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Something that has really bothered me is when the TQ are involved with something controversial, the LGB are included and being blamed for it. A recent example is what happened at Wi Spa when that trans male exposed himself infront of young children. Any normal human would think what that creep did was wrong. In the YouTube comments and also in news articles, people kept blaming the ‘LGBTQ’ movement for this and how they should have never allowed same sex marriages 🙄.

I’m also not a fan of the way corporates/media who couldn’t care less about us pretend they do during pride month. It’s so in your face and gives the homophobes material to argue there is some sort of propoganda going on to brainwash children. As a lesbian, all I want is equal rights, be treated with respect and don’t want this over the top media coverage that is all in vain.

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Guess the rainbow flag represents anything that's not regular monogamous, heterosexual, no-sex-before-marriage to the Daily Wire, which takes a very Judeo-Christian worldview. I don't think Shapiro or Walsh are ever going to be cheering on gay rights. Daily Wire appears to be doing very well as a media enterprise, at a time when other American outlets like CNN are suffering. Could be the underdog adoption of the Internet, baked into the business model. I don't know how well it appeals to the secular people though.

The app tells you who the nearest homosexuals are.

Sorry, but I'm cracking up.

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Because that's why Grindr exists. To help you avoid gay men in your vicinity and nothing else 👀

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Until an overwhelming number of those in the LGB community publicly disavow the alphabet soup of letters after the B, the lumping in will continue. How many TRA blue checks use the rainbow emoji ? Loads of them. They colonized the LGB community and took it over from the inside out. It's trendy to have an "identity", plain old gay is boooring. The parasite now controls the host.

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The only problem with that is, LGB people are a minority in the LGBT community. There are more transgender-identified people than there are L, G, or B combined. And with straight people acting as "identity tourists" and claiming they are T or even B when they are not, LGB people will end up getting shouted down anyway.

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What data best supports that LGB is a minority in the +++ “community”? I know it feels like we are and I’m not aware of a consistent enough definition of how the wider “community” is defined to get full aggregate numbers. I also don’t know how we can even accurately assess this with the popularization of effectively meaningless identifications like queer and pansexual replacing LGB in many cases but also often S.

This is why I think data needs to be gathered not based on identity or exclusively based on identity, but the underlying facts: What’s your sex? What sex(es)are you attracted to? Do you have an intersex condition? What is it? Do you have a gender identity different from your sex? What is it? If people want to claim to have an orientation that factors in gender identity, they can add that in, but on top of orientation based on sex. Same with non-binary. Then we can also map out patterns of differences in identification and reality.

I would also like to see more bisexual infrastructure and organizations. There is so much to be studied with bisexuality since it really is such a wide spectrum of experience. Maybe it’s not all coming from the same place? I don’t even know that all of homosexuality is coming from the same place and there are differences among us that can be parsed out including in how we experience our lack of attraction to the opposite sex. Idk how we get any mmore much-needed research into sexual orientation or female sexuality without being regimented about this data collection and insulating it from the pressures of political forces..

And because I’m rambling, there are a lot of questions I now have surrounding testosterone and other hormones and what possible influence they have on sexual orientation and under what circumstances. Like what the heck is going on with so many FtMs saying their sexual orientation seems to have changed after taking testosterone? I’ve now heard it both ways: FtMs previously only attracted to males now attracted to seemingly only attracted to females (for ex: Aaron Terrell) and previous lesbian-identifying FtMs now attracted to males (countless people; also a plot on the original L Word). I want to know what’s going on and not with some queer theory post-modernist explanation.

At the same time I do worry about the implications on LGB people in hostile places like Iran, not that they’re not already trying to trans the gay away.

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Are you telling me that Ben Shapiro is being disingenuous?

Say it ain't so. The guy is an weasel and dishonest actor.

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The daily wire is doing this on purpose they are informed enough but pander to their audience. This is a Shapiro Low IQ paper.

We need to gate keep and drop the TQ+ the hell off. They can take their rainbow with extra colors and we can keep the classic flag for LGB.