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What I think is so hilarious is that they believe that our small community with at most 25 active users at a time are capable of swaying the general consensus regarding trans issues on a sub as large as r/askgaybros. I would say that they do the TERF work for us, most of the guys in there do not tolerate the constant brigading and already have negative opinions of TRAs that will not budge. TRAs lack awareness is astounding

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  • Make up largely fictitious enemy
  • Convince everyone that the enemy is an existential threat
  • Get away with anything

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You forgot:

  • Ban the enemy from a popular social media platform

  • Let the enemy live rent free in your head by posting about them nonstop when they're not even on the platform anymore.

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So, I fundamentally disagree with probably 99% of things said on trans subs. You know what I don’t do? Brigade them and demand they fall in line with my views or get banned. I don’t do that with old school homophobes either. Why? Because it’s fucking crazy and futile to demand the whole world constantly bow to your opinion. Have your own spaces for your worldview, but don’t shut down spaces for those who disagree OR spaces for everyone to voice their opinions.

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There’s no point in brigading them and downvoting or whatever else brigaders do. They literally are their own worst enemy. All you have to do to convince others of our point is to have them actively looking at what trans people are saying in their own spaces. Pretty much all of us were peaked by TRA trans people themselves, not by the dreaded TERFs because quite frankly this shit is too whacky to believe until you see it for yourself. And because they never made any sense in the first place and we just had our minds too open, a switch goes off in everyone that makes the drop-off after the peaking rather extreme.

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Pretty much all of us were peaked by TRA trans people themselves

Exactly. One of the biggest reasons I initially was shocked by the transgender movement is because I opened up Tumblr, searched "lesbians" in the search bar, and came up with a bunch of posts saying "TERFs kill yourself" and "TERFs die" and massive support for those messages. I don't believe in telling anybody to kill themselves... so that's when I figured the transgender rights movement had to be wrong about something at least. And that was the beginning.

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My peaking started with tumblr too. I had followed someone "terfy" without knowing which lead to me hate-reading their blog and then not hate-reading as I realized terfs weren't the enemy they were made out to be. Unfortunately, the person behind the blog has since made a complete 180 and I had to unfollow because they kept posting TWAW and other stuff like that.

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bUT wE MUsT nOT gIVe bIGotS A pLatForm fOR ThEIr HatE

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It's always some excuse like, "All these anti-gender ideology posts are due to LGBDropTheT being shut down, so they came over here."

No, asshole, we were already there. A lot of gay men aren't buying into your shit. Sorry if you can't face that.

These people live in bubbles where every thought they don't like is banned, and then they're shocked, SHOCKED!, to find out that a lot of people disagree with them.

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In their minds no one on here is actually gay. We’re straight conservative Christians from the Heritage Foundation. So they don’t understand that we were/are already in gay spaces on Reddit. They take the fact that especially those of us who are not conservative had to create alts to participate in places like LGBDroptheT lest we get banned from everywhere, harassed, and doxxed. The people that do that wanted us to create alts to frame us like that.

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Yes, the fact that groups I was on for years have been overrun by the gender mob automatically makes me an unwitting stooge of the alt-right.

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This is what they pulled on the truelesbians sub; claiming that we were brigading them. Yet, our tiny community, the one with 1/4 the members of theirs, was being harassed by their mods with their dispicable CP spam. Dillusional goes beyond their "identities".

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The same thing was being done on the used to be SuperStraight sub. The members of that sub were literally minding their own business and it was the TRA's who were brigading us and making a huge deal over absolutely nothing. We were straight out having fun and "daring" to call out transgender bullshit and certain outside subs on the other hand were down right obsessed over our existence. The "against hate sub sub" for example completely lost their shit over the Supersubs.

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Bit of irony: the Against Hate sub is, in fact, a hate sub. They hate and brigade any group that goes against their ideology - by definition, a hate group.

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It's like how sometimes they claim this sub is 'straight conservatives pretending to be gay/a dangerous altright movement to divide the community' and sometimes it's 'just a couple of loser terf lesbians whatever'. Like which one is it?

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I suppose they tell themselves that so they can ignore that most LGB people over 25 only superficially pretend to care about their demands or outright disagree with them.

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They are pathetic and, as they say in gendercritical sub, peaking everyone with their toxic shit behaviour.

The ones that aren't fed up yet with their bullshit haven't met enough gender ideologues yet. It's just a matter of time.

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Those people are seriously delusional. They obsess and fret so much over what other people think because their identities are nothing and they have no real sense of self or security. If they did, honest debate about ideology wouldn’t threaten them to the point of suicidal ideation. They clearly aren’t capable of handling any opinion that isn’t completely in line with theirs, to the point of banning users and entire subreddits that don’t cower to their demands. The more they behave like this, the more they create the people they fear.

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They push everyone away until there's nobody left to validate them. Brilliant strategy! 😂

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Hell yeah they hate us 'cause they ain't us!

Never will be real men or women and they SO MAD

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Well I’m not sorry to burst , the tra’s bubble’s But not one here is going to follow their rhetoric And buy their their lie 🙂