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TRAs are second to none when it comes to memes...

It's either "STFU T*RF" or "SUCK MY DICK"

There's literally nothing else...

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There's lesbians who are actually lesbians and then there's the queer lesbians who are mostly bisexual women(and some straight women) who think being lesbian is a cool identity for them to be in rather than an actual sexuality.

And we're bigots if we tell the queer lesbians to fuck off, because reasons.

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I get what you’re saying but in this case (and most of the time) its not a bi/straight woman saying these revolting things. It’s a creepy straight man larping as a woman or as himself.

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Yeah the vast majority of rapey comments on AL come from transwomen. I check the profile and almost every single time, it's a man.

Not generalizing this to all men, but as for the ones who demand other people pretend that they are women? Well, it's pretty damn common among them...

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Exactly. You can easily tell it’s them even when they don’t have the usual cringy flairs like trans cat girl. It really makes your skin crawl.

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At this point, there are almost more dick memes on AL than on gay subreddits.

Inlcuding the porn ones

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I went to the post to read the comments, which I rarely do on that sub, and it's like The Twilight Zone. Did any lesbians ever moderate that sub? Or has it been that way for 11 years? Looking at old posts from 7 years ago, I see someone named Illogical_Fallacy was a moderator (maybe the sub creator?) and identifies as trans.

State of the Raptor Affairs Address: Regarding the moderating team -

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I'm starting to think that sub is this weird cult where one half of the user base are trans-women and the other half are men who are pretending too be women. I "stalk" that sub occasionally because I find their memes too be funny, but there is a lot of transgender shit which makes up the majority of that sub just like the LGBT sub.

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where one half of the user base are trans-women and the other half are men who are pretending too be women.

Well, those are the same thing so it's a whole then 😂 Lmao I'm not surprised their memes are actually relatable to a man, because most are posted by men.

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A few years ago a man moderated the server. I'm not talking about transwomen, I'm talking about an actual non-larper man. He stepped down when some lesbians found out about it.

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Jesus christ. Can we say homophobia???

This is so disgusting, makes me want to vomit. Thank you for sharing, though, people need to see how aggressive and bigoted the transgender movement is.

edit: To respond to your question u/MatthewofHouseGray -- s/itsafetish. (CW: explicit/disturbing, explanation below)

  • Some transwomen are autogynephilic, or AGP, and often are gynandromorphophilic (GAMP) as well-- they get off on the idea of "being a woman" i.e. a shitton of sexist and demeaning stereotypes. Often a ton of crossover with sissy/humiliation porn as well, and many are aroused by rape roleplay, e.g. "you only matter for your holes," they love this stuff. It's a fetish.

  • For some transwomen, they are just straight men who are trying to get laid, and in that case, might post a meme like this from the perspective of, "This is how I want a lesbian (or any woman tbh) to react to me." Possibly the mentality on r/transmaxxing if you have heard of that sub.

Does that help answer your question?

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Gosh I hate that sub so much! It's like a perverse twilight zone of males and bisexual women larping as lesbians, fetishizing lesbians, shitting on actual lesbians AND reveling in the knowledge that they have colonized a lesbian space. So gross, and so sad for the actual baby lesbians who stumble on this "lesbian community"...

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These shits literally cannot go a single day without acting like fucking creepy speds.

These "people" view literally everything in life through the lens of gender. It's why they're so incredibly boring and absolutely obsessed with sex.

I know 18 year old guys who don't talk about pussy as much as these dudes.

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Yeah, nothing says “lesbian” like sucking dick! The level of delusion these people are operating on are astounding.