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If 'mspec lesbian' isn't a thing then lesbians are exclusively monosexual.

So then 'mspec lesbian' must not be a thing, because lesbians are indeed monosexual. Glad we could clear that up.

If you believe that, but believe lesbians can be attracted to any "non-men",

I believe that lesbians are monosexual and attracted to women, not "non-men."

then you're misgendering many nonbinary people.

Heavens no! However shall I go on?

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The fuck is tw//mspec supposed to be? Why do these people always talk in tortured acronyms? Nice mention of the Apple Oranges because they're relevant here too I guess?

The reply seems to be saying that you can't call lesbians monosexual because of how many lesbians identify as non-binary (which is true) and monosexuality would imply that they are (gasp!) women.

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I really have no damn idea what mspec is , and I don't want to bother

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What does this mean? Like what is the conflict/what are they upset about?


Eta- nvm I understand now, what a waste of effort lol

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Apparently, mspec means “multisexual spectrum”



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More like exhausting if you ask me.

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Has anyone else noticed this? When they talk about us (actual women and lesbians) we are "non-men", but when a man decides to transition, he is not becoming a "non-man". He is ALWAYS a woman, or in some fucked up cases a "girl". According to the TRAs, a man has more right to the word woman then a actual woman... It makes my blood boil whenever I notice this.

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Any natal female under 20 should only use girl, as well as anyone referring to a natal female under 20. I even cringe when they refer to women in their 20's and 30's (albeit 20's and 30's are still young) as girls.