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Hard agree.

This past year has been rough. The pandemic has been wild, I lost four family members in a few months, and the world seems to have gone crazy. Checking in with you guys has made a big difference. Having regular LGB people to talk to who make me laugh, smile, and think has made this past year so much better. Seriously, I love and appreciate y’all.

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I'm sorry for your lost. Yeah, my life has been rough for quite few years and it will take quite a while to see the light, but havign a distraction from the bad thoughts and feeling is fundamental to survive.

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My condolences; I hope that you are doing OK.

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Same here! I wish I could find spaces like this one in real life too.

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I remember 30 years ago being a young gay man in the South and going to the local gay bar upstairs in a building in a strip mall/office complex on the edge of town. Lesbians and gay men all hung out together and had a good time with none of this gender identity driving everyone nuts. If someone had told me then what we'd be dealing with now, I'd have said they were crazy.

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For sure. I have to check this place regularly to remind myself that sanity does indeed exist online.

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I feel the same way. :)

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Oh very much so. Even though this page exposes me to even more of the insanity, it's great to have a core group of people that I know are gonna be calling out the bs.

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Seeing the far extremes of TRA helps inform the thinking and terminology of the more "moderate" TRAs. Sometimes they make things sound a bit reasonable but the crazy ones make you realize what they really mean.

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Amen, OP :) So glad that you found this place (and that it still exists to BE found-- thanks, mods, for all your hard work!)... that we all have.

But... perhaps especially me, in fact. Though I'm probably less impacted by the "trans" virus than anyone else here, on a personal level (given my isolation-- social-distancing before it was cool!: c'est moi!)... LGBDropTheT has really been a lifesaver, for me.

I'd never de-lurked anywhere, before I did it on our (late lamented) subreddit. And I'd never talked to anyone online, ever, before I began chatting with Mr. Reptilian back there... who I never would have met, without DropTheT.

All of which... changed my life.

In that it's helping me, at long last, build one :)

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Communities like this and Gender Critical have kept me sane. The TQ+ nonsense can be so infuriating, so aggravating, so exhausting just to listen to, it really brings me back down to Earth to talk to other gay and bisexual people who feel the same way. Not only that, but it solidifies how I feel, and that I am not alone in those feelings. I know this sounds a little corny, but it feels like when I was a teenager and came out found the gay community, and how good it felt to be around “my people”. I only wish is to find or build a similar LGB community where I live so I could connect with locals who feel the same. I think there are many more of us than the TRA’s like to think, and unlike them, we’re secure and firm in our identities. I think that helps us to stay strong even when they try to banish us to the far corners of the internet. LGB PRIDE 🏳️‍🌈💕

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This community has been amazing honestly. I was pretty active on the reddit before the ban wave, and I'm glad to see it alive and thriving here. It's a nice little corner of the internet that isn't full of trans bullshit, people acting like a list of self diagnosed mental illnesses makes them 'queer as fuck', or people who make being gay their entire personality.

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Love you back and wish you luck on your romantic journey!

Also glad this place exists and glad it’s not on reddit anymore honestly.

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Tell Violet I said hi and I'm still interested.

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Fuck off lol