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It's really egregious the way you keep banning that one user. You admitted yourself that he always brings up important and interesting topics that need to be discussed. Almost all of of the comments you removed of his today were valuable and completely civil. I'm tired of having the same banal conversations because anything that could possibly hurt someone's feelings is removed even if it's true. It's just like when u/OPPRESSED_REPTILIAN was banned: insane because of the valuable perspective they bring to the group. This sub has zero tolerance for disagreement even when the people disagreeing are still supporting the Drop the T movement. If you're really getting your feelings hurt over an internet post while thousands of years of progress in civil rights are being erased and the person who's disagreeing with you is trying to help stop that by having the discussion, then touch grass.

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We thought you might be him, but now you revealed it.

So thanks for that.

You really just can't resist trying to make yourself better than everyone else, can you.

EDIT: in case of deletion:

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Wait, is that the gay dude you keep on banning or oppressed reptilian? Because she told me to be a bisexual girl

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Both, sadly.

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Are you kidding? lol

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I'm absolutely serious.

Also, we never perma-banned Salty/Reptilian. We gave a few temp-bans, and warnings to chill out and be civil while expressing his more controversial opinions. It was only after repeated abuse that we started perma-banning the alts. There are even still some accounts that can be here, LOL.

I truly do feel for him, he has had a rough deal in life and never been in a good place, and I want him to feel better and find some sense of peace. It's not happening though, he's radicalizing and escalating. The rage-bursts and abuse we all experience now are the evidence.

What's more concerning, and insidious, is the alt accounts that don't immediately present the same way. He eventually reveals who he is because he can't help it, he needs the validation, but before that happens ... a lot of damage can be done.

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Weird, as they looked like two different people. Reptilian hated gay men and his homosexuality, while other gay dude was all about blaming lesbians and talking about gay men as victims. Doesnt look like the same person. And now he invented a new identity as 20 years old bisexual woman? Even sending me some strange message about having sadistic domination fantasy- Go figure.

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He hates women, deeply and utterly to his core, and blames women for what has happened to him.

Even though men harmed him, women are to blame for not being there and protecting and fixing it. There's a strong female figure in his life who failed him and he cannot forgive her, and takes it out on others. But also, women as a class are to blame for being the actual reality of what those harmful men see him as and make him pretend to be while they traumatize him.

He's also been caught up in the gender-woo-woo-LGBTQIA+++ nonsense, and his own person medical condition has been used as pawn in that.

I understand his anger and hatred and rage. It doesn't excuse what he's doing to himself and others, but I get it. He's reacting to trauma, and the exclusion and isolation is getting worse because of his methods. It becomes a circular loop feeding into sociopathy.

And that's where the new identities and "gotcha"s come in.

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Women are often blamed for misbehaviour of men. Even in Chris-chan situation there were so many posts about "his mother should raise him better". Like 39 years old man can't take on himself at all. Also why his father was not blamed for not raising him better? And so on.

And he always was disliking lesbians, so that other account is believable to be his too. Thought sad that he went woke way - it will bring only self-harm.

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If that truth, very weird as it made up a new female identity, as this account is far less controversial than the others you have banned. Human mind can be fascinating. I can feel him about mental struggle, even though his case is just way more severe and irrational.

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The made up female identifies are to secretly manipulate women, so he then feels like he has control. Something needs to be controlled, and since he can't control himself, the next best is the object of his hatred.

Since he can't control us when we know it's him, he has to pretend to be something or someone else. The control isn't absolute though, because he eventually slips and reveals himself, even with the secret/made-up identities. He needs validation and reassurance of who he is, which is the whole reason he's controlling others.

He delights in poking and seeing people react. He wasn't always that way, but that's who he is now. He's reading our conversations about this and loving that we're talking about him, while also seething and hating himself more as we understand him better that he wants to admit. The more he hates himself, the more he projects onto the external thing he's focusing on, and then will find another way to "get one over" on us.

The thing is, men are actually who harmed him and the object of his hatred. But he can't face that, because of all the protections he's built up to feel safe.

It's very hard to come to terms with being the same as the thing that has caused you so much trauma. It's then also very hard to come to terms with the knowledge that your feelings and choices and understanding of reality are actually just reactions from not coming to terms with that realization earlier.

In all sincerity and unironically, that's a lot to unpack. It's not a one-time choice and then done, it's a lifetime commitment and a lot of continual work on oneself. He's not ready for that work yet, so here we are.