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What is it with TRA's and being so fucking childish with their insults/threats? "I'm gonna dump diarrhea on you!" Really? What are you a fucking 9 year old?

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What are you a fucking 9 year old?

Don't give them ideas

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They already have ideas, unfortunately. I know there's at least one middle aged man id'ing as a 6 year old girl. Stefonknee Wolschtt.

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I have a male trans coworker who randomly starts using baby talk at random times. It's disgusting

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Don't give them ideas

It'd be one of their more accurate ones, though.

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Yes, and the cretin followed it up with "LOL TERFS" at the reaction. Childish asshole.

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Always nice to see trans people calling out the insanity of other trans people or TRAs. Sucks that they are also often talked over and silenced by their own community.

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The most disturbing thing about that period fetishist is his bio line: YA fiction for unpopular high school sophomore girls - repped by @comicsispeople - tarot - DMs open for sensitive/private matters ONLY

Just SCREAMS kiddie groomer.

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Sane? No sane man has "reassignment" surgery. Please stop giving trans people credit for saying one thing you agree with. 🤦🏾‍♂️

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I am referring to the "sanity" of the statement, I didn't speak about the person. This particular trans person even agrees that it is a mental illness.

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It's their decision to have that surgery, not yours. How about we stop commenting on other people's decisions and focus on our actual goal – of having our own, separate movement – not bullying random trans people?

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This. Transsexualism is a mental condition and treating people like freaks because of the way they try to cope/treat themselves is not okay. The other thing are enby girls with tits out screaming that gay man must fuck them.

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Agreed. I've been seeing this user around a lot and she seems to have more extremist views. I respect self aware trans people who are respectful to me and the LGB community. That's it.

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Excactly. As long as people going trough SRS are long time dysphoric, no other way of curing GD helped, are adults and know about the longterm consequences and possible side effects of this surgery they can do whatever they want with their body. I personally am against this surgery and think it's mutilation of genitals but I can't stop anybody from getting it.

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Yes, not all trans people are evil and deranged. Some are genuinely struggling and do what they can to alliviate their symptoms, and they have self-awareness. They're just shut down by their own community to speak up about it.

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they can do whatever they want with their body

To be fair - what people do with their own bodies, when they are adults is none of my business, but when they take those bodies and enter my spaces and expect me to pretend they are just like me and all that follows out of this (that’s what we’ve seen as of late) it becomes my business.

Transwomen are men and while like everyone else they deserve to be safe and be treated fairly they need their own spaces separate from us. Whether it will be grouped in with other men or third option is the question.

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Exactly, thank you.

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I love/hate Incels turned keyboard warriors dictating what gays and lesbians should do. If you've got the ability to laugh things off nothing is more delicious than shit like this. I fucking love it.

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Seren D on Twitter is generally very anti-Trans-cult. For anyone who wishes to follow them:

Magdalene Visaggio identifies as a lesbian, which should surprise no one (I had an inkling, so I checked). Time & time again, the most fanatical, dogmatic ones are always the straight guys. They out themselves with their entitled behaviour.

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I wish there was actually more sane trans people calling out this TRA bullshittery.

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They exist but are often silenced or they want to stay away from the community altogether in most cases.

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Yep. This is why, while I want to say "please clean up your own house," this isn't their house either. It is an abusive, narcissistic thing unto itself.

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Yes, the period is simply the shedding of the diarrhea that lines the uterus.