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They can remove the subs, but they can't change people's mindsets. On Reddit there are a lot of posts lately which are calling out the TRA's and transgender bullshit and each post receives well over 20,000 up votes. For outside Reddit, I do believe the current "pride community" will collapse due to the shit they're trying to force with when it comes to transgenders. Regardless of political ideology, both sides have the same outlook towards transgenders and they acknowledge that aspects like "gender neutral" restrooms and locker rooms are horrible ideas.

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I do belcher the current "pride community" will collapse due to the shit they're trying to force with when it comes to transgenders.

Unfortunately, the gender woo woo crowd will drag LGB people down with them. We’re guilty by association, even if we have been trying to fight this bullshit for the longest time.

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I was unaware of just how much bullshit the LGB has put up with until they were posting their stories and information on the subs.

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Yeah, you couldn't have found out because we have been getting massively censored 😂 just like they did with SuperStraight.

Welcome! :)

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That’s what worries me.

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I remember when gay men in the US lived in fear of being beaten up just walking down the street; I fear those days will return if LGB doesn't publicly disassociate from the antics of the TQ+ immediately.

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I think gender neutral bathrooms are perfectly fine as long as they have nice stalls and a separate section for urinals and then one for sinks.

Toilets in the US are generally so bad. I've been in a restaurant and had to use the toilet and actually made eye contact with someone who was eating dinner while I was in there pooping.

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I really don't want to deal with piss all over the floor, which is rarer in female bathrooms as opposed to gender neutral/disabled bathrooms.

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I totally agree with that. I used to work at a place when I was younger. A warehouse and the guys there were nasty a f. I think they must have been legally required to have women's rooms but there were no women in the warehouse. The men's room literally would be covered in piss and shit some days so I would just go use the women's room. These were single room toilets btw. It was nice while it lasted but apparently the delinquents eventually caught on and started doing the same thing to the ladies room.

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You can't ban people's sexualities anymore than you can define them out of existence. This is such an incredibly dumb hill for them to die on.

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That's the goal though.

"Progress," today, can't happen if there are things that are involitional. So this sets up a cognitive dissonance. If there are things that are innate... Because innateness does not conform to social constructionism. If you've got some sort of halcyon future in mind, then anything that's biologically essential stands in opposition that, and it must be attacked. Halcyon futures can only come about if the entirety of reality is mutable to one's wishes.

Better to see things as they are, and mind that up is up and down is down, and if you drop a hammer on your bare foot, it's going to hurt. "Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed"

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I figured r/LGBS was next. They seem to have been the most active after r/SuperStraight and was getting a lot of activity since the banning, especially after the Vancouver Rape Relief GFM was removed.

Our lovely and appreciate friend WrongToy has already created s/LGBS here on SaidIt :)

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That one really pissed me off. LGBS was clean but I guess giving people who have personally been subjected to TRA nonsense is considered spreading hate.

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I don't think I've been there; I'll check it out.

I've been thinking. The LGBS is really the beginnings of a long-term alliance. One that focuses on sexuality specifically. It doesn't exclude, while simulataneously acknowledging the intrinsic differences between the sexualities and recognizing their needs and rights.

The SuperSexual phenomenom is much more temporary, but great way of possibly cleaning up the hundreds of gender and sexual identities out there by it's very existence. It both points out the Super hypocrisy and non-inclusiveness of the genderwoowoo and re-enforces the right of all people to have autonomy about who they choose to have sex and relationships with.

That last part can benefit those targeted by aggressive trans and aggressive people in general, as their behavior will become less socially acceptable. Hopefully in time, it'll even become socially unacceptable.

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Another one gone... Part of me was hopeful because they were putting a lot of measures in place to prevent CP spam, but I'm not surprised. r/superbis also went private today and the splash screen says it's now "A place for anti-super Bi people to meet and chat. "super-bi's" are not welcome. we took this subreddit name to keep them out.". I guess someone handed over moderation to a TRA. And there they go wth the revisionist bs. They didn't take the subreddit name. It was already there. I was posting there yesterday. They infested it like the roaches they are.

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Bruh, AHS has a post with a list of these subs to report.

SuperStraight ban evasion subreddit list and report template. -

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Yep. Reddit everybody. Fuck that site.