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The antidote to all of it is reason. The insanity & hypocrisy of the TRA simply cannot sustain itself.

If you're a man who wants to pretend he's a woman, great. Good for you.

If you're a woman who finds comfort in chopping your bits off and taking hormones, congrats.

Just keep your crazy contagious ideas away from the kids, and stop insisting that the rest of us play along as extras in your little role playing exercises. You can't force anyone to see you in the way you prefer. You can't expect validation from strangers in your personal outdoor fetish display.

So take your militant demands for pronouns and sod right off. Thanks.

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Im a gay man and I was banned from most of gay reddit because I publicly stated my opinion that trans men are exactly that - Trans men. They are not men. This shouldnt be controversial or considered "transphobic". This is a scientific fact. I dont hate trans people, I just don't consider a biological male to be a female regardless of how many surgeries they have, and the same for a biological female.

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Damn, I'm sorry you got banned for that, that's ridiculous. It is totally bullshit that mere descriptions of objective reality are bannable offences on many social media platforms. It's impossible to change one's biological sex.

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I saw you got banned from Askgaybrosover30. There's that one Swedish TRA mod of the sub who gives a new meaning to the term "Control Queen." Was it you he was bashing and calling a "gatekeeper" at the same time that he was banning you? That was high irony. He bans anyone who dares offend his sensibilities in the slightest.

But that's what Reddit has become. It skews far left and is driving people away to create a false sense that the LGBTQ+ are all one big happy family.

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I'm sorry I just saw this. Im not as active on here as I should be. The dude that banned me is u/kazarnowicz. Hes the worst. He banned me once before and I was able to have another Mod undo it. But this time I wasnt successful. Im also banned from r/askgaymen. They dont like when you state factual information about what transgenderism is and what it isnt.

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Welcome to the sub! I feel so free of judgement here, it's great :)

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Cheers. Pretty neat, huh? And...we all feel you, I am quite sure.

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Sensible but so mild. 🥺

I was reading old Reddit posts about Magdalen Berns on TRA subs, and some of the commenters were glad she died and were calling her supporters tərfs, of course. The supportive posts about Magdalen disappeared when GC-related subs were banned.

Anyway, it sucks that "we" allow them to fire shots at us. It's like in the movie "Moonlight" when Black lets the homophobic dudes beat him up. The LGB doesn't fight back. We point out homophobia, but that's about it. Shots are being fired at us, and we're ducking and hiding.

But personally, I got bigger fish to fry... straight people are in my frying pan. I pissed off the top mod of the childfree subreddit for saying motherhood is worse than being a man's wife. Was accused of "misandry". 🤭

What do men and trans women have in common? Accusing women of being as hateful as they are i.e. misandry and transphobia being considered as bad as misogyny (+ homophobia).

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Oh my god! Im also apart of the childfree subreddit, but i havent been on there for awhile. I dont know why the mod got mad at you. You said motherhood is worse than being a man's wife. Id kinda get it if it was the other way around

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Have you tried s/GenderCritical and

You will find a lot of left-leaning straight women calling out gender ideology on those too.

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Hook a gal up with an ovarit invite?

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I'm not an Ovarit member, but post your request for an Ovarit invite over at s/GenderCritical and most likely someone will send you an invite. At least one of the s/GenderCritical mods is also on Ovarit and has sent out invitations.

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Is there even a meaningful use for organizing behind "LGB" anymore? More and more it seems like all sane people are on the same side regardless of being straight or not.

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How about LGBS? It includes almost everyone (perhaps with the exception of aces) and yet still works to filter out weirdos. Kwirs hate it because it doesn't cater to their gender identities and such, so it's off to a good start.