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ngl those are some cool looking symbols for the 4 sexualities

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they almost look like Hogwarts houses lol

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I definitely agree that those symbols are a lot more appealing than the rainbow flag, which was always a little loud for me, but has now been completely bastardised by TQ. Are there high-resolution versions to be found anywhere?

Edit: Yes! maybe consider saving them locally somewhere in case Twitter purge this incredibly hateful graphic artist. /s

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Reddit will no doubt ban the remaining subs, especially since AHS made another post about them recently. Lets show the SaidIt subs some love!

As for my thoughts on the movement ... I think it started out silly and a bit tongue-in-cheek, and blew up into something more serious than they realized.

I don't think heterosexuals were really paying any attention to what was going on with LGB, and just lumped us all together (LGBTQ++++++) and assumed us LGBs were fine with the behavior. After they made a troll movement out of it, and then started experiencing the harassment for real and hearing our stories, I think that honestly opened some eyes. In that respect, we have the majority population on our side, and that's helpful.

It could be harmful if we allow them to speak FOR us. Something that all movements need to be careful of is allowing allies to use our stories for their own means, effectively silencing our voices. We need to be careful of it ourselves, and remember to keep making our stories known.

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And here I was waiting for September...

Well, I guess every month should be S+ awareness month.

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Hey, can I put in a request for the SuperLesbian flag to get added as a user flair option? 😂 There are SuperGay and SuperBi ones as well. I can find versions of them.

Also, I think the SuperStraight movement is awesome. LGBS all the way.

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Banned already. Reddit is no fun as usual.

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Damn, it got banned quick...