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We should have a subsaidit where it's like "Evangelical or TRA?" and you have to guess which one it is.

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Virtual drinking game? If you guess wrong you have to take a drink.

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If her "entire identity" is wrapped up in being a trans man . . . maybe that's a problem.

I'm a gay man, but I certainly hope I'm more than that. It's not my entire identity.

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People are desperate to have a unique identity to fill the void in their lives, because there's nothing else going on for them. It's good to know yourself and be proud of who you are, but making your life revolve around 1 thing is unhealthy I feel like.

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Yeah, because outright homophobia pales in comparison to youw pwecious identity being invawidated >w<.

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That's not how you spell vicious, sweaty.

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This woman needs therapy. The more I read her posts and comments, the more I think the people who have encouraged and pushed this gender identity shit with her, instead of helping her confront and work through her extreme childhood sexual abuse, are fucking criminals.

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Yeah, it's sick. She's nuts but she couldn't have got anywhere without the trans lobby and all of these orgs ignoring her sexual trauma and her psychological disorders. She's their pawn to gaslight gay men into sex with women.

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She's now flounced off Twitter after getting her arse served to her on a plate. Not before the Mr Gay England account reported "hate speech" to the police. People are being reported to the police for being gay because this transman was upsetty-wetty that her homophobia was called out. Fuck her, her pronouns and her identity.

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You’re not a homosexual man, you’re a homophobic heterosexual woman who is filled to the brim with narcissism.

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As much as these fujoshis are gonna regret chopping themselves up, I can't wait for this fad to end.

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Lord...the entitlement. I love how it's such a pain for her to have to clarify her initial post. She obviously didn't misspeak or over-generalize.

Thought experiment:

What would happen if someone tweeted something to the affect of:

"Transgender people catfish other people online." And then followed that with a tweet saying, "obviously didn't mean ALL transgender people. Can't believe all the hate I'm getting."

Would tra's be willing to let that go?

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The Mr. Gay England Twitter claimed they had reported gay man Sheridan Sinclair to the police for "hate crimes" for writing this article. He reportedly deleted it and his social media accounts over concern for his husband.

Incidentally, Chiyo has been diagnosed with a Cluster B Personality Disorder.

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She's mental.

Edit: she still looks like a woman 💀

just a butch lesbian