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Oh, for the love of god.

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Trying to not post all insanity going on at AL but posts like these are so telling for the confusion and mixed messages young lesbians are facing trying to be actually homosexual while women they're attracted to identify as nonbinary and men they're not attracted to identify as lesbians.

One commenter even claims "none of the senses humans possess can perceive gender others were assigned at birth. It’s therefore impossible to be attracted or not attracted to them based on it." The same person later go on to insist that there are "nonbinaries assigned male at birth who have vaginas." Considering the number of transbians with girldicks, I highly doubt it.

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One commenter even claims "none of the senses humans possess can perceive gender others were assigned at birth. It’s therefore impossible to be attracted or not attracted to them based on it."

Critics of Gender Ideology generally claim that people are attracted to each other based on sex and not "gender identity" because someone's internal sense of "gender" isn't really perceivable by others. They're just taking that claim and twisting it around. Taking other people's ideas and arguments and twisting it around seems to constitute like 80% of TRA's "arguments".

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Better question is, is there anyone besides a non binary person who wants to date a non binary person?

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It's usually the opposite sex, which only contributes to the idea that non-binaries are just spicy straights

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Wait! Aren’t they?

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They are, but don't let them catch you saying that ;)

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Virtue signallers?

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I know right, seems like way too much work. I would quickly get bored listening to him droning on about his gender identity, and expecting me to explain the whole thing to my friends and family when they 'misgender' him even if he's not around. And presumably all his friends are the same way. No thanks.

Obviously no non binary guy would want to date me either, though, because me not believing in his identity/religion would probably be a pretty big deal breaker.

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AL is such a cesspool of lesbophobia it practically makes me breakout in hives.

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none of the senses humans possess can perceive gender others were assigned at birth. It’s therefore impossible to be attracted or not attracted to them based on it.

It's a wonder humans ever managed to reproduce at all considering it's apparently a total crapshoot whether a person you're interacting with is male or female.

Just because a small handful of trans people successfully pass, that doesn't mean that we suddenly can't tell males from females, it just means that our ability to do so can be deceived (and only at great effort and expense, and only by those lucky enough to have a body amenable to passing to begin with). Like, you can create a convincing 3D illusion on the ground, but that doesn't mean I don't generally have the ability to perceive depth.

Obviously TRAs need this bullshit to be true, but I can never tell whether they've actually made themselves truly believe it or whether it's just gaslighting.

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100.000 years ago Grugg didn't know if either Gruggine or Gronkk was the female. People back then and even our ape-ish ancestors had no way of telling the sexes apart. In fact biological sex is an invention of the terf goddess JK Rowling

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Just because a small handful of trans people pass, that doesn’t mean that we suddenly can’t tell males from females.

This is the TRA argument I don’t get. Let’s be very generous and say trans people account for 1% of the population and 20% of them pass. So, they’re saying that because 0.2% of the population can pass as the opposite sex while clothed, the whole of humanity can’t tell the difference between sexes? (Personally, I think a more realistic figure would be 0.6% of the population with 5% passing for a grand total of 0.03% of the population passing, but whatever.)

Also, if we can’t differentiate the sexes, what are trans people playing at taking cross-sex hormones and having multiple cosmetic surgeries? Surely they can’t be mimicking the features of the opposite sex because how could you possibly tell the difference?

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It’s crazy how things have flipped. We now live in a world where people who claim to be lgb are the ones pressuring homosexuals to be with people of the opposite sex. It’s insane.

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She (I assume) should've asked us at ...we can't be blatantly "transphobic", but the one active mod is quite lenient.

Someone asked what the meaning of lesbian is, and I answered...

(Me) Imo, a lesbian is a woman/girl who is only attracted to women/girls... and has never been attracted to men/boys. Exclusive attraction. If she's been attracted to one guy, she's bi bi bi.

(OP) But there's non-binary lesbians too.

(Me) Maybe one day I'll meet one. In the 24 years I've been out and dating, I've never heard any woman say she was nonbinary.

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The narcissist idea that if anyone rejects you as a potential partner,they are discriminating against you! I hope they never get laid.

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it's almost as they're speaking chinese

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I literally know only three words in Mandarin, yet overhearing conversations in it is more comprehensible than that thread.

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Jamie Shupe, the inventor of non-binary genders, what a legend!

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It’s just a trend people use to stay relevant or to be special