone who does not want to have sex with or date a trans person should not be called a "bigot" or "transphobic?"

Whether or not the superstraight thing is supposed to be a joke or an agenda to hate trans people (as I'm sure that some people on the far right probably would use it for), it was born from a very real issue in society. And by extension, so are supergay, superlesbian, and superbi. What is the issue that caused all four of these things to be created? The issue is trans rights activists screaming like morons that anyone who doesnt want to fuck a trans person is transphobic or bigoted.

Newsflash: no one is entitled to someone else's body. Not being attracted to a specific group of people does not mean that you hate them. It means that you're not attracted to them.

Lesbians like NATURAL BORN WOMEN for a reason. Gay dudes like NATURAL BORN MEN for a reason. Straight men like NATURAL BORN WOMEN for a reason. And straight women like NATURAL BORN MEN for a reason. And most bisexual people want a NATURAL BORN PERSON. Not wanting to date or fuck a trans person does not make you a bigot just like a straight person not wanting to fuck a person of the same sex does NOT make said person homophobic. And a gay dude not wanting to fuck a woman does not make him mysognistic and a lesbian not wanting to fuck a man does not make her misandric.

The gender ideology that TRAs are pushing today like pumping confused children with hormones (even though studies show that the vast majority age out of dysphoria by adulthood), shaming people for NOT wanting to date or fuck a trans person, and the idea that biological sex does not exist is cancer. I have never had a problem with trans people who are actually dysphoric and are trying to live their own lives, but when all the "woke" garbage about their being 600 different genders and that other stuff came out, I drew a line. This is why I support the LGB drop the T stuff. Sexual orientation and gender identity are two totally different things and the stuff that LGB people fought for is not the same thing that Trans people fight for and it most certainly is not the same thing as all the garbage that TRAs are fighting for.

Have a good day!

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I thought I was going to be banned from after being called a tərf for suggesting to discuss relationships, but I wasn't banned (yet).

I was actually banned from LDS on a previous account for "flirting" (I used the 😘 emoji), but I still lurk there.

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Lol, they dish out those phrases but can't accept it when other groups want a safe space.

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Irony-coated hatred... I am absolutely dead. How can anyone take them seriously?

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got banned from r/GenderCynical

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Got banned from r/LGBallT for saying that all balls are Valid. I mean, They have 121 ball identities for flair, but I guess SuperStraight was just one too many..

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The usual virtue-signalling crew are expressing pseudo concern at the plight of oppressed gay people in Poland. My observation that the pushing of trans ideology is making it easier to justify oppression of the whole LGBT "spectrum" was met with feigned offence and not an ounce of reasoned disagreement. I linked a video from Arty Morty on YouTube that very politely vs patiently disambiguates being gay from being trans... and I'm now banned from /r/gaybros

I'm going to have to start pushing back in a more public fashion, and voice my disappointment in my passive friends who tend to all go along with the hijacked pro-trans insanity and ignore its every collision with reality. I don't feel like I have any real crew that I can be honest with about this stuff. Critical thinking and applying scrutiny are really out of fashion right now it seems, and it's an isolating feeling.